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The Capricorn Parent and their Children

* Capricorns stand head and shoulders above most other parents in terms of their dependability, their trustworthiness, and their willingness to whole-heartedly devote themselves to supporting their kids. While they may not express their parental affection as warmly and openly as some, they excel in proving their love for their children through concrete actions, not just sentimental words. 

* Capricorn parents tend to be quite strict disciplinarians. Because they instinctively understand that in order to feel safe and well cared for, children need structure and stability, they will make a point of setting clear boundaries which the kids know they’re not allowed to breach. In this way they help their children get used to conforming to necessary rules and limitations, and thus prepare them well for dealing with authority figures at school and at work.

* A Capricorn won’t enter lightly into parenthood, and will work equally hard at doing a good job of it as in every other area of their life. Their key weakness is that they can sometimes turn their own and their children’s lives into all work and no play. A wise Capricorn parent won’t project their own workaholic tendencies onto their kids and will make a point of providing them with plenty of fun and relaxation.

* The Capricorn mother takes her child rearing responsibilities extremely seriously. So much so that she’s often so weighed down by the burdens of parenting, and so fearful of making mistakes that she denies herself the true joys of motherhood. If she can just lighten up a little, she will create a much happier home environment for the whole family.

* The Capricorn father will typically be equally ambitious for his offspring as he is for himself, and will strive to make good material provision for their future success, even if that means working long hours that leave him little time or energy for his home life. If the kids do well and make him proud, to him it’s all worth it. But if in spite of all his efforts they mess up or drop out, he’ll feel they’ve failed to fulfil their duties to him in the way he has fulfilled his to them.

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Capricorn Parent - Aries Child

* As the Capricorn parent of an Aries child, the best way to maintain harmony in your relationship is to accept that this fiery youngster hasn’t inherited a great deal from you, and just live and let live! 

* If you’re a typically reserved, risk-averse Capricorn, you’ll frequently ask yourself how such an uninhibited, impulsive and dare-devil kid as a little Aries could actually be a child of yours! 

* You may despair of their inability ever to complete what they’ve started and tendency to rush in where angels fear to tread.  In turn though, especially as they grow older, junior will become increasingly exasperated by your ultra-cautious approach to life and the frustratingly long time it takes you to get things done. Quite clearly, a lot of tolerance and patience will be needed on both sides.

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of an Aries child, it’s just as well that your parenting style is strong on structure and discipline since these are the very things this free-spirited youngster will most benefit from in their upbringing. Although that’s not to say they won’t kick forcefully against them!

* As a Capricorn parent, you’ll do a great job of keeping a check on your Aries child’s reckless streak, teaching them always to think before they act, and helping them to develop more patience and staying power. But at the same time, they’ll help you to develop a little more spontaneity and enthusiasm for life. Parents can also learn a lot from their children! 

Capricorn Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Taurus child, it’s not hard to see the two of you are cut from the same cloth!

* Because you’re both Earth signs, you will find your Taurus child shares your commonsense, feet-on-the-ground outlook on life and admirably persevering approach to problem solving. Never quitting or giving up runs in the family! But also like you, this safety-conscious youngster can be rather overly cautious at times. Although it goes against your nature, encouraging them to take a few healthy little risks will be very good for them.

* Your Taurus child has also inherited your material ambitiousness and desire to be financially successful in life. What you haven’t passed on to them though (whether for good or for bad) is your strong work ethic. For Taurus pleasure always takes precedence over toil, while for Capricorn work comes before everything.

* If you’re a Capricorn mother, by running a calm and well organized household with regular mealtimes and bedtimes and no disruptive surprises, you’ll provide your young Bull with the solid foundation they need to develop strong self-esteem and emotional security.

* If you’re the Capricorn father of a Taurus child, perhaps you’ll help this easygoing youngster to overcome their lazy streak by teaching them they’ll never get rich without putting in a lot of effort. Or perhaps they’ll persuade you to slack off a bit and get more enjoyment out of life before it’s too late! A hedonistic Taurus child is the perfect antidote to an overly conscientious Capricorn parent!

Capricorn Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Gemini child, you’ll have to adjust some of your core beliefs and attitudes to do the best job of raising this freedom loving youngster!

* For you, being a good parent means maintaining a well structured, carefully organized routine because you believe this is what suits all children best. But Geminis are the exception to the rule! Because Gemini kids thrive best on variety, always doing things in the same old way is excruciatingly boring for them – and when they get bored, they can be incredibly mischievous!

* Don’t play the heavy-handed parent with your Gemini child! When you need to discipline them, do it with a touch of humor and avoid talking down to them. The more willing you are to treat them as a little adult (even if they don’t behave like one!), the more cooperative they’re going to be. The more you try to control them, the more they’re going to rebel.

* If you’re a Capricorn mother, you take your parenting responsibilities very seriously, and a little too seriously for your Gemini child. They don’t care a jot if you get some things badly wrong. Because what they want most from you is friendship, joy and laughter, by lightening up a bit you’ll make them love you much more.

* If you’re a Capricorn father, getting your Gemini child to fulfill the high aspirations you have for them to reach the top in life will be a big challenge. Because material rewards are less important in their eyes than having a good time, fun will always take precedence over ambition and hard work for them. 

Capricorn Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Cancer child, one of your main priorities will be to prepare them to fend successfully for themselves in life. However, this may be rather more challenging than you might imagine, since they will probably take longer to stand on their own two feet than you ever did.

* More than most other children, a little Cancerian needs a parent who will take their child rearing responsibilities exceptionally seriously – and in this regard you don’t disappoint. Nobody else goes to greater efforts to do the right thing by their kids. But what exactly is ‘the right thing’ in the case of your Cancer child?

* You understand that this unusually gentle kid requires your protection and as a pragmatic Earth sign, your first instinct is to provide amply for their material needs. But to feel well cared for, they also need your full emotional support and commitment. Without it they’ll always feel neglected in some way.

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Cancer child, your no-nonsense nurturing style will need softening up to be acceptable to this emotionally needy and affection-hungry kid. To prove to them you love them, tell them so every day and give them plenty of hugs and kisses.

* If you’re a Capricorn father, you understand why your little Cancerian is so shy and reticent, because you used to be just the same yourself. You also know from your own experience why it’s important to build their self-confidence. So don’t go over the top in warning them to ‘be careful’ and instead encourage them to ‘have a go’! 

Capricorn Parent - Leo Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Leo child, in many ways you’re the ideal person to help this ambitious youngster make a big success of their life. However you’ll need to avoid a few major pitfalls along the way!

* You’ll immediately notice your little Leo has inherited your aspirational nature. Like you, they’re strongly focused on reaching the heights in life, but they go about it in a very different way to you.

* As a down to earth Capricorn, you seek worldly success primarily for the material rewards it can bring you, while personal acclaim is relatively unimportant to you. But for your Leo child it’s the other way around. When they do something well they want everyone to know about it and they expect a huge round of applause. 

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Leo child, you’re not the type to make a big fuss of your kids’ achievements, since they’re no more than what you expect.  But in order to feel loved and valued, your Leo child needs an appreciative audience – and they want that audience to be you! 

* If you’re a Capricorn father, hard work is your personal mantra for success and in turn you’ll teach your little Lion that however great their talent, by itself it won’t be enough to propel them to the top. Encouraging them to put in the effort to cultivate and reap the fruits of their inborn gifts is the single best thing you can do to help them get on in life.

Capricorn Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Virgo child, you’ll be proud of this conscientious youngster’s strong work ethic, but you’ll need to be careful not to push them too hard.

* Because they’ve inherited your down to earth, highly responsible outlook on life, your Virgo child is unlikely to confront you with any unpleasant surprises during their upbringing. In fact they’ll probably be just as well behaved and hard working as you were at their age.

* Inevitably though, there’s also going to be an overdose of seriousness and dutifulness in your parent-child relationship. Trying too hard – in your case to be a good parent and in your little Virgo’s case to be a good child – could take a lot of the fun out of what should really be a very happy time for you both. Try to relax and lighten up a little Capricorn, and your Virgo child will follow suit.

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Virgo child, prudence is your common strength, but over-cautiousness is your shared weakness. Try not to affirm and strengthen this under-confident youngster’s fears and anxieties by telling them always to be careful. What they really need from you is encouragement to take a few sensible little risks.

* If you’re a Capricorn father you’re a hard task master to your kids and you expect them to live up to your high standards. But because your Virgo child is a compulsive perfectionist and their own hardest task master, any further pressure from dad will do far more harm than good.    

Capricorn Parent - Libra Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Libra child, you may find all that’s needed on your part is a small change of attitude to make raising this charming youngster very easy and enjoyable.

* If your child was going to take after you, you’d expect them to be serious, hard working and perhaps a bit of a loner. So it may come as a surprise to discover your cheerful little Libra is exceptionally laid back (aka rather lazy) and loves nothing better than being with people. So probably not like you at all!

* You’ll be proud of your Libra child’s outstanding social skills (not your strong point!) which you hope will help them to climb the ladder in life. But because they haven’t inherited your overriding ambitiousness, in their eyes career success will always come second to true love and friendship.

* If you’re a Capricorn mother, getting your kids to like you is less important to you than disciplining them when they’re stepping out of line. In contrast, pleasing you is this well meaning youngster’s top priority, and for this reason they’ll rarely be guilty of disobedience. So be generous to them with your praise and approval – they need it to be able to feel good about themselves.

* If you’re a Capricorn father, don’t expect your Libra child to be as independent and self-sufficient as you were at their age. Unlike you, they’re going to need a lot of hand-holding and it will take them rather longer than you – if ever – to learn to stand on their own feet.

Capricorn Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Scorpio child, you’ll recognize some of your finest qualities in this capable and courageous youngster. But there’s also another side to their personality that may seem quite alien to you.

* Just like you, your Scorpio child is destined to be one of life’s great survivors. No matter how daunting the challenges they’re faced with, they have the necessary grit and determination to successfully overcome them, however long it may take. Defeat isn’t a word you recognize in your family! 

* Disciplining your kids is important to you, but won’t be easy in the case of a Scorpio child. You can expect ongoing battles of will with this powerful youngster as they try to resist your authority and control. Thank goodness for your Capricorn patience – you’ll need a lot of it here!

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Scorpio child, just because they do a good job of putting on a brave face like you do, don’t assume they don’t feel things very deeply. Their self-control masks a highly sensitive nature, which you shouldn’t ignore if you want to establish a strong emotional bond with them.

* If you’re an ambitious Capricorn father, you’ll be relieved to discover your Scorpio child sets even higher standards for themselves, forever raising the bar higher and higher to prove their mettle – both to you and to themselves. With you urging them on from the sidelines, they’re capable of some extraordinary achievements. But bear in mind that, by constantly encouraging them to push themselves to the limit, you risk undermining their health and wellbeing.

Capricorn Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Sagittarius child, be prepared for a few challenges! Encouraging this liberty loving kid to live up to your high standards of diligence and responsibility will make some big demands on your patience.

* If you’re a typical Capricorn, you’re known for your strict self-discipline, but this probably isn’t a quality you’ve passed on to your Sagittarius child. Because freedom runs in their blood, they don’t have the same kind of self-control as you. This is a kid who will do what they like and say what they think regardless of the consequences.

* If you stick with your instinctive authoritarian parenting style, you’ll soon have a very rebellious youngster on your hands! Ironically, the only way to prevent your Sagittarius child from getting out of control, is to cut back on rules and must-do’s and allow them a decent amount of leeway. Because the harder you try to lay down the law, the more rebellious you’re going to make them.

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Sagittarius child, accepting you can’t always keep this risk-loving kid safe, and learning to worry less about what they’re getting up to when they’re out of sight, will be an educative experience for you. Try taking a leaf out of their book and cultivating a more philosophical attitude of ‘what will be, will be’.

* If you’re an archetypally ambitious Capricorn father, don’t expect your wild-child Sagittarius to follow a traditional, upwardly mobile path in life. Worldly achievement is far less important to them than living a life filled with fun, excitement and adventure.

Capricorn Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Capricorn child, you could be forgiven for thinking this kid is a little clone of yourself since they resemble you in so many ways.

* For you, having a Capricorn child is a training course in self-awareness because every quality – and failing – you recognize in this youngster is one that will also belong to you. If you’re full of admiration for their responsibility and strong work ethic, you’re effectively giving yourself a big pat on the back. If it sometimes bothers you that they’re overly cautious and pessimistic, then take a look in the mirror because others will see you that way too!  

* Maintaining discipline over your little Capricorn is the least of your worries in this unusually harmonious parent-child relationship, since they do a great job of disciplining themselves. What you need to be more concerned about is that they may actually be too rigidly self-controlled. By always putting on a brave face they’re trying to appear sensible and grown-up. But in reality they’re simply bottling up fears and resentments that could cause problems for them later down the line. 

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Capricorn child, be a role model to your child for effectively expressing – rather than suppressing – important emotions. 

* If you’re a Capricorn father, the good news is that your Capricorn child has inherited your worldly ambitiousness and determination to slowly work their way up to the top of the ladder. The bad news is that they may drive themselves far too hard in the effort to match your achievements, 

Capricorn Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Capricorn parent of an Aquarius child, you’re going to have to revise many of your most important values, especially those which might be considered rather overly conservative, if you want your relationship with this forward-thinking youngster to be a good one.

* Making long-term plans and bringing them to fulfillment is important to you, Capricorn. That’s fine, but don’t make the mistake of trying to impose them on your Aquarius child. Because their freedom is so important to them, they don’t want anyone – not even their parent – dictating how their life is going to be. Actually they’re so perverse that if you push them in one direction, they’ll deliberately go the opposite way!

* If you’re a typical Capricorn you tend to be relatively old-fashioned in your habits and beliefs. But your little Aquarius hasn’t inherited your traditional mindset. As soon as they start thinking for themselves (which is likely to happen at a precociously young age), they’ll throw buckets of scorn on your conservative ideas and ways of doing things. Better keep up with the times Capricorn, to appear cool and with-it to your Aquarius child. 

* If you’re a Capricorn mother, you’ve always hated drawing unwelcome attention to yourself. But you’ll have to get used to feeling regularly embarrassed by the outrageous antics of your non-conformist Aquarius child!

* If you’re a Capricorn father, avoid disciplining your Aquarius child too harshly. Getting them to obey your rules won’t be easy – but you’ll have more chance if you produce a convincing logical argument than just lay down the law. 

Capricorn Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Pisces child, your most important challenge will revolve around coming to terms with this youngster’s extreme sensitivity and unworldly outlook on life.

* Is your instinctive parenting style a fairly strict and authoritarian one? If so, as is quite likely if you’re a typical Capricorn, it’s going to need a few changes. Harsh punishments are deeply damaging to this kid’s fragile self-esteem. So to do a good job of raising your little Pisces, ‘spare the rod to save the child’.

* That’s not to say your head-in-the-clouds Pisces child won’t need a lot of strong anchoring to help keep their feet on the ground  – and as the most worldly-wise and practically minded of all the Star Signs, you’re the perfect person to provide it. 

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Pisces child, be aware that far from having inherited your emotional self-sufficiency, your little Fish is actually the most emotionally needy of all the Star Signs. So you’d better brush up on your empathy skills and even if you’re not a particularly touchy feely kind of person, don’t stint on the big hugs and cuddles.

* If you’re a Capricorn father, you may never succeed in making your Pisces child as ambitious as yourself. But what you can do is to create a solid sense of structure in their life that brings some order to their natural chaos. Ways to do this include ensuring they follow a regular, wholesome routine, and always being there to point them in the right direction whenever they lose their bearings.