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The Libra Parent and their Children

* Libras make easygoing parents who aim to make raising children as happy and harmonious as possible both for themselves and for the kids. Since their main focus is maintaining the peace in the household and avoiding upsetting arguments and confrontations, they don’t make a big deal of their offspring’s little misdemeanors and are fairly lax on discipline. As long as they can keep everyone smiling, they know they’re doing a good job!

* Because Libra’s symbol is the Scales of Balance, parents born under this Star Sign will try their best to treat their kids fairly, equably and with the utmost even-handedness. Showing favoritism to one youngster over and above another is repugnant to them and they would hate to feel they have behaved in any way unjustly or unreasonably towards any child in their care.

* Because they see their children as intelligent little adults in the making, they’re keen to cultivate their friendship from an early age and seek their input in family decision making (with which they could certainly use some help since personally they’re so indecisive!). Libra parents are rather less competent when handling babies and infants, coming more into their own once the kids have learned to talk and they can relate to them at a mental rather than an emotional level.

* The Libra mother’s outstanding counseling and listening skills mean she’s her kids’ go-to person for daily guidance and advice. Sometimes though, she can be a little disingenuous, preferring to tell the children what they want to hear and will make them happy, rather than the less appealing grim truth. If you’re a Libra mother, sweeping unpleasant realities under the rug, when they actually need to be brought out into the open, may be your parenting Achilles heel.

* The Libra father is an exceptionally kind and understanding dad. But he can also be a bit of a pushover due to his reluctance to upset his little darlings and inability to just say no. Unless he toughens up a bit, he will be encouraging an unhealthy sense of entitlement in his children, who will grow up always expecting everything to fall into their lap without any effort on their part.

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Libra Parent - Aries Child

* As the Libra parent of an Aries child, you may need to adjust to a little less peace and quiet in your life than you have been accustomed to in the past!

* Because Libras don’t have quite as much get-up-and-go as other Star Signs, they try to avoid overly strenuous activities. So when they’re confronted with the most energetic, livewire child in the Zodiac they’re going to find it hard going at times! 

* Since your Aries child was born under the opposite Star Sign to yourself, you won’t be expecting them to take after you. You won’t be surprised then to discover their personality is much more assertive than your own, or that they’re a far more decisive and spontaneous kind of little individual. Well, at least they haven’t inherited your procrastination!

* If you’re the Libra mother of an Aries child, be prepared for a lifetime’s losing battle trying to persuade them to be better behaved and focus on pleasing others rather than just themselves. Because they’re so totally their own person, they’ll never compromise on what’s important to them, not even to make you happy. So to avoid wasting your precious energy Libra, better just smile and accept them the way they are.

* If you’re a Libra father, the last thing you want to do is fight with your kids, but with a belligerent kind of child like an Aries, that won’t be easy - however much you try to keep the peace. Unless you ‘man up’ and put your foot down firmly, this strong willed, pushy youngster will end up walking all over you!  

Libra Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Libra parent of a Taurus child, you’re blessed with one of the most harmonious and close-knit of all family relationships, which they’ll thank you for in years to come.

* Of course, the two of you are quite unalike in that as an Air sign you’re a thinker, but as an Earth sign they’re very much a do-er. While you’re an idealist who loves to carefully deliberate on the merits of different options, your child is a pragmatist with no time for procrastination who just wants to get things done. 

* On the other hand, you’re both exceptionally gentle, peace loving individuals since both your Star Signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony and beauty. This easygoing kid will respect your need for a tranquil home environment by being quiet, well behaved and even tempered – at least most of the time!

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Taurus child, you’ll know making them feel safe and well loved is important, and you’ll do a good job of this by giving them abundant demonstrations of warm affection. But they don’t feel so secure when you keep changing your mind or going back on your word when you’ve already given it. Say what you mean and do what you say to make your Taurus child happy!

* If you’re a Libra father, your biggest challenge lies in handling your Taurus child’s exceptionally strong will. Because they probably haven’t inherited your willingness to compromise, they can be infuriatingly stubborn when they don’t want to do something and no amount of Libra charm and persuasion is going to help. 

Libra Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Libra parent of a little Gemini, you will find your wish for a child who will also be a good friend has been well and truly fulfilled here!

* Being one of the least authoritarian of all parents, Libras like to raise their kids as their equals, which in this case is just as well since a Gemini child hates being treated like a dumb little kid. However, in your efforts to cultivate their friendship, don’t let them get too cocky and arrogant.

* Because you’ve passed on your people skills to your Gemini child, they won’t need any tips from you on how to court popularity. But while you’ve always wanted just one special person in your life, their relationships are more numerous and also more superficial than yours. Their emotional detachment means they won’t let anyone get too close – and that also includes you.

* If you’re a Libra mother of a Gemini child, you’ll find them an entertainingly chatty little companion and their hilariously witty wisecracks will have you grinning ear to ear. You won’t be so impressed though when their humor crosses the line into rudeness, so you’ll need to teach them a few of your beautiful manners.

 * If you’re a Libra father, be aware that because they’ve inherited your indecisiveness they will benefit from a bit of life counselling to develop more focus and work out where they’re headed. Luckily you’re just the man for the job!  

Libra Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Libra parent of a Cancer child, you’re likely to enjoy a harmonious relationship based on a genuine desire to make each other happy, avoid conflict, and build a strong bond that will endure throughout your lives.

* Your Cancer child will think it’s wonderful that you try to be their friend, but not if that means you forget you’re also supposed to be their parent. Your little Cancerian needs more full-on nurturing and protection than you, as an Air sign, are instinctively inclined to give them. 

* While you’re a ‘people person’, your Cancer child is more of a ‘family person’. Because they haven’t inherited your social confidence, they’re less comfortable than you with meeting strangers and prefer not to stray too far from home.

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Cancer child, you’ll need to accept that emotionally they’re much more sensitive than you. While you’re quite detached and objective, your little Cancerian takes everything very personally and is easily offended in ways you don’t always understand. When they’re hurt they simply can’t hide it:  always putting on a happy face is much harder for them than for you.

* If you’re the Libra father of a Cancer child, here’s the rub: You’re longing for an intellectual relationship with your kid, but they want one that’s more heart to heart. While you can’t wait to start relating to them as an adult, they’d rather carry on being pampered and babied by you till the cows come home!

Libra Parent - Leo Child

* As the Libra parent of a Leo child, you’re going to need to cultivate a little more firmness and a little more decisiveness to avoid this confident youngster running the show!

* Your Leo child has inherited your preference for an easy life and they’ll use every excuse they can think of to get out of boring, demanding chores. Little Leos often waste their talents by putting fun and entertainments before their studies. So try to overcome your lazy streak Libra, and set them a good example of a strong work ethic.

* So powerful is a Leo kid’s self-belief they often act like the entire world revolves around them. As a Libra, you’re more aware of the need for give and take and more willing to put other’s interests before your own. 

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Leo child, your role is to teach this demanding youngster to cooperate more readily with other people rather than expecting everything on their own terms. When they want something from you, always make them negotiate for it. That way they’ll learn the art of doing a deal!

* If you’re a Libra father, don’t feed your Leo child’s sense of personal entitlement by being too weak on rule keeping and discipline. More than anything you want your kids to like you and you can’t stand arguments and discord. But if that’s at the cost of losing your paternal authority and turning your Leo child into a spoilt brat, maybe you should think again.

Libra Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Libra parent of a Virgo child, you may often reflect on just how different this youngster seems to be to you. Yet it’s the contrasts – not the similarities – between you that will help you to learn the most from each other.

* A Libra parent’s laidback, easygoing personality is just what’s needed to counterbalance a Virgo child’s nervous, self-critical mindset. As someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, you will gently remind this perfectionist youngster that their health and happiness are more important than fretting over getting every single little detail right. 

* Because keeping the peace is a key priority for you, you’ll often bite your tongue rather than draw attention to others’ shortcomings.  But this isn’t a trait that your Virgo child has inherited from you and they won’t hesitate to point out everybody’s mistakes and failings – yours included!  

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Virgo child, you’ll teach them the good manners to keep their criticisms to themselves rather than cause disharmony and offence. In turn you’ll learn from them that sometimes it’s better to confront things that are wrong, whatever the consequences, rather than sweeping them under the rug.

* If you’re a Libra father it will please you that your well behaved, hard working Virgo child reflects so well on you and doesn’t cause you any public embarrassment (your worst nightmare!). Of course it sometimes concerns you that they find it so hard to relax. But then who better than you to show them how to kick back and really enjoy life!

Libra Parent - Libra Child

* As the Libra parent of a Libra child, you may – or may not – be pleased to discover this youngster takes after you in so many ways!

* You’re well matched in that you instinctively believe in treating your kids as your best friend, and this is exactly what your Libra child most wants to be. On the one hand this will make for an exceptionally close-knit relationship. But it also risks undermining your parental authority over your child. However charming and well behaved they may be, little Libras still need disciplining from time to time!

* More than anything you want to make your Libra child happy and in turn they will stop at nothing to try to please you. Inevitably though, that sometimes means covering up issues of contention, holding in hurts and worries, and behaving as though everything is hunky-dory when quite clearly it’s anything but. 

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Libra child, show them through your example that there’s nothing wrong with expressing sadness, fear or anger, and it’s okay sometimes to drop the big smile. Teach them that emotional honesty is better than pretence, however noble the motivation, and they’ll be more popular and likeable (so important to Libras!) if they just say it like it is.

* If you’re a Libra father of a Libra child, to counteract their tendency towards procrastination (inherited form you!) you’ll need to be a good role model for decisive clear-cut actions. If they observe you constantly changing your mind or going back on your promises, you can’t complain if they start doing the same thing.  

Libra Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Libra parent of a Scorpio child, you may need to take a course in psychology to understand this complex youngster, whose ways and needs are so very different to your own!

* Your child has certainly inherited your high level of intelligence, but it’s a rather different kind to yours. While as an Air sign your strength lies in your reasoning skills, as a Water sign they’re blessed with an emotional astuteness that gives them a level of understanding not possible through logic alone.
* Your Scorpio child will never be a people pleaser like you, Libra. Their style is more about saying it like it is than telling others simply what they want to hear because courting popularity isn’t as important to them as it is to you. Actually they thrive on a bit of confrontation and don’t care if they make a few enemies. So in that sense they couldn’t be less like you!

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Scorpio child, to forge the unbreakable bond with this youngster you so long for, you’ll need to relate to them in more of a heart-to-heart than a head-to-head way. Trying to rationalize away their hurts and worries without showing sufficient empathy will just make them feel you don’t care.

* If you’re a Libra father, forget any idea about getting your Scorpio child to like you as a person. They want a dad who is a strong authority figure, not a weak push-over or a best buddy, and they’ll respect you more if you show them who’s boss rather than letting them walk all over you. 

Libra Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Libra parent of a Sagittarius child, you’re united by your fair-mindedness – probably the most important trait you have passed onto them. Okay, this livewire kid is likely to get up to quite a lot of mischief. But they’ll respond well to discipline if your reasons are just and convincing. 

* Your little Sagittarian is a daring and adventurous child who gets a big thrill out of taking a gamble, especially if it involves an element of danger. You on the other hand prefer to carefully weigh the odds, carefully comparing the different options, before committing to any action. 

* This makes for problems when your Sagittarius child is raring to go while you’re endlessly procrastinating about whether or not to let them. But if you can help them to think before diving headfirst into perilous waters, you’ll make a very good parent-child team. 

* If you’re a Libra mother and you’re hoping your Sagittarian child will be a lifelong companion and confidant, better lower your expectations fast! This freedom youngster will be out of the door just as soon as their little legs will carry them and when the time comes for them to leave home (which generally happens quite early on) they won’t look back twice.

* If you’re a Libra father, raising your kids to be polite and well mannered is a top parenting priority for you. You’ll have a big battle on your hands though, in trying to curb your fearsomely honest Sagittarius child’s blunt outspokenness. Because your usual nicey-nicey approach won’t work here, you’ll need to toughen up a bit!

Libra Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Libra parent of a Capricorn child, you may often think this youngster has so little in common with you, they must come from a different universe!

* Why do most Libra parents try to raise their kids to be their good friends? One reason is because they believe in treating them as equals. But could it also be because they’re a little scared of asserting their authority? Peace loving Libras would rather play the role of ‘anything goes’ parents than have to lay down the law.

* You’re wasting your time Libra, trying to cultivate your Capricorn child’s friendship because that’s not what they need from you. They want you to give them clear boundaries, and to reprimand them when they’re stepping over the line. In other words they want a traditional, even old-fashioned, kind of parent-child relationship, not a progressive one.

* If you’re the Libra mother of a little Capricorn, the first difference between you is that you love to talk while they’re very much a child of few words. The second is that you’re much more warmly affectionate. Coming to terms with this kid’s solitary and self-sufficient disposition might be a struggle at times. 

* If you’re a Libra father, you may be a little too laid back to give your ambitious Capricorn child the big push they’re looking for from you to help them get to the top. On the other hand you’ll do a good job of keeping their workaholic tendencies in check by insisting they take more time to relax and enjoy life.  

Libra Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Libra parent of a little Aquarius, you should find your wish for a child who will also be a good friend has been well and truly fulfilled here. But don’t expect to be able to keep them completely to yourself!

* Your Aquarius child is a friendly, chatty and companionable youngster who you’ll love having around the house. It’s a pity, though, that they probably won’t be at home as much as you would like them to be. Spending time with family is less important to little Aquarians than hanging out with a big group of friends. 

* Making waves isn’t in your nature, Libra, because you like to keep everything on an even and harmonious note. However, your Aquarius child is quite different to you in this respect and they’re perfectly happy to upset the balance by stirring things up from time to time.

* If you’re the Libra mother of an Aquarius child, their emotional detachment may strike you as rather odd. It’s not that you’re any more feelings-oriented than they are (both being Air signs), but sometimes you just wish they were rather less independent and would confide in you a little more. 

* If you’re a Libra father, you’re unlikely to approve of your Aquarius child’s rebellious side which will come increasingly into play during their teenage years. But in your usual peace loving style you won’t get into any big fights or confrontations. Instead you’ll draw on your strong mental rapport with this intelligent youngster to calmly debate the pros and cons of their non-conformist ideas.

Libra Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Libra parent of a Pisces child, you’re exactly the right kind of person to help this unworldly youngster navigate their way through the complicated maze of life.

* Gentleness, kindness and a talent for making peace wherever there is trouble or strife – these are the wonderful qualities your Pisces child has inherited from you. You’re both willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of others, because making other people happy makes you happy too. 

* You’re somewhat different though in that as an Air sign, you’re a more head-centered kind of person while they’re a more heart-centered Water sign. This is the reason why their emotional reactions are so much stronger than yours and why they can’t approach life as calmly and rationally as you can. 

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Pisces child, your logical insights are just what are needed to help this sensitive kid get their fears and worries into better perspective and detach themselves from overwhelming situations they’re finding too hard to handle. Okay, you may not always understand why they’re so upset, but you always know just what to say to make them feel better. 

* More than most youngsters, a Pisces child needs a wise, patient and kindly paternal counsellor who will help to cut through their confusion about who they are and where they’re headed – and who better than a Libra father? Best of all, you’ll never get angry when they screw up, and you’ll always be their best friend.