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Pisces - Sagittarius Love Compatibility




Because Pisces and Sagittarius have so little in common personality-wise, their level of love compatibility depends entirely on the extent to which the two people can view their differences as interesting and stimulating – rather than as a source of ongoing irritation.


Traditionally this combination is considered to be quite difficult! When two people are born under conflicting elements – here Water and Fire – it can be hard for them to fully understand where one another are coming from and their level of love compatibility is likely to be quite poor. In reality, though, things aren't quite as difficult as they might appear. 

True, tensions can arise due to their contrasting ways of approaching things – normally quite confidently and directly when the Sun is in Sagittarius, but much more diffidently and evasively with a Piscean Sun.

Because Fire and Water have a natural tendency to extinguish each other, to be able to function harmoniously together, each has to avoid the tendency to cancel the other one out. The challenge for Sagittarius is, while firing its arrows far and wide, not to ride roughshod over Pisces’ sensitivity – while watery Pisces, with all its insecurities, must try not to dampen fiery Sagittarius’s natural optimism and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, Sagittarius and Pisces also have quite a lot in common. Respectively ruled, and co-ruled, by Jupiter – the planet of faith, hope and limitless possibilities – Sagittarius and Pisces are closely linked by their lofty ideals and common desire to make the world a better place.

Other signs may dismiss these two as impractical dreamers with a tendency to expect - and to promise - far more than is realistic or feasible. Okay, so Sagittarius-Pisces couples probably do go over the top with their big plans and grandiose fantasies - but they sure have a lot of fun together, chasing those beautiful rainbows!


The characteristic emotional patterns of Pisces and Sagittarius are certainly quite different!

Whereas Sagittarius is quite thick-skinned and never takes things too personally, Pisces is totally the opposite, being very easily hurt or offended. For this reason, straight-talking Sagittarius will need to be quite careful not to trample on Pisces’ delicate feelings.

Because Sagittarius is very upbeat and quickly shakes off problems and worries, it can’t readily identify with – and may be rather impatient with – Pisces’ moods and insecurities. Typically, Sagittarius will ignore, or try to explain away, or even make a joke of, emotional issues that Pisces takes deeply to heart.

Frequently this just adds to the Fish’s troubles by making it feel unheard and misunderstood. But in the best case scenario the happy-go-lucky Fire sign can help stop Pisces from drowning in its emotions by offering a more philosophical and light-hearted take on potentially upsetting situations.


Sexually Pisces and Sagittarius may seem somewhat mis-matched initially, with the shy and underconfident Fish feeling a bit overwhelmed by the passionate, self-assured Archer. Yet romantically, they also have a lot in common in that they're equally hard to pin down.

However much in love it may claim to be, slippery Pisces has always planned its escape route, while Sagittarius, with its incurable wanderlust, forever has one eye on the door. Because mutual commitment can be hard for these two star signs, they risk gradually drifting apart.


Because Sagittarius and Pisces both possess very active imaginations but neither tends to be very practically-minded, they spend a lot of time making big plans which have little chance of every coming to fruition. The problem with these two is that neither is good at accepting their own, or the other’s, limitations and they encourage each other to bite off a lot more than they can chew.

As a couple, their judgment tends to be quite poor, since by nature both are rather careless and sloppy-minded and neither is willing to give sufficient attention to checking vital details. When important decisions need to be made, they prefer to rely on their intuition and gut feelings, rather than logically analyze the pros and cons. Ideally, these two should seek the advice of a trusted and more grounded outsider before making any major commitments or signing on the dotted line.


When Pisces and Sagittarius fall out in a big way, it’s most likely to be over issues of truthfulness and morality. The evasive Water sign may be a little too ‘tricky’, too sneaky and too duplicitous at times for the high-principled Archer who is probably the most straightforward and honest of all the star signs.

Famous for their unwillingness ever to bend the truth – no matter how uncomfortable it may be for others to hear – Sagittarians take a very dim view of lies of all kinds, even those (as in Pisces’ case) that are designed to spare other people’s feelings or just the result of an overactive imagination. But to Pisces – the last sign ever to stand in judgement over others – preachy Sagittarius’s moral tub-thumping is quite simply a pain in the ass.