Breakups and Pisces




Ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, Pisces is the most idealistic and the most forgiving star sign – and it generally puts up with more than its fair share of shabby treatment in life without complaining or seeking revenge. But even Pisces has its limits: if a Piscean dumps you, it’s generally because you’ve pushed them around, abused their good-heartedness and trampled on their delicate feelings once too often.


Despite their characteristic unselfishness – often to the point of letting themselves be walked all over – there’s only so much bullying or neglect a Pisces will endure before they do one of their famous disappearing acts. There will rarely be much warning, it can be hard to get at the truth of what has really happened – and it’s easy to feel you’ve been badly let down or cheated in some way.

It’s hardly ever the case, however, that a Pisces will deliberately set out to create pain and trouble for others. If a Pisces has walked out on you, most likely you’ve left them no room for manoeuvre: back them into a corner, and they may have no option but to cut and run. Weak willed and often a bit wimpish, Pisceans have a tendency to give up easily and their  habitual response to pressure and confrontation is to look for an easy way out. 

Pisces' notorious evasiveness and lack of integrity are the number one dealbreakers in relationships with this sign. If you're a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of person, Pisces' unwillingness to be pinned down or accept responsibility can end up driving you crazy. But dumping a Pisces lover isn't necessarily that easy: these people are capable of resorting to all kinds of desperate antics to make you take pity on them and give them another chance. 

What you need to understand is that Pisceans excel at playing the role of victim and do a great poor-me act. The biggest emotional blackmailers of the Zodiac, they know exactly how to play on your sympathies and make you feel guilty in the attempt to win you back. It’s hard to stay mad at a Pisces for very long. Alongside of its many failings, Pisces is the sign most likely to be genuinely sorry for its misdemeanors, most able to tug on your heart strings, and most likely to persuade you to kiss and make up. 


To win back a Pisces ex who has broken your heart or dumped you, try turning the tables and making THEM feel guilty instead.  Because they're highly sensitive to others' suffering, if they sense they have really hurt you they're likely to beat themselves up about it and do almost anything to make amends. Take a leaf out of Pisces' book by resorting to a bit of emotional manipulation and there's a good chance of getting back with your Pisces ex.


• Respect their sensitivity, treat them gently and offer them lots of emotional support.
• Double check on all facts and information - things aren't always quite how they seem. 
• Never attempt to back them into a corner - too much pressure will drive them away.