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Pisces - Aries Love Compatibility




Although in many ways it may seem that couples with consecutive Star Signs, like Pisces and Aries, have little in common, because there’s a greater than average probability that they will share Mercury and/or Venus signs, they often have far more similarities, and thus a higher level of love compatibility, than one might expect.


Certainly, there are some big differences between Aries and Pisces due to the conflicting Fire-Water combination – the former basically being quite direct, assertive and self-seeking while the latter is rather more passive, evasive and self-sacrificing.

Nevertheless – probably because they're next-door neighbors in the Zodiac – consecutive Star Signs such as Pisces and Aries are traditionally considered to have quite a good level of love compatibility and a reasonable chance of understanding each other and getting on. There’s a surprising ability to tolerate each other’s contrasting way of going about things, and they can generally relate to one another’s weak points, which each can help the other to overcome.

Aries, for example, can often sympathize with Pisces’ escapist tendencies, encouraging it to be a little less sensitive and a little tougher and more courageous. In turn, Pisces can supply the inspiration for Aries’ grand schemes – which it may secretly find quite exciting – while providing the high-strung Ram with calming emotional support.

In a live-in relationship, Pisces and Aries actually make a good team. Warrior Aries loves a partner who will mop their brow, tend their battle scars and kiss it all better when things go wrong – and who better than the sympathetic Fish who's always happy to lend a shoulder for others to cry on. In return, the lusty Ram offers spacey Pisces a much-needed injection of strength and adrenaline – and when it's being unreasonably wimpish, a good hard kick in the ass!


The characteristic emotional responses of the signs Pisces and Aries are certainly quite different!

The belligerent Ram is unafraid of, and actually thrives on, arguments and fights, while the elusive Fish avoids confrontations at all costs, always preferring to wriggle out of trouble. Volatile Aries flares up and cools down again very quickly, is exceptionally thick-skinned and doesn’t hold onto angry or hurt feelings for long. Tender-hearted Pisces is easily wounded and nurses hurts and disappointments for a lot longer.

What Pisces wants most is sympathy, closeness and tranquillity, but self-sufficient Aries has little real need for such things in its life. Whether or not these emotional contrasts create problems, depends on the willingness of the two people to learn from, and counterbalance, each other’s instinctive reactions – and how much they want this relationship to work.


Sexually, Pisces and Aries may seem somewhat mis-matched initially: the red-hot Ram is often a little too rough and ready sexually for sweet and gentle Pisces, while for Aries, the slippery Fish can seem too shy and elusive, and much too easily hurt. But, gradually, Pisces may start to be willing to take a few more chances – while Aries learns to show more empathy and be a bit more romantic. Then, with Aries’ unquenchable sexual passion and Pisces’ beautiful dreams, these guys can really rock and roll!


Falling at opposite ends of the Zodiac, Aries and Pisces really couldn’t be more different in terms of their mental styles. As the very first Star Sign, Aries spends a lot of time thinking – and talking – about itself. As the very last sign, Pisces is more wiling to put its own concerns to one side and mentally focus on others’ needs.

There’s also a huge contrast in the mental energy and fighting spirit of these two Star Signs. Aries’s mental exuberance and verbal forthrightness can be exhausting at times to gentle Pisces, who needs a lot more quiet contemplation time than the noisy Ram may allow.

Aries is prone to trampling on Pisces’s sensitivities by being too bluntly and crudely outspoken at times. In turn, straight-to-the-point Aries is frequently driven crazy by Pisces’s woolly-mindedness and constant beating about the bush!


The degree of compatibility challenges in a Pisces-Aries relationship fundamentally depends on just how representative the two people are of their respective star signs. A stereotypical Pisces is excruciatingly sensitive and self-sacrificing. An all-Aries individual has almost no sensitivity at all and is quite selfish!

In the worst case scenario Pisces and Aries would find it incredibly difficult to co-exist in a close relationship without driving each other to distraction. But because of how horoscopes work, people born under neighboring star signs like Aries and Pisces often embody some of the other sign’s characteristics and have far more in common than you would initially expect – this being especially the case if they are romantically attracted to each other. For this reason, the odds of a Pisces-Aries love match turning out to be successful are estimated at 50/50.