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The Pisces Parent and their Children

* What makes a Pisces parent so outstandingly special is their ability to give their children a truly magical childhood! Because they’re still closely in touch with their own inner child, they’re more easily able to identify with their kids’ sense of wonder and excitement about life, happily entering into their world of make-believe and encouraging them to dream beautiful dreams.

* A Pisces parent’s love for their children is of an unusually selfless kind, driving them to make many admirable personal sacrifices, but also some rather over-the-top ones. Despite everything, they often feel guilty that they haven’t been as good a parent as they should have been. But the truth is, they’ll serve their children better by doing a little less for them, rather than more.

* The extreme sensitivity of the average Pisces, which causes them to experience their offspring’s pain almost as if it were their own, means they will go to great lengths to try to protect their kids from any kind of suffering or unhappiness. As a result they’re prone to mollycoddling their children, even the more robust and thick-skinned ones. They’re also much laxer on discipline than the average parent – often to the point of being a total pushover – because they don’t want to be responsible for upsetting their kids in any way.

* A Pisces mother’s unusually highly developed capacity for emotional empathy enables her to create a much deeper and more powerful emotional bond with her kids than just about any other Star Sign. But while it’s her sensitivity that makes a Pisces mother such a wonderful nurturer, it can also be the cause of her frequent emotional ups and downs which sometimes get in the way of her focusing on the everyday practicalities of child rearing.

* A Pisces father’s strong spiritual ideals give him high aspirations for his kids to achieve something truly worthy in life. He wants them to make him proud not so much by making money as by expressing their creativity or serving others in order to make the world a better place. He may not have a very grounding influence on his kids, but he certainly has an ennobling one.

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Pisces Parent - Aries Child

* As the Pisces parent of an Aries child, you’ll need to toughen up a little to avoid this headstrong youngster running rings around you!

* Because Rams are much more aggressive creatures than Fishes, unless you develop your assertive skills your little Aries will easily be able to get the better of you as the years go by. Maintaining any semblance of discipline will mean learning to stand your ground very determinedly, without being cowed into submission through fear of upsetting your precious child.

* If you’re a typical Pisces, you may not have a great deal of physical energy, so your Aries child’s astoundingly high adrenaline levels are likely to take you by surprise. To keep up with them you’ll need to get super-fit and take your head out of the clouds!  

* If you’re the Pisces mother of an Aries child, what you need to understand is that their emotional intelligence isn’t as highly developed as yours. Actually, they’re rather poor at intuiting where others are coming from since they have a very subjective outlook on life. Teaching them to develop more sensitivity and look at things from others’ viewpoints as well as their own is one of your key parenting tasks.

* If you’re a Pisces father and something of a pacifist at heart, you may have a hard time coming to terms with your Aries child’s strong warrior spirit. While you detest direct confrontations and would rather walk away from trouble, they delight in boldly fighting their corner. This is a kid who knows how to look after themselves much more successfully than you ever could! 

Pisces Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Taurus child, you’ll find strength, security and a calming sense of groundedness in your relationship with this delightfully down to earth youngster.

* The realization that your Taurus child hasn’t inherited your sensitivity is both a bit of a disappointment for you, and also a huge relief. Okay, because they’re so practical and matter of fact, they will find it hard to empathize with your emotional ups and downs. But by being so grounded they’re a great antidote to your neurotic tendencies!

* What you have passed on to them though, is your harmony loving nature and dislike of conflict and arguments. Even from their earliest days, this sweet natured kid will do their best to avoid upsetting you and keep the peace. As a result, yours is likely to be an unusually serene and loving home environment.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Taurus child, their surprisingly calm and emotionally self contained temperament may be so unlike your own, you may fear there is something wrong with them! But if they’re not pouring out their heart to you, it’s not because they’re holding things in, it’s simply because they’re not the worrying type.  

* If you’re a Pisces father, you’re great at offering your kids unconditional emotional support. But what your Taurus child wants even more than this is reliable, ongoing material support. While they’ll love the fact you’re always there for them, they won’t be happy if you lack the financial means to satisfy their acquisitive desires and provide them with a sizeable inheritance!

Pisces Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Gemini child, you may often feel puzzled and confused by this highly logical youngster’s unfamiliar behavior.

* The vital thing to understand is that because your Gemini child is a cool and collected Air sign while you’re an emotionally sensitive Water sign, their outlook on life is more head-centered while yours is more heart-centered. As a result they can rationalize and throw off worries and hurts that trouble you at a much deeper level.

* Your emotional intelligence is one of your finest qualities, Pisces, but not something your Gemini child has necessarily inherited from you. More likely, they’re blessed with a different, strictly logical type of intelligence which relies more on facts than on feelings. If some of your empathy can rub off on them, and they can teach you to think a little more rationally, you’ll balance each other well. 

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Gemini child, you’ll need to be careful not to smother this emotionally independent youngster with too much gooey sentimentality. They don’t want you to baby them in the way you might like to do: they want you to treat them like a little adult, as befits their high level of intelligence.

* If you’re a Pisces father, your freedom loving Gemini child won’t take long to discover you’re a big softie they can easily talk into letting them break all the rules. That’s unlikely to worry you too much though. Because they make you laugh so much and are such fun to be with, you’ll let them get away with almost anything!

Pisces Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Cancer child, you will instinctively experience a strong emotional bond with this kind-hearted youngster as they take after you in so many ways.

* Your little Cancerian has inherited your ‘sensitivity gene’! So just like you, they’re deeply hurt by things that aren’t a big deal to most other people but which you can easily empathize with because they affect you exactly the same way.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Cancer child, you’re ideally suited to handling their frequent emotional ups and downs – just as they are to coping with yours! When either of you is worried or upset, the other instinctively knows the reason why, without the need for any explanations. Your mutual empathy forms a power link between you that few other parent-child combinations enjoy.

* Be careful though, not to turn your little Crab into a cry baby! Because too much sympathy and hand holding can be just as bad as too little, help your little Cancerian to gradually learn how to put on a brave face rather than always wearing their heart on their sleeve. 

* If you’re a Pisces father, you can easily identify with your Cancer child’s shyness and timidity, so you’re unlikely to push them into being more sociable and outgoing when they don’t want to. That takes the pressure off them when they’re little, but unless you teach them how to mix more freely, they’ll be unable to successfully handle themselves in the world when they’re older.  

Pisces Parent - Leo Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Leo child, you may be ready to give them your all, such is your love and devotion to them!

* Perhaps the most wonderful quality you have passed onto your little Leo is your ability to find the joy and magic in life. Because you’re probably still a big kid at heart, playtime is just as important to you as it is to them, and much to their delight you’ll ensure lots of fun and games are always on the agenda.

* One thing your Leo child certainly hasn’t inherited from you though, is your humble spirit and self-deprecating tendencies. In fact this is one of the proudest and most confident kids in the entire Zodiac who has no reservations about bigging up their achievements and blowing their own trumpet. 

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Leo child, you will need to master the delicate art of stopping them getting too big-headed and boastful, while avoiding damaging their surprisingly vulnerable self-esteem. The trick lies in reassuring them that in your eyes they’re truly wonderful, while sensitively explaining that not everyone else might see them that way.

* If you’re the Pisces father of a Leo child, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to support this ambitious youngster’s life goals and help them to make the most of their talents. Be careful though not to make too many personal sacrifices on their behalf. Because unlike you they’re more of a taker than a giver, they could potentially bleed you dry! 

Pisces Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Virgo child, you have a youngster who has inherited the very best of your giving, unselfish nature, but also has a rather more down to earth head on their little shoulders.

* Helping others comes just as naturally to your Virgo child as it does to you, but their pragmatic outlook means that unlike you, they would never allow themselves to be taken advantage of. Don’t make a doormat of yourself in your efforts to be the perfect parent because they’re unlikely to respect you for it.

* A tendency to be rather overly humble and self-deprecating runs in the family! Like you, your Virgo child has high personal standards which they constantly feel they fall short of, and even when they have done something really well, they tend to downplay it. Don’t let them follow your example by setting the bar too high for themselves and underselling their achievements. 

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Virgo child, try not to feel disappointed by this cool little character’s occasional lack of demonstrative affection. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you; it’s just that they’re more emotionally self-contained than you and they haven’t inherited your sentimental nature. 

* If you’re a Pisces father, don’t assume that in offering your Virgo child your unconditional emotional support, you’re giving them everything they need from you.  More than this, they want you to support them in practical ways and to prove your love for them by what you do, not just what you say.

Pisces Parent - Libra Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Libra child, you have the possibility of creating an exceptionally warm and loving relationship with this sympathetic youngster. But you’ll need to be careful not to lean on them too much.

* Because your Libra child has inherited your sweet, gentle and peace loving nature, they would go to almost any lengths to create harmony, even if that means compromising on their true needs and desires, and agreeing to things they don’t really want. Don’t let them follow in your footsteps by being too nice for their own good! 

* Running away from confrontation because you’re too fearful of upsetting people is a weakness you’re likely to have passed on to your Libra child. Both of you need to develop the courage to stand your ground more firmly, and as the adult here it’s up to you to take the lead.

* If you’re a Pisces mother, in your Libra child you have the best little friend and confidant you could ever hope for. It would be only too easy to become overly dependent on their empathy and listening ear, but that wouldn’t be healthy either for you or for them.

* If you’re a Pisces father of a Libra child, try to be a good role model for personal integrity by always saying what you mean and doing what you say. If they observe you bending the truth or going back on your word in order to make others happy, they’ll grow up believing dishonesty is okay.

Pisces Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Scorpio child, you have exactly the right level of sensitivity required to do a great job of understanding and successfully raising this emotionally complex and at times rather demanding youngster!

* Because, like you, your Scorpio child was born under a Water sign, their feeling nature is exceptionally strongly developed. But unlike you they’re good at concealing their true feelings and putting on a brave face. Although they’re just as easily hurt as you are, they don’t share your tendency to wear their heart on their sleeve and they never play the victim card.

* While you hate conflict and may not be very good at fighting your corner, this brave hearted youngster has no fear of – and actually enjoys – taking on opponents and adversaries. If they have been wronged, they can’t let it go without insisting on payback. Quite clearly they haven’t inherited your peace making gene!

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Scorpio child, you won’t judge their powerful feelings of jealousy, anger or vengefulness, although you don’t approve of them. Your role here is to help your Scorpio child cultivate the quality of forgiveness, something that comes easily to you, but not so much to them. 

* If you’re a Pisces father, rest assured that that your Scorpio child is very capable of looking after themselves (and will probably do a far better job of it than you did at their age). So there’s no need to baby them or wrap them in cotton wool!

Pisces Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Sagittarius child, you can identify strongly with this kid’s powerful imagination and noble spirit of adventure!

* An ordinary, run of the mill existence won’t suit your little Archer any more than it suits you. Like you they want to do something really inspiring with their life, and it all starts with those tales of magical derring-do you’ll be reading to them every night at bedtime. 

* You’re both big dreamers but because your Sagittarius child has more confidence and energy than you, they’re more likely to turn their grand visions into reality. Their footloose tendencies will make themselves felt from a very early age, as will their contempt for rules and must-do’s. You’ll have a hard time reining in this independent little maverick who will always go their own way in life, regardless of your fears for their safety.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Sagittarius child, you’ll soon realize they haven’t inherited your powers of empathy and sensitivity. Because their blunt outspokenness can be hurtful to other people (you included), teaching this fiery youngster to be more considerate of others’ feelings and to think before they speak is your key role here. 

* If you’re a Pisces father, disciplining your kids probably doesn’t come naturally to you. But unless you’re able to overcome your soft-heartedness and lay down the law rather more forcefully, you risk allowing your freedom loving little Sagittarius to run out of control.

Pisces Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Pisces parent of a little Capricorn, you’re going to have to re-evaluate some of your basic child-raising ideas to meet this down-to-earth kid’s needs!

* If you’re a typical Pisces, your main parenting strength lies in your unconditional love for your kids. But when it comes to fulfilling your practical responsibilities you may sometimes fail to live up to your Capricorn child’s high expectations. 

* The most important thing to understand here is that your little Goat is a more feet-on-the-ground and worldly wise creature than you. Even as a small kid they have a far more realistic take on life, are far more materially ambitious, and in that sense are far more ‘grown up’ than you may ever have been. 

 * If you’re the Pisces mother of a Capricorn child, coming to terms with the fact that they haven’t inherited your soft-hearted, openly affectionate nature, and are actually quite an emotionally independent and undemonstrative kind of youngster may require quite a lot of adjustment on your part. Never stop showering them with your love, though. They need it far more than they give to believe.

* If you’re a Pisces father, to earn the hard-to-win respect of your Capricorn child, you’ll need to step up to your fatherly duties of bringing in the money, funding their education and helping them to achieve their career goals. If you doubt your ability to fulfill any of these big asks, it’s time to get your head out of the clouds and start working on them right now!

Pisces Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Pisces parent of an Aquarius child, coming to terms with the fact that this cool headed youngster is far less sensitive than yourself is the main challenge you face in your relationship with them.

* You’ll be happy to discover you’ve passed on your humanitarian ideals to your Aquarius child. Like you, they were born with a strong conscience about the ills of the world, a burning desire to right any kind of injustice, and a compulsion to help the underdog. Clearly a child after your own heart!

* What they haven’t inherited from you though, is the kind of acute sensitivity which causes you to experience others’ pain as if it were your own or even feel that in some way it’s your fault. Their Aquarian objectivity enables them to stand back from upsetting situations and view them more rationally and impersonally – a quality you’ll often be envious of but will also find hard to relate to at times. 

* If you’re the Pisces mother of an Aquarius child, this cool headed youngster’s emotional detachment may leave you feeling a little short-changed on affection. But by continuing to pour out your love for them regardless, your relationship will gradually become warmer and closer.

* If you’re a Pisces father, be advised that your freedom loving, at times rather rebellious, Aquarius child will take full advantage of your soft-hearted reluctance to discipline them. Although easier for you in the short term, being a pushover dad will cause problems both for you and your child in the long term.

Pisces Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Pisces child, from your own experience you know exactly what it’s like to grow up under the influence of this super-sensitive Star Sign!

* You’ll do a great job of raising your little Pisces if you pass onto them what you wish someone had told you at their age to help you better handle your emotional ups and downs. Since you’ve ‘been there, done that, got the tee-shirt’, you’re the perfect mentor for this gentle natured and consequently quite vulnerable youngster.

* Your Pisces child has inherited your strong powers of intuition, which has the advantage of enabling both of you to instantly pick up on what the other is thinking or feeling, even from afar. But because you’ve also passed on your vivid, and at times over-active imagination, it’s only too easy for you sometimes to get your wires badly crossed and fret completely unnecessarily over each other’s wellbeing.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Pisces child, you’re blessed with an unusually sentimental and warm hearted relationship. Because you love each other unconditionally, there’s no sacrifice you wouldn’t make for the other’s benefit – sometimes to your own detriment.

* If you’re the Pisces father of a Pisces child, you want to do the very best for your child, but because your unworldliness is almost as great as theirs, you may find it hard to offer them a clear sense of direction in life. Instead, perhaps summon the advice of a more practical minded relative, who can do a rather better job than you of teaching your little Fish to master the material challenges of life.