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The Cancer Parent and their Children

* Of all the Star Signs, Cancerians have the greatest inclination and aptitude for nurturing and care-giving. Nor surprisingly then, they usually make wonderful parents! Because the child of a Cancer parent is nearly always genuinely wanted and valued, they’re likely to feel loved and cherished in a way few other kids ever will.

* The desire to protect others, especially those who can’t stand up for themselves, runs deep in the heart and soul of a typical Cancerian. So quite naturally, their key parenting priority will be to keep their kids safe from danger and harm. If taken too far though, this can result in their children being mollycoddled to such an extent that they remain in a permanent state of semi-babyhood and never learn how to cope with the realities of life.

* Family traditions are very important to Cancerians, who nearly always prefer to follow in the ways of their parents and elders in their child-raising strategies. This gives them great confidence in their parenting skills since reliable advice and support is always at hand. But because they rarely look far beyond their family for company and guidance, they can sometimes become rather insular and clannish.

* The Cancer mother’s outstanding empathy skills and openly loving expression of her affection should enable her to form a particularly close emotional bond with her children. Cancerian mothers are the best cuddlers! She needs to be careful though, not to identify too strongly with her mothering role to the exclusion of other important areas of her life. Otherwise she may end up feeling desperately bereft when her kids eventually leave home.

* The Cancer father’s chief priority consists of acquiring and maintaining a safe and comfortable home base for his family.  If for some reason he can’t provide his children with the high level of material and/or emotional security he considers so important for their wellbeing, he’s likely to feel deeply disappointed in himself. If you’re a Cancer father, don’t set the bar too high for your fathering standards, because just as long as you always let them know you love them, your kids will always love you back in return.

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Cancer Parent - Aries Child

* As the Cancer parent of an Aries child, you may have to be ready to cut the apron strings and let go rather earlier than you would really like!

* Most Cancerians have kids because they dream of creating a close-knit family whom they can rely on for mutual love and support throughout their lives. However, making that dream come true depends on their children wanting the same thing, and that’s unlikely to be the case with a fiercely independent child like an Aries.

* A Cancerian’s powerful nurturing drive is another important reason for them starting a family. Having a helpless little human being to tenderly care for is a wonderful outlet for their protective instincts. The only problem here is that an Aries child won’t remain helpless for very long since they can’t wait to stand on their own feet. 

* If you’re a Cancer mother, to cultivate a good relationship with your Aries child keep the following in mind: Don’t suffocate them with smother love, which is this youngster’s worst nightmare. Avoid too much schmaltz and sentimentality, which tend to make them squirm. Finally, never ‘baby’ them in front of their friends, which causes them to feel horribly embarrassed.

* If you’re the Cancer father of an Aries child, your key function is to tone down this lively youngster’s inborn impetuosity without killing their spirit of adventure. Constantly warning them to ‘take care’ won’t go down well. Focus instead on just being a good personal role model for the merits of prudence and caution. 

Cancer Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Taurus child, you are blessed with what is potentially one of the most loving and devoted of all family relationships!

* Many parents expect their kids to grow up to be much like themselves, which isn’t always the case of course. Fortunately though, your little Taurus is cut from a similar cloth to yourself with the same home-loving instincts and the same safety-conscious outlook.

* Cancerians make wonderful parents, but their weak point is their tendency to worry unnecessarily about their kids coming to harm. Be assured, Cancer, that any anxieties you may have about your Taurus child’s safety are likely to be unfounded. Little Taureans are probably the most sensible and well grounded of all children – ‘careful’ is their middle name!

* If you’re a Cancer mother, your abundant kisses and cuddles will receive a warm welcome from your Taurus child who enjoys physical demonstrations of affection just as much as you do. Don’t expect too much in the way of emotional support from this feet-on-the-ground youngster, though. Although they’ll do a good job of giving you sound practical advice, they’ll be at a loss as to how to respond to your Cancerian mood swings.

* If you’re a Cancer father, you’ll be highly protective of your kids – and perhaps rather overly so. In the case of a Taurus child who, like you, is extremely risk-averse by nature, constantly urging them to be cautious will only exacerbate their fear of change and uncertainty. What they need most from you is encouragement to take a few chances and ‘have a go’.  

Cancer Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Gemini child, you’ll find they’re cut from a rather different kind of cloth to yourself!

* Certainly, your Gemini child hasn’t inherited your extreme sensitivity, which should be good news for you since you don’t have to be concerned about them getting hurt as easily as you do. This is an emotionally robust, even quite thick-skinned, kind of child who finds very little in life to worry or fret about. 

* Your Gemini child also hasn’t inherited your homebody instincts. While socializing – especially with strangers – isn’t your favourite thing, this outgoing kid loves getting out and about and constantly meeting new people.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Gemini child, your main complaint may be that this youngster doesn’t spend enough time with you because they’re too busy with their many outside interests. Trying to clip their little butterfly wings would be a mistake, though. The more you try to rein them in, the more determined they will be to pull away. Gemini kids hate smother love!

* Keeping up family traditions is very important to Cancerians, but a Cancer father who expects his Gemini son or daughter to follow in his footsteps is likely to be disappointed. Pursuing personal freedom matters more to Gemini children than trying to live up to their parents’ expectations, and following the safe option in life, like their Cancer parent, is out of the question due to their deep longing for change and variety.

Cancer Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Cancer child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this delightfully gentle youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common.

* Been there, done that, got the teeshirt! As you accompany your little Cancerian on their path through life, you will know exactly how to deal with their fears and vulnerabilities, since you’ve experienced all of them during your own childhood – and found smart ways of overcoming them.

* There’s no greater blessing for a Cancer parent than to have a child like this one who shares their deep love and appreciation of home and family. If expanding your clan is important to you, the chances are good that your Cancer child will eventually make you a proud and happy grandparent. A love of kids runs in the family!

* If you’re a Cancer mother of a Cancer child, you’ll do a great job of fulfilling their nurturing needs because you intuitively sense what they want from you even without the need for words. Sometimes though, when you’re both hurting, you two Crabs will retreat into your shells rather than reach out to each other for love and comfort. A double dose of lunar energy means both of you can be too sensitive and too moody at times.

* If you’re a Cancerian father, your wish for a child who would follow in your footsteps, uphold family traditions and adhere to the same kind of conservative life values, has been well and truly fulfilled here. Like father, like child!

Cancer Parent - Leo Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Leo child, you’re ready to give your all to your offspring – and they’re only too happy to take it!

* While you’re one of the most giving of all parents, your Leo child is among the most demanding of all children! This kid hasn’t inherited your aptitude for caring for others, being more interested in getting people to look after them. Join up the dots and it’s clear they’ll be the one benefiting most from this relationship. That’s probably quite natural, but just be careful not to let them take you for granted.

* Don’t hesitate to remind your Leo child how lucky they are to have such a kind and understanding parent as you. Deep down Lion cubs don’t possess such high self-esteem as they might appear to, and need someone like you who can ‘feel’ into their ego vulnerabilities and comfort them when their delicate pride has been wounded.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Leo child, try to resist the urge to behave over-protectively towards this youngster. They’re not as shy or reclusive as you and a quiet home life is of less interest to them than strutting their stuff in front of a big audience. So don’t hold onto them too tightly and be willing to give them their wings.

* If you’re a Cancer father, your desire to do everything you can to further your kids’ aspirations will fall on fertile ground in the case of your talented and ambitious Leo child. You can rest assured they’ll repay any funds you invest in their future by making you proud of their achievements!

Cancer Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Cancer parent of a little Virgo, you have a child who shares many of your most cherished values and in years to come will try their best to look after you just as dutifully as you have cared for them.

* Here you’re blessed with a child who’s a dream to bring up and will never give you the kind of parenting anxieties that kids born under more challenging Star Signs might tend to do. That’s fortunate, because you’re normally a big worrier about your family’s wellbeing and safety. 

* Like you, your Virgo child is also prone to worrying a lot, although in their case it’s more about not doing things as well as they could do. Bear in mind that by staying calm and keeping your own nerves under control, you’ll be helping them to do likewise. 

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Virgo child, be aware that they haven’t inherited your extreme sensitivity. Because their temperament is much more pragmatic and rational than yours, they may find it hard to understand your emotional ups and downs and may respond with critical put-downs. Sadly for you, they’re not the most demonstratively affectionate of kids. Too many hugs and kisses make them feel uncomfortable.  

* If you’re the Cancer father of a Virgo child, beware over-protecting this youngster to such an extent that you weaken their drive to succeed under their own steam in the world. They won’t always have you by their side, so prepare them now to cope when that day comes by giving them a bigger fatherly push than comes naturally to you.

Cancer Parent - Libra Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Libra child, you’re likely to enjoy a harmonious relationship based on a genuine desire to make each other happy, avoid conflict, and build a strong emotional bond that will endure throughout your lives.

* Your Libra child’s calm and equable temperament is a good balance for your more emotionally volatile Water sign nature. When you’re moody or upset, this level-headed youngster knows exactly what to say to get you smiling again.

* Because you’re each other’s trusted confidant, there’s not much the two of you feel you can’t share with each other. The only exception is emotionally challenging topics you fear will be too upsetting for the other to handle. You try to spare your Libra child having to confront anything at all unpleasant, while they try to spare you from worrying excessively. But don’t let this allow important issues to get swept under the rug.

* If you’re a Cancer mother, you want – and expect – to be the most important person in your child’s life. But the time will soon arrive when you’ll have to make way for their best friend (and later on their significant other), and it will be harder to bear the more possessive or needy you are of your Libra child. 

* If you’re a super-caring Cancer father of a typically laid-back Libra child, be careful not to make their life too easy and comfortable by over-funding them, over-protecting them and making all of their decisions for them. Most little Libras have a lazy streak which is exacerbated by an over-indulgent dad. 

Cancer Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Scorpio child, you’ll enjoy a loving and close-knit relationship based on strong mutual empathy and the ability to relate to each other’s insecurities in a way few others can.

* You will quickly discover your Scorpio child has inherited your sensitive and intuitive Water sign nature. This is good news for both of you since you’ll never have any difficulty tuning into each other’s feelings and understanding where the other is coming from, even without the need for words. 

* But being so alike also has its disadvantages, and when you’re both bogged down with negative emotions, neither of you finds it easy to step back, detach, and take a more objective perspective. This can be a particular problem on those rare occasions when you find yourselves in deep conflict with each other.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Scorpio child, you’re great at responding sympathetically to their complex moods which can be so puzzling to other less sensitive members of the family. Sometimes though in your desire to help, you overdo it and come across as too nosy and intrusive. Try to respect your Scorpio child’s need for privacy, in the same way that you want others to respect yours.

* If you’re a protective Cancer father, be careful to avoid fussing over and babying your Scorpio child a little too much – or be prepared for them to order you to butt out. Although to you they’ll always be a kid who needs caring for, in their eyes they’re a tough and resourceful individual who is perfectly capable of looking after themselves. 

Cancer Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Sagittarius child, get set for a big jolt out of your comfort zone! This adventurous youngster will widen your horizons in ways that require some adjustment on your part.

* It’s a natural instinct of Cancer parents to care especially lovingly for their offspring and keep them very close. After all, you are the prime nurturers of the Zodiac! For a slightly vulnerable kind of kid, having a super-protective parent like you is likely to be a great blessing. But a more independent one who hates being fussed over is likely to feel suffocated at times. 

* Because they’re an eternal optimist, your Sagittarius child won’t have much sympathy for your fears for their safety, and if they think you’re going too far, you’ll find they can be extremely bluntly outspoken in telling you so. Although warmly affectionate at heart, this child finds sentimentality very uncomfortable.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Sagittarius child, although it goes against your instincts, you’ll have to allow them plenty of leeway. This liberty loving youngster doesn’t want to be tied to your apron strings and will be straining on the leash to run wild and free just as soon as they can stand on their own little feet. 

* If you’re a Cancer father, creating a secure home and a close-knit family clan is probably one of your chief life priorities. In both these respects your Sagittarius child is quite the opposite, though. Because they’re a commitment-averse wanderer at heart, don’t expect them to want to settle down at an early age.

Cancer Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Capricorn child, yours is a particularly devoted relationship based on a strong sense of family loyalty and responsibility.

* You’ll be delighted to discover that your traditionally minded Capricorn child is just as committed to their home and family as you are, and more than happy to undertake their share of the domestic chores. 

* Be careful, though, not to take your Capricorn child’s dutifulness for granted, without realizing just how special it actually is. Because they’re so obedient and rarely complain, without every realizing it you may load more responsibilities onto their young shoulders than they can easily bear. 

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Capricorn child your wonderful sensitivity enables you to reach behind this dignified little kid’s aura of cool self-composure and feel into what’s really going on in their heart. Although they don’t openly show them like you do, they too have their fears and worries and will quietly appreciate your loving concern. Just be careful not to embarrass them by treating them like babies. Capricorn kids like to feel grown-up at a very early age!

* If you’re a Cancerian father, you consider it your paternal duty to warn your kids not to take foolish risks. But your Capricorn child won’t need many reminders to be careful and prudent as they take their security just as seriously as you take yours. Over-alarming them about all the things that can go wrong in life only feeds and magnifies their inborn pessimism. Make a point of boosting their self-confidence rather than undermining it. 

Cancer Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Cancer parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll be dealing with energies that are quite alien to you. In fact it’s almost as if, on some level, you have challenged yourself to raise a kid whose values and ways are totally the opposite to your own!

* This is an unusually gifted child, endowed with a higher level of rational intelligence than yourself. But you’re just as smart in your own way, and while your thinking may not be as sharp and logical as theirs, you’re more emotionally intelligent with a depth of intuitive understanding that may be lacking in them. 

* Be aware that too much possessiveness on your part is the biggest threat to you and your child’s mutual happiness. Aquarius kids demand their independence and if you’re overly clingy and protective, they’ll pull away from you all the more.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of an Aquarius child, this little one’s emotional uncommunicativeness may initially be quite upsetting. But you’ll soon learn to intuit or ‘feel into’ where they’re coming from even without any obvious clues. You’ll also start to realize that although they’re not as outwardly affectionate as you’d like them to be, that doesn’t mean they don’t crave and depend on your love.   

* If you’re a Cancer father, don’t expect your Aquarius child to have inherited your traditional family values. They will make up their own rules about what is and isn’t important in life, and in doing so they’re more likely to look to the future and that which is different than hark back to the familiar past. 

Cancer Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Pisces child, you should enjoy a very loving and close-knit relationship based on strong mutual empathy and the ability to relate to each others’ feelings in a way few others can.

* When you combine the most caring of all parents with the most sensitive of all children you have a match made in heaven. Lucky is the Pisces child with a Cancer parent because their emotional needs will be superbly and unconditionally provided for. 

* The only potential problem here is that of over-nurturing. If a Cancer parent is too protective of their Pisces child, and makes things too safe and comfortable for them, rather than helping them they may actually be making it more difficult for them to cope in the future with the harsh realities of life. 

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Pisces child, you will pick up very easily on their moods, just as they will instantly tune into yours. Because you ‘catch’ each other’s emotions, when you’re happy your little Pisces feels good too. But you can also ‘infect’ this kid with your more negative emotions, so for the benefit of their psychological wellbeing try to get on top of your fears and worries.

* If you’re a Cancer father, it’s in your nature to defend those who can’t easily stand up for themselves, and your Pisces child may well fall into that category. But unless you teach them to fight their own battles, they will never gain the independence and courage to look out for themselves when you’re not around.