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The Leo Parent and their Children

* The reason why most Leos make such marvelous parents is that they approach the task of raising children with the same kind of passion, positivity and will to succeed they apply to all other areas of their life. As a result they're often quite pushy parents. While that is of great benefit to a child who shares their ambition and confidence, it can be too much pressure for one who is more diffident and retiring.

* A Leo parent’s strong sense of self-assurance also extends to an unshakeable belief in their children. A Leo parent is quick to recognize their kids’ talents and strengths, but slow to admit to, or do anything about, their weaknesses and failings.  Because in their eyes their offspring can do no wrong and deserve only the best, Leos are often guilty of ruinously spoiling their kids.

* An archetypal Leo parent will throw themselves into the ‘role’ of mother or father with all their usual dramatic flair, expressing their feelings, both the warm, loving ones and the furiously angry ones, in a particularly demonstrative way. No child will ever be in doubt about where their Leo parent is coming from!

* The Leo mother’s inborn need for personal recognition means she’s likely to expect a due degree of respect and gratitude from her children for everything she does for them (which admittedly is likely to be quite a lot). If her kids don’t treat her like a mother goddess, her wounded vanity can make her quite sulky and difficult at times. If you’re a Leo mother, putting your ego needs to one side for the good of your children is a key parenting challenge for you.

* The Leo father wants his kids to make him proud because, since he sees them as an extension of himself, both their successes and their failures will reflect on his reputation too. The main pitfall faced by Leo fathers lies in projecting their own unfulfilled life goals onto their children, at the expense of their true gifts and aspirations. If you’re a Leo father, beware living off your kids’ achievements and treating them as ‘trophy children’ you can show off to the world.

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Leo Parent - Aries Child

* As the Leo parent of an Aries child, yours is a fiery but also an especially warm-hearted relationship. Although sparks may frequently fly between you, the love and admiration you feel for each other will keep your bond forever strong and solid.

* Having a child born under the same Element as yourself – in this case Fire – makes parenting a lot easier because you recognize, and can easily relate to, their core energy – in this case their boundless enthusiasm and passion for life. 

* You will be proud that your Aries child has inherited your strong competitive spirit and you’ll be one hundred percent behind them in all their efforts to be number one among their peers. But what happens when they start competing with you for control of the household? 

* If you’re the Leo mother of an Aries child, your instinctively authoritarian parenting style will be severely challenged by your freedom loving little Aries, especially during their most rebellious phases of toddlerhood and adolescence. But you’ll never let their little tantrums get you down thanks to your sunny disposition and generosity of heart.

* If you’re a Leo father of an Aries son, unless you’re careful mutual rivalry risks souring your relationship over time. This highly assertive kid will be testing out their warrior energy on you and how you react is crucial. Fight back too hard and it will be constant battles. Give in too easily and they’ll lose all respect for you, as you will for yourself.

Leo Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Leo parent of a Taurus child, you have something of a power struggle on your hands, since this youngster’s determination and willpower are just as strong and unshakeable as your own!

* While you’re a passionate Fire sign, your Taurus child is a pragmatic Earth sign, so don’t expect them to approach life with the same sense of exuberance and adventurousness as yourself. Compared to you, this is a much more cautious and practically minded little creature.

* What you do have in common is that, both being born under Fixed signs, neither of you quit easily on the things or people that matter to you. You’ve passed onto your Taurus child your loyalty of spirit and your incredible sticking power. But alongside of this, also your unreasonable obstinacy!

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Taurus child, be prepared for ongoing battles of will as each of you challenges the other to be the first to give way or back down. Is forcing your child into submission worth all the sullen sulkiness and general lack of cooperation it’s likely to provoke on their part? That’s a question you’ll be frequently asking yourself!

* Every Leo father has a secret dream that his kid is destined for fame and fortune. In the case of a Taurus child that dream may be fulfilled in one sense but not in the other. Achieving material success and making lots of money is a key life aspiration of most little Bulls. But unlike you Leo, being the center of attention is their worst nightmare. 

Leo Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Leo parent of a Gemini child, you will be delighted to discover they have inherited your friendly, outgoing personality and your huge love of fun!

* If, like most Leos, you’re still a big kid at heart, you’ll have a great time playing with your little Gemini like two children together. But then what happens when they’re naughty and you need to show them who’s the adult? Being both a playmate and an effective parent to your Gemini child won’t be easy!

* If your Leonine ego would benefit from a bit of deflation, your irreverent Gemini child’s merciless teasing will do a good job of bringing you down a peg or two. No chance of taking yourself too seriously with this cheeky youngster around. They’ll giggle at your over-the-top dramatics and if you get too pompous they’ll put you smartly in your place.

* If you’re a Leo mother of a Gemini child, do them a favor by dropping the histrionics and showing them your steady side. Your dependability, stability and consistency are exactly what this excitable little livewire most needs to calm their high-strung nerves. 

* If you’re an ambitious Leo father, don’t worry, your Gemini child will make you proud eventually. But their dilettante approach to life means there’s likely to be a lot of chopping and changing of direction along the way. They may not have inherited your single-mindedness and famous sticking power, but that’s more than made up for by their amazing versatility.

Leo Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Leo parent of a Cancer child, don’t make the classic mistake of projecting your personal ambitions onto your offspring, as this youngster may be ill-equipped to fulfill them.

* While you’re one of the most confident and outgoing of all the Star Signs, your Cancer child is one of the shiest and most diffident. For this reason, pushing them out into the world when they’d rather just stay home would be as unkind as it is unhelpful. 

* It’s in your nature, Leo, to want to do be able to ‘fix’ everything for your kids, so it’s fitting that your Cancer child longs to be protected and is happy to let you look after everything for them. But is being a fixer parent really in this youngster’s best interests? Or is it just a way of taking away their independence while massaging your own ego?

* If you’re the Leo mother of a highly sensitive Cancer child, understanding their mood swings may give you a few headaches. Because they haven’t inherited your emotionally demonstrative personality, you’ll have to learn the art of intuitively sensing into their feelings, in the same way they can sense into yours.

* If you’re a Leo father, you’re a dynamic, go-getting role model, but one which your Cancer child may find hard to live up to. Seeing their name in lights isn’t important to them in the same way it is to you. A happy home and a loving family mean more to them than all the fame and glory in the world.

Leo Parent - Leo Child

* As the Leo parent of a Leo child, you’ll find it easy to understand where they’re coming from since you have so many personality traits in common and share a very similar outlook on life.

* Reinforcing your child’s self-belief and encouraging them to show off their talents comes naturally to you as a Leo parent. But while this approach brings out the best in most kids, in the case of a naturally confident and perhaps rather exhibitionist little Leo, it’s overkill and ultimately not in their best interests.

* If you’re overly attentive of your Leo child or praise them too much you risk inflating their ego to such an extent that they become insufferably big-headed. Pride is every Leo’s Achilles heel and needs to be balanced by a measure of modesty. Both through your teachings and through your own example, show your Leo child that boasting isn’t the done thing. 

* If you’re a Leo mother you quite naturally want your child to express their appreciation of you by telling you how wonderful you are. But because Leo kids are so wrapped up in themselves, they often forget to give others due recognition and need training to always say ‘thank you’.

* If you’re a Leo father, you’ll instinctively be in competition with your Leo child, especially your Leo son, for who is going to be top dog. So get it clear right from the start that it’s your authority, not theirs, that carries the most weight and you’re always going to be the alpha male in the family. 

Leo Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Leo parent of a Virgo child, you will need to accept that this youngster is quite different to yourself and will require some fundamental changes of attitude on your part.

* While you’re the epitome of self-confidence, your Virgo child personifies modesty and reserve. Herein lies the vast contrast between you and this youngster, which you’ll need to bear in mind in order to raise them successfully and make your relationship a happy and harmonious one.

* Simply remembering that they’re a feet-on-the-ground Earth sign while you’re a passionate Fire sign will go a long way towards helping you understand why your Virgo child doesn’t share your burning enthusiasms and approaches life in a much quieter and more sober way. If you sometimes see them as a wet blanket, in their eyes you’re often too much of a drama queen! 

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Virgo child, you can help them most by loving them for who they are and just leaving them be! Urging them to ‘cheer up’, and be more outgoing implies there’s something wrong with them and will only serve to further weaken their already fragile self-esteem. 

*If you’re a Leo father, you may long to drag your Virgo child out from the sidelines onto center stage, but might have to accept that their achievements will be a little more humble and a little less showy than you were hoping for. Okay, you may never see your Virgo child’s name in lights, but they’ll give you plenty to be proud of in their own way.

Leo Parent - Libra Child

* As the Leo parent of a Libra child, you may think you have the upper hand in this relationship, but in reality you couldn’t be more wrong!

* Like the proud Leo parent you are, you’ll love showing off your Libra child to all and sundry. Their dazzling charm, their cute good looks and their people pleasing manners will reflect well on you and everyone will know where they got them from!

* But although they may appear to be all sweetness and light, your Libra child is also a little player who instinctively knows how to schmooze you into giving them everything they want. Are you susceptible to flattery, Leo? If so this clever youngster will happily play on it in order to wrap you round their little finger!

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Libra child, you’ll need to learn to keep a check on your drama queen antics. When you throw a hissy fit you know it’s all hot air, but to your little Libra it’s very real and very scary. Because they’re so deeply sensitive to disharmony, they’re more easily upset than you might think from their perpetually smiley face. 

* If you’re a Leo father you’re faced with a parenting dilemma. On the one hand you want to be a fun dad and good friend to your kids, which is exactly what your Libra child wants most from you. But there’s another more authoritarian side to you that needs to be respected and obeyed and won’t be happy if you treat this youngster as too much of an equal.

Leo Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Leo parent of a Scorpio child, be prepared for a rather bumpy ride! Avoiding head-on clashes with this powerful youngster should be your main priority in this rather challenging relationship.

* Instinctively you sense you’ll need to tread carefully with your little Scorpio. There’s a mystique or secretiveness about them that makes it hard for you to know what they’re really feeling and they’re easily upset for reasons you can’t always understand. Clearly they haven’t inherited your openness, nor your perpetually sunny nature. On the other hand, their emotions are much deeper and richer than your own. 

* As two Fixed signs, your mutual stubbornness can result in tense, long-running stand-offs when both of you want your own way. It’s your Scorpio child, though, who will usually win out in the end: you’re no match for their stealthy, cleverly manipulative fighting style.

* If you’re a Leo mother, you will win your Scorpio child’s lifelong love and trust through your unwavering belief in them, come what may. Your outstanding loyalty and commitment are the most important qualities you have passed onto them. Despite your frequent emotional misunderstandings, both of you know you’ll never let the other one down.

* If you’re a Leo father, you’ll recognize your own strength of will in this highly determined youngster but in a more intense and inflexible form. If you play the paternal power card too often and too harshly, you’ll provoke a furious resentment in your Scorpio child that will be hard to heal. 

Leo Parent - Sagittarius Child

* A the Leo parent of a Sagittarius child, what’s special about your relationship is the rollicking sense of humor you share with this youngster and your similarly upbeat outlook on life.

* Freedom loving Sagittarius children need understanding parents who will take a light-hearted view of their naughty little escapades – and nobody fits the bill better than a super-indulgent Leo. Because they mirror your own joyful spirit of adventure, you won’t make a big deal of their occasional lapses of responsibility. But don’t make the mistake of going too easy on discipline.

* On the one hand, you want to encourage your little Sagittarius to be their own person (just like you). But you also realize that to do well in life in the way you want them to, they will have to be trained to obey certain rules. 

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Sagittarius child, you will enjoy a warmly affectionate and emotionally demonstrative relationship with this big-hearted youngster. True, their blunt outspokenness will sometimes hurt your vulnerable Leo pride and you won’t always get the maternal respect you believe you deserve. But that won’t do you any harm in the long run!

* If you’re a Leo father you always know best – and in particular you always know what’s best for your children’s future. But trying to map out a path to success for your little Sagittarius won’t work since they want to create their own path and choose their own options. This maverick youngster will insist on exploring the world for themselves, not under anyone else’s (even their Leo dad’s) guidance.

Leo Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Leo parent of a Capricorn child, you’ll find a lot to be proud of in this ambitious youngster, although some of their ways are very different to your own.

* In a Leo’s eyes, all their child’s little accomplishments, no matter how trivial, are ‘wonderful’ and a cause for huge celebration. But your Capricorn child is much too realistic and modest to accept praise they know they don’t really deserve. Make sure your compliments are truly meaningful, otherwise they’ll see them as just hot air.  

* ‘Less is more’ is a good mantra, Leo, when raising your Capricorn child. Go easy on the gifts and treats – they’ll value one quality item far more than a load of bargain basement stuff. Also don’t overdo your shows of affection, especially in public. Capricorn kids think of themselves as little grown-ups, so will be embarrassed if you hug and kiss them in front of their friends.

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Capricorn child, you may find their emotional restraint quite hard to relate to, but don’t take it too much to heart. Instead, do as they do and prove your love through your actions not just through your words. Being a responsible and conscientious parent is the best way to show them you care. 

* If you’re a typical Leo father with high aspirations for your kids, you’ll encourage this hard working, upwardly mobile youngster’s efforts to achieve worldly success. But at the same time you’ll teach them how to really enjoy the rewards of success just like you do, and make sure their life doesn’t become all work and no play.

Leo Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Leo parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll be forced to adopt a rather less me-centered and rather more egalitarian outlook on life if you want a harmonious relationship with the forward-thinking kid.

* Standing out from the crowd and being seen as ‘somebody special’ has always been important to you, Leo. But although your Aquarius child is definitely special, because they’re more of a team player than a ‘lone star’ they don’t need – or want – the same kind of personal recognition as you. 

* Although it goes against your nature, don’t make too much of a fuss of your Aquarius child, downplay the compliments, and avoid bragging to your friends about their talents and accomplishments. You believe lots of praise makes a kid feel good, but it’s more likely to make your little Aquarius feel rather uncomfortable. 

* If you’re the Leo mother of an Aquarius child, getting a strong emotional response from this cool-headed youngster won’t be easy! Because they haven’t inherited your warm and fiery passion, it takes an awful lot to get them excited about anything, no matter how enthusiastically you showcase it. Your Aquarius child’s emotional detachment is something you may find quite hard to come to terms with. 

* If you’re a Leo father, because you tend to see your kids as an extension of yourself, you take all their successes – and failures – extremely personally. Your brilliant but unconventional Aquarius child will give you plenty of reasons to feel proud, but at times their rebellious ways may also cause you some embarrassment! 

Leo Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Leo parent of a Pisces child, you’ll need to treat this wonderfully sensitive little soul very gently and caringly in order to bring out the best in them and encourage them to reach their full potential in life.

* Nobody believes in their kids as passionately as you, which is a marvellous thing for a little Pisces whose self-belief tends to be on the low side. Your unconditional Leo love and loyalty will do wonders in boosting their confidence and strengthening their fragile ego. But don’t put too much pressure on them to succeed, because if they can’t make it, they’ll hate themselves for disappointing you. 

* The two of you are quite different, of course. While you love being center stage, they prefer hanging out on the sidelines. While making a name for yourself is important to you, they’re happiest when they’re helping other people.  

* But one thing you have passed onto your little Pisces is your deep sense of wonder and excitement about life and your desire to make it a truly magical experience. Because you too are still a big kid at heart, you’ll love joining in their imaginative games and story telling. 

* If you’re a Leo mother or father, you hope your inborn energy and ambitiousness will inspire your kids to follow your example and aim for the top in life. However, this won’t be easy for your Pisces child. They simply don’t have the same kind of get-up-and-go as you, the same competitive instinct, or the same sense of certainty about where they’re headed.