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The Gemini Parent and their Children

* As the best teacher their child is ever likely to have, a Gemini parent will do a wonderful job of developing their offspring’s mental faculties in a highly entertaining way. With their amazing knowledge on just about every subject under the Sun, and matchless talent for making education great fun, they will instil their kids with a lifelong love of learning.

* A Gemini’s children should never have cause to complain of being bored, but by the same token they may find their Gemini parent rather unpredictable and prone to changing their mind for no obvious reason. Consistency isn’t the strong point of Gemini mothers and fathers and family responsibility doesn’t come particularly easily to them.

* Because their freedom is so important to them, they will try their best to fit their parenting duties around their active social life without having to give up too much of their cherished independence. In turn they’re respectful of their kids’ rights to do their own thing without constantly being told to obey rules and follow orders. Geminis are rarely strong disciplinarians, partly because they don’t believe in overly authoritarian parenting, and partly because they want their children to like them and think of them as a good friend.

* The Gemini mother will normally have no problem establishing an outstandingly good mental and communicative connection with her children. Where she may be lacking though, is in her ability to form a deep emotional bond with them. Like most Geminis, she is probably more comfortable discussing ideas than feelings. As a result she may tend to shy away from emotionally charged topics and find it difficult to express her love for her children quite as warmly and openly as some other parents are able to do.

* The Gemini father is invariably a big joker, which will be much to the liking of any child who shares his light-hearted and emotionally robust approach to life. But more sensitive children may sometimes find his irreverent teasing and leg-pulling quite hurtful. By trying to show a little more empathy and a little less detachment, he will be an even better dad to his kids!

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Gemini Parent - Aries Child

* As the Gemini parent of an Aries child, you can look forward to a lively and highly stimulating relationship which should keep you forever young! 

* Because you have passed on to them your irrepressible spirit of curiosity, your child and you will enjoy learning many fascinating new things together. While you’re a clever and enthusiastic teacher, your Aries child is an eager and quick-thinking pupil, so in that sense you’re ideally matched.

* Your Aries child has definitely inherited your high-octane energy, maybe even a tendency towards hyper-activity. Both of you find it hard to keep still for a minute, in your case mentally (as you’re an Air sign) and in their case physically (as they’re a Fire sign). The good news is you’ll never get bored with this child, nor they with you. But the lack of calm, stability and consistency in your interaction can be a source of trouble at times. 

* If you’re the Gemini mother of an Aries child, mutual over-excitability is a potential problem you’ll need to watch out for to avoid bickering matches and to keep your nerves in good shape and your stress levels low.

* If you’re a freewheeling Gemini father, thankfully your Aries child isn’t the kind to impose too many restrictions on you or your busy social life. This independent youngster can manage perfectly well without much paternal input since they prefer navigating their own way through the maze of life to being constantly told what to do.

Gemini Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Taurus child, you will discover some key differences between the two of you that may take some getting used to on your part.

* While you’re an ideas kind of person who lives in your head, your Taurus child is more focused on concrete realities. While you’re a thinker, they’re a do-er. While you’re interested in might-be’s and may-be’s, they’re only concerned with the here and now. 

* Establishing a strong communicative bond with your child from an early age is important to you, Gemini. You’ll be more successful, though, if you restrict your conversations to practical topics and avoid abstract concepts that are hard for them to understand. Your Taurus child will learn better – and you’ll find it easier to teach them – if you keep the focus on things they can actually see, touch or hear. 

* If you’re a Gemini mother, you will need to slow down your pace quite a lot to be able to relate to your Taurus child’s much more placid and laid back approach to life. Emotional consistency is what this kid needs most from you. If you’re constantly changing where you’re coming from, you’ll undermine their sense of security and their trust in you never to let them down.

* Similarly, if you’re a Gemini father, more than anything your Taurus child wants to know exactly where they stand with you. Dodging commitments and breaking promises won’t make you a popular dad, however clever and amusing your excuses! If you’re too busy for something, just be honest – it will win you more respect with your Taurus child.

Gemini Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Gemini child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this impressively clever youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common and share a similar outlook on life.

* From you your Gemini child has inherited a quick mind and a desire to constantly keep learning new things. Hand in hand with this goes a tendency to easily get bored, difficulty in sustaining and developing lines of thought, and a restlessness to keep swapping the old for the new. You’ll be less irritated by this kid’s mercurial nature if you remember you’re facing a mirror image of yourself! 

* Fun is the byword in any Gemini parent – Gemini child household! You’ll enjoy playing together, but avoid games that require sustained concentration and focus as you’re both easily distracted. Because doing the same thing over and over is your idea of hell, routines of any kind will be very hard to establish when raising your Gemini child. 

* If you’re a Gemini mother, your nurturing instincts may be somewhat under-developed but that’s not a problem as far as this youngster is concerned. They will actually prefer you to maintain a certain emotional distance from them. Smother mother love is their worst nightmare.

* If you’re a Gemini father, try to give your child the best possible example of what it means to be born under this Star Sign. If you show them you’re smart and adaptable they’ll follow in your steps. But if you’re prone to bending the truth and being unreliable, they’ll copy those traits too.

Gemini Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Cancer child, you may have to work hard at cultivating some parenting techniques you’re not instinctively familiar with!

* This is a sensitive youngster with a personality in some ways totally opposite to your own, and rather different nurturing needs than may come naturally to you. As a Gemini, building a strong mental connection with your child is your first and most instinctive parenting priority. But what your Cancer child most wants from you is a close and intimate emotional bond of the kind that’s so important to Water signs, but which Air signs like you generally prefer to avoid.

* Your little Cancerian hasn’t inherited your ability to laugh off your cares and worries and keep a sensible check on your feelings. While you never take anything, including yourself, too seriously, the challenges of life weigh heavily on their young shoulders and they can’t help but wear their heart on their sleeve.  

* A Gemini mother will often have problems understanding why their Cancer child is so moody and quickly upset and can’t easily be comforted by logical reassurance. Although it may make you feel uncomfortable, sometimes you just have to let your Cancer child have a good sob.

* A typical Gemini father’s need to be socially active and get out of the house means he’s rarely the homebody type. That’s bad news for his Cancer child who more than anything wants him to be the kind of dad who’s always there for them.

Gemini Parent - Leo Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Leo child, you will be delighted to discover they have inherited your friendly and outgoing personality and your huge love of fun!

* If, like most Geminis, you’re a dedicated multi-tasker you will always have a lot of irons in the fire at the same time. Don’t assume though, that raising your Leo child will slot easily into your busy schedule without affecting all the other things in your life. Your little Lion is going to demand your total, undivided attention for many years to come.

* If that sounds a bit boring, you have no worries on that score. This delightfully entertaining youngster will bring so much excitement and drama into your life, it will never seem dull again.

* If you’re a Gemini mother of a Leo child, you can improve your standing in your social circle by showing off their dazzling talents to your many friends and acquaintances. However, never forget that your praise is far more important to them than outsiders’ – and without enough of it their self-esteem will be badly wounded. 

* If you’re a Gemini father you like to play the role of ‘funny dad’ but you’ll need to ensure your humor isn’t misplaced in the case of your easily offended Leo child. If you hurt their vulnerable pride with your merciless teasing, or you crack jokes at their expense, they’ll take it deeply to heart. Focus instead on telling them amusing bed-time stories, acting out different voices and facial expressions for the various characters. You’ll love it just as much as they will!

Gemini Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Virgo child, in some ways you’ll see this kid as a chip off the old block, but in others they may seem strangely alien to you!

* So what exactly has your Virgo child inherited from you, Gemini? Well, they’re certainly going to be just as smart as you, and perhaps even smarter since they’re better at dealing with practical issues and less easily distracted from concentrating on the task in hand.

* One trait they don’t share with you is your need for constant variety in your life. So while a regular domestic routine can be quite dreary for you, for them it’s essential to develop the sense of security they need to be able to focus fully on their studies and make the most of their inborn skills. 

* If you’re the Gemini mother of a Virgo child, you’ll be glad this youngster has the same kind of logical, enquiring outlook on life as yourself and the same ability to remain emotionally detached from things that would be upsetting to many other Star Signs. Don’t encourage them into over-thinking though. Too much mental analysis is the source of the worry and anxiety to which many Virgo kids are prone.

* If you’re a Gemini father you’ve probably got where you are in life less through hard toil and more through relying on your charm, your wit and your polished people skills. For your Virgo child it’s likely to be the other way round: they will need to work much harder for their success than you do, so don’t make fun of them on that account. 

Gemini Parent - Libra Child

* As the Gemini parent of a little Libra, you will find your wish for a child who will also be a good friend has been well and truly fulfilled here!

* From you, your Libra child has inherited strong social skills and the kind of dazzling personal charm and charisma that that attracts admirers like moths to a flame. Like you, this little one will always be popular, but while winning approval is something you can easily take or leave, for your Libra child pleasing others can become so addictive, they will often do or say anything simply in order to be liked.

* Being alone is anathema to both of you, but while you enjoy cultivating a large circle of diverse friends and acquaintances, your Libra child’s preference is for just one special, best friend in their life – and guess what, they want that person to be you!

* If you’re a Gemini mother of a Libra child, due to your wide ranging extra-parental activities you may struggle to devote as much quality one-on-one nurturing time to your Libra child as they ask of you. Although you want to be their good friend, you don’t want that friendship to cramp your style or be the emotionally smothering kind. 

* If you’re a Gemini father, expect to be idolized by your Libra child for your quick thinking, your clever way with words, and your unbeatable sense of fun and humor. As their intellectual role model, show them how to make smart, logical, well informed choices and avoid the indecisiveness that tends to run in the family!


Gemini Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Scorpio child, you may need to take a course in psychology to understand this complex youngster, whose ways and needs are so very different to your own!

* If you’re a typical Gemini, you’re not a particularly profound thinker and your emotions are more of the transient than the long-lasting kind. In this respect your Scorpio child is the complete opposite: their little mind wants to get right down to the bottom of everything and their feelings are deeper and more intense than any other Star Sign. Don’t assume you’ll ever be able to fob off your Scorpio child with superficialities. Both mentally and emotionally they’re going to expect a lot more from you.

* Cultivating this youngster’s trust may be a challenge for you, Gemini, unless you make a point of always carrying through on your promises and doing exactly what you say you’re going to do. The things your Scorpio child wants most from you are consistency and honesty and if they don’t get them, they won’t award you many parenting brownie points.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of a Scorpio child, to give this sensitive kid the emotional support they badly need, you’ll need to brush up on your empathy skills, which may not come naturally to you. 

* If you’re a Gemini father, to earn your Scorpio child’s respect you should make an effort to at least appear to take life more seriously than you naturally tend to do. A clown or a joker isn’t their idea of the ideal father.

Gemini Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Sagittarius child, you should enjoy a lively and largely harmonious relationship based on mutual independence and lots of shared fun and laughter!

* Because you have passed on to your Sagittarius child your love of freedom, neither of you will end up cramping the other’s style or getting under one another’s feet. Because they have also inherited your comedian skills, you’ll be in competition with each other as to who can tell the best jokes. Clowning runs in the family!

* You both also share a burning curiosity to find out more about the world. But while it’s people and the nitty gritty of human interaction that fascinate you most, this kid’s interest lies more in big-picture issues like ‘who is God?’ and ‘what is the meaning of life?’. You’ll have to be ready to think a little more deeply than you usually do, Gemini, to be able to answer their probing questions. 

* If you’re a Gemini mother or father of a Sagittarius child, small talk (your speciality) won’t impress them much and they won’t rate your intelligence too highly if you can’t think out of the box. Better take a course in philosophy, or failing that read them bed-time stories with moral messages about important life lessons.

* Do try to be as honest as possible with your Sagittarius child. Bending the truth, usually to raise a laugh, isn’t a big deal in your book, but to this morally upright youngster it suggests a lack of integrity they will find very disappointing.

Gemini Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Capricorn child, you may have to curtail your easy-come-easy-go lifestyle in order to fulfill the high levels of responsibility this exacting youngster is likely to expect from you.

* It’s just as well that your Capricorn child has strong in-built boundaries. As a freedom loving Gemini parent you’re not keen on rules and regulations or subjecting your kids to too many restrictions. But to feel safe a young Capricorn needs to know their limits, and although they’d much rather you provided them, if necessary, they’ll set their own. 

* You’re well known for your gift of gab, but it’s probably not something you’ve passed on to your Capricorn child. While you love noise and chatter, they prefer calm and quiet. While they’re a person of few words, you’re one of many. Don’t expect much in the way of small talk from your Capricorn child who (unlike you!) only speaks when they have something important to say.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of a Capricorn child, to foster their sense of trust and security, saying it ‘like it is’ is vital. Wrapping up unpleasant truths in jokes, riddles and little white lies will only make things even worse. 

*If you’re a Gemini father, gaining your child’s respect is less important to you than 
winning their friendship. Conversely, a Capricorn child would rather have a dad they can look up to, than one who tries who come down to their level and acts like a big kid. Although it’s not really in your nature, to do a good job of fathering this child, give them the authoritarian guidance they so badly need. 

Gemini Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Gemini parent of an Aquarius child, you will be delighted to discover this youngster has inherited your gregarious nature and your huge love of people!

* Because being part of a group is just as much fun to your Aquarius child as it is to you, right from the start you’ll enjoy socializing with other kids and parents of every different type and persuasion. For both of you, variety is the spice of life: you get a kick out of constantly making new friends and acquaintances, but quickly get bored hanging out with the same individuals.

* It’s good news for this youngster that you’ve also passed on your high intelligence and your ultra-quick wits. Teaching your Aquarius child will be easy, because they always ‘get it’ straight away.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of an Aquarius child, neither of you are dedicated homebodies so your quality one-on-one time may be rather limited. But since neither of you are particularly needy types, that shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t worry if your relationship with your little Aquarius is less close and intimate than that of some other mothers and children. It’s the norm between two emotionally detached Air signs, such as you two.

* If you’re a Gemini father, you believe in raising your kids with the minimum of supervision and the maximum of freedom. While this will definitely meet with your Aquarius child’s approval, be aware it might not meet their true needs. If you let them get away with too much when they’re tiny, they may grow into out-of-control teenagers.  

Gemini Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Pisces child, you’ll need to work hard at developing your emotional intelligence if you’re to have any chance of understanding this highly sensitive and unusually tender-hearted kid.

* As you probably know, there are two different types of intelligence – rational and emotional – the big difference between you and your Pisces child being that yours is the former while theirs is the latter. 

* In practice this means that while you’re very logical, they’re more intuitive, and while they have trouble processing concrete facts and realities, you’re not very good at picking up on atmospheres and feelings. This can cause conflict when you’re trying to explain some important instructions and they just don’t ‘get it’.  Likewise when they’re looking for a bit of empathy and comfort, and all they get from you is cold commonsense.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of a Pisces child, you’ll need to make an effort to adapt your nurturing style to this gentle youngster’s demanding emotional needs. The bottom line is that they need more of your time, more of your patience, and more of your heart-felt affection than you’re sometimes inclined to give.  

* If you’re a Gemini father, your commitment-averse, freewheeling lifestyle probably isn’t the best role model for the kind of kid, like a Pisces, who finds accepting responsibility inherently quite hard. Even if you can’t always practice what you preach, training your Pisces child to step up to life’s challenges and be totally honest and accountable is the right way to bring them up.