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The Taurus Parent and their Children

* Throw out those parenting manuals, Taurus! As the most grounded and naturally nurturing of all the Star Signs, you’ll do a great job of raising your kids by just following your gut instincts.

* Nobody is more capable of producing physically healthy, emotionally stable and psychologically well adjusted children than a Taurus parent and the secret of their success lies in their traditional, hands-on approach. Taureans have no interest in progressive, ‘right-on’ parenting techniques, preferring to care for their youngsters in simple, time-honored ways. They know that a wholesome upbringing – based on nourishing, regular meals, plenty of fresh air, and a calm and happy domestic environment – is all a child needs to do well in life.

* But while Taureans are great at no-frills parenting, they’re not generally capable of any kind of deep psychological insights into what’s going on inside their children’s minds. They prefer not to get drawn into discussing controversial topics and are uncomfortable having to confront emotionally charged issues. Which is fine for a child who is as practically minded as they are, but a little frustrating for one who has more complex needs.

* The Taurus mother is an archetypal ‘Earth Mother’, who is perfectly suited by temperament and inclination to bringing up children in a loving and efficient way. Kind-hearted, affectionate and endlessly patient, one of your few weaknesses is your tendency to over-indulge your kids in the desire to make them happy. If like many Taureans you have a sense of ownership of your children, you can also be rather over-possessive at times.

* The Taurus father’s chief priority is providing well for his children’s material needs. At his best he is the epitome of the dependability, consistency and solid stability every kid needs to feel truly secure and well protected. Inevitably though, this is also coupled with a high degree of inflexibility and stubbornness which creates friction in his relationships with his children when they won’t do as he says.

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Taurus Parent - Aries Child

* As the Taurus parent of an Aries child, your practicality and stability are just what are needed to ensure this impressively energetic, strong-willed youngster stays safely in line!

* When there are major differences between a child’s personality and their parent’s it’s not always a problem – and sometimes actually a big blessing. Indeed a hyperactive kid like Aries often does best with a calm and steady Earth sign parent who will keep their impatient little feet firmly planted on the ground. 

* If you’re the Taurus mother of an Aries child you’re ideally suited to dealing with the little temper tantrums this youngster may be prone to both as a toddler and again during their teenage years. As one of the most tolerant of all Star Sign mothers, you’ll rarely lose your cool and will firmly stick to your guns, come what may. Your placid, laid-back Taurean temperament is the perfect antidote to your Aries child’s over-excitability.

* If you’re a Taurus father, teaching your child to responsibly handle the physical and material aspects of life will be particularly important in the case of your little Aries. Because their inborn impetuosity inclines them towards taking foolish risks that can easily end badly, they need your steadying presence to keep them on the right track.

* By nature a Taurus parent likes an unchanging household routine without any unwelcome surprises. In contrast an Aries child prefers to be spontaneous and live in the moment. Achieving some kind of workable compromise between these two extremes is the key to maintaining domestic harmony.

Taurus Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Taurus child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this sweet natured youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common.

* As a Taurus you attach a lot of importance to safety and security, to material comfort and pleasure, and to approaching life in a pragmatic and realistic way. Because your Taurus child has inherited these key values, you will rarely find yourself in serious conflict with them over their major life choices, even during their more challenging teenage years.

* But one other character trait you have passed onto your young Taurus, which isn’t so beneficial to your relationship, is your bull-headed obstinacy. This immovability does have its positive side in that it gives the two of you a very strong sense of family loyalty that nothing can ever destroy. But negatively it makes it hard for either of you to give way to the other in the case of disagreements. As the adult here, it’s up to you to set a good example and be more willing to back down and let go. 

* If you’re a Taurus mother, your inborn homemaking talents, especially your cooking skills, will make you very popular with your Taurus child. Good, filling, tasty food is perhaps the one most important thing that can make a Taurus kid’s childhood a happy and contented one!

*If you’re a Taurus father, you have an easy route to being remembered as a good dad by your delightfully money-conscious Taurus child. Be generous with their weekly allowance (although only when they’ve earned it!) and put aside a fat nest egg for their future. 

Taurus Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Gemini child, you will discover some important differences between the two of you that take some getting used to on your part!

* Because your Gemini child was born under the Sign of Duality, symbolized by the symbol of the Twins, there’s a fascinating unpredictability about them that means you never really know what they’re going to do next. For someone like you who hates change and surprises, this can be quite challenging at times. 

* But if you try looking at your parent-child relationship through your young Gemini’s eyes, you will realize that your Taurean stick-in-the-mud outlook will often be very frustrating to their non-stop desire to explore new things, meet new people and try a little bit of everything. While for them variety is the spice of life, for you it’s the complete reverse.

* If you’re a Taurus mother, your Earth Mother qualities may not be fully appreciated by your Gemini child, to whom good food and material comfort tend to be less important than quality of ideas and conversation. Even if you don’t always understand what they’re chattering on about, make the effort to listen and show you’re interested.

* If you’re a Taurus father, you may become concerned that your Gemini child’s dilettante, dabbling approach to life means they will never amount to anything of real substance or worth in the world. But there’s no shame in being a jack of all trades and a master of none, and for Geminis it’s often their best path to success and fulfillment. 

Taurus Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Cancer child, you are blessed with what is potentially one of the most affectionate and devoted of all family relationships!

* Although your Star Signs are different Elements – in your case practical Earth, in your child’s case emotional Water, they have actually inherited many wonderful qualities from you. 

* Your shared love of your home and strong sense of family loyalty will forever keep you close, long after your Cancer child has grown up and flown the nest. The unstinting patience and kindness you show your little Crab will never be forgotten, and when you’re old and infirm they will repay it by caring for you just as lovingly as you once cared for them when they were tiny and helpless.

* If you’re a Taurus mother or Taurus father, you’re perfectly suited to providing your touchingly vulnerable Cancer child with all the practical help and protection they need to grow up feeling safe and secure in the world. But because you’re less tuned into their emotional needs than their material needs, you may sometimes be at a loss as how to respond to their fears and worries when commonsense advice doesn’t work. 

* An excess of mutual attachment is your main Achilles heel. A misconception that your child ‘belongs’ to you can make you rather possessive and reluctant to let them go. Similarly, a Cancer child can be strangely obsessive about having their parent to themselves and not wanting to share them with anyone else.

Taurus Parent - Leo Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Leo child, you’ll be pleased to discover they share one of your finest qualities. This is a youngster who, like you, is capable of great devotion and loyalty to the ones they love. Never would they knowingly let you down, just as you will always do your best to stand by them.

* However the flip side of your steadfast natures is that you can both be extremely stubborn and lacking in flexibility at times. Since you’re the biggest culprit (and the adult) here, it’s up to you to set your kid a good example! 

* If you’re a Taurus mother, with your great sense of style you will excel in making your Leo child look their best and dressing them up in the beautiful clothes they love to show off in. You won’t stint on the hugs, kisses and cuddles either. But the one thing you may forget to give your Leo child is unconditional praise and recognition of all their little gifts and achievements. This is actually what this youngster wants most, and without which will feel unloved and neglected.

* Similarly, a Taurus father will have no objection to using his hard earned cash to fund his Leo child’s glittering ambitions, but only on the strict condition they’re practical and realistic ones and his financial investment won’t be wasted. 

* More than anything, a Taurus parent wants their child to achieve worldly success. But in their eyes that’s mainly about money in the bank which, unlike his Leo child, he considers more important than fame and glory. 

Taurus Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Virgo child, you’ll find you have so much in common, your relationship will for the main part be a very harmonious and fulfilling one.

* In your young Virgo you’ve been blessed with the child of your dreams – a well behaved, hardworking little model of perfection who will never embarrass you, let you down, or drive you to distraction, even during their teenage years. Too good to be true? Well, maybe!

* As in any parent-child relationship, there are a couple of points of contention, which in this case arise from the difference between your openly warm and affectionate nurturing style and your Virgo child’s rather cooler, more reserved, and at times surprisingly critical personality.

* If you’re a Taurus mother, don’t take it too personally if your little Virgo doesn’t respond as whole-heartedly to your hugs and cuddles as you might wish them to. Emotionally, this kid is precociously self-sufficient, and distinctly uncomfortable with gushing sentimentality. Also don’t assume their constant fault-finding means they don’t love you. It’s something they can’t help due to their perfectionist nature.

* If you’re a Taurus father, trying to buy your Virgo child’s affection by spending lavishly on gifts and presents for them won’t work. While they appreciate that you’re a wonderfully dependable provider, what they want most is more quality time with you, doing practical stuff like cooking, gardening, and making toy models together. These are the things that will create the strongest bond between you.

Taurus Parent - Libra Child

* As a Taurus parent of a Libra child, you are blessed with one of the most harmonious and close-knit of all family relationships!

* Stunning good looks, buckets of charm and to top it all a sweet loving nature. You have passed on all these enviable assets to your Libra child. Now your responsibility is to teach this kid to use them fairly and responsibly, rather than just to get what they want out of other people. 

* Has your Libra child also inherited your lazy streak? For sure, they’re likely to share your laid-back, easygoing outlook on life. Whether this also means they will try to get away with doing as little as possible depends on how good a role model you are for a strong work ethic. If you’re one of those Taureans who is prone to idleness and hedonism, your Libra child won’t hesitate to follow your example. 

* If you’re a Taurus father, to avoid your Libra child growing up expecting others always to provide for their needs, you’ll need to show them the importance of working hard in order to make money and get on in life. Make them earn their allowance by doing little jobs and don’t over-indulge them because they’re so adorable. 

* If you’re a Taurus mother of a Libra child, you’ll create a domestic haven of calm, beauty and tranquility in which this peace loving youngster can grow up with the reassuring sense that’s ‘all’s right with the world’ they need to feel emotionally secure and confident. What a lucky kid!

Taurus Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Scorpio child, you share a particularly close, yet at the same time a highly challenging relationship.

* An unusually high level of mutual attachment will create a powerful emotional bond between the two of you that will endure throughout your lives. But that doesn’t mean your interaction will be an easy one or that you won’t have a few tough battles along the way.

* The fact that your Star Signs are diametrically opposed to each other should go a long way towards explaining why you and your child often take a completely different stance on things. In addition, both being Fixed Signs, it’s clear neither of you can help digging in your heels in the case of disagreements. 

* If you’re the Taurus father of a Scorpio child, you will need to avoid getting into power games with this youngster, especially during their teenage years, due to your mutual stubbornness about each wanting your own way. If your Scorpio child experiences you as too controlling, they’ll immediately go on the defensive and no longer let you into their life.

* If you’re a Taurus mother, your warmly loving, eternally patient nurturing style
makes it relatively easier for you to come to a compromise with your strong-willed Scorpio child in the interests of their happiness. Your down to earth commonsense and calm steady temperament are the ideal antidote to this fascinating youngster’s highly complex emotional make-up. 

Taurus Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Sagittarius child, you’ll probably need to develop a lot of adaptability because this remarkably adventurous youngster’s ways and needs are very different to your own.

* You may not recognize a lot of yourself in your Sagittarius child, and especially not in their high-octane excitability. While you’re a very steady and self-controlled kind of person, it doesn’t take much to fire up your little Sagittarius into a state of wild exuberance. Maybe you will gradually be infected by their passionate enthusiasm. Or maybe you will never really understand it, however hard you try.

* Where did your Sagittarius child get their gambling instinct from? Well again, probably not from you! As one of the most risk-averse Star Signs in the Zodiac, you may be concerned to discover that this happy go lucky youngster gets a big thrill out of rolling the dice and taking chances in life – something you rarely do since you prefer the safe option.

* If you’re the Taurus mother of a Sagittarius child, your calm and placid temperament can help a great deal in keeping them on a more even keel and stop them from becoming overly boisterous and out of control. 

* If you’re a wisely cautious, financially astute Taurus father, you will train your Sagittarius child from an early age to treat money – and life – with proper respect and avoid foolish speculation. 

Taurus Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Capricorn child, it’s not hard for anyone to see the two of you are very much cut from the same cloth!

* Because you’re both Earth signs, you will find your Capricorn child has inherited your commonsense, feet-on-the-ground outlook on life and doggedly persevering approach to problem solving. Never quitting and never giving up runs in the family!

* If you’re a Taurus mother, by running a calm and well organized household with regular mealtimes and bedtimes and no disruptive surprises, you’ll provide your young Goat with exactly the right domestic environment for them to focus on their studies and do well at school. But if you’re wise, you’ll also ensure they take sufficient time off to get some enjoyment out of life. A pleasure loving Taurus mother is the perfect antidote to an overly conscientious Capricorn child’s ascetic streak. 

* If you’re a Taurus father of a Capricorn child, you’ll gladly fund them in the pursuit of their chosen career, because you trust they won’t waste your financial investment by screwing up due to too much partying. But heaven help them if they do!

* Although teaching your kids responsibility is one of your chief priorities as a Taurus parent, that won’t be necessary – or even desirable – in the case of your hard working young Capricorn. Allowing them to sometimes kick back and enjoy the sense of carefreeness all children are entitled to is much more in their best interests. 

Taurus Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Taurus parent of an Aquarius child, never forget that while you’re better with things than people, they’re much better with people than things. As an Air sign this youngster is more socially oriented than you. But as an Earth sign your take on life is much more practical and realistic. 

* As one of the most conventional of all parents, you’d probably prefer your child to turn out to be ultra normal. But the truth is your Aquarius child was put on this Earth to be different, not to go with the flow, and despite your best efforts to turn them into a mini-you, they’ll always be their own person.

* All teenagers rebel against all parents, but none more so than an adolescent Aquarius child of a Taurus parent. Accepting that fact, then shrugging your shoulders and making the best of things in your usual calm and commonsense way, will help to minimize conflicts and keep your relationship with your child on an even keel.

* If you’re the Taurus mother of an Aquarius child, be prepared for this youngster not to be such a touchy-feely or ‘huggy’ type of person as yourself. Their emotional detachment doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It’s just that expressing feelings is a lot less important to them than to you.

* If you’re a Taurus father, try not to get angry if your head-in-the-clouds Aquarius child rejects your solid material values in favor of a more risky and unorthodox life path. Instead, take a leaf out of their book and be prepared to ‘live and let live’.

Taurus Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Pisces child, your most important priority will be coming to terms with this touchingly vulnerable youngster’s extreme sensitivity.

* Don’t ever assume, Taurus, that your Pisces child is going to be a little clone of yourself, who looks at life in the same way as you and whose thoughts and feelings largely mirror your own. True, they have the same aura of gentleness and kindness about them, but these qualities run deeper in them than in you. Because you have a much tougher core than your soft-hearted Pisces child, you’re unlikely to put others’ needs before your own in the way that they often tend to do.

* The bottom line is that while you’re one of the most worldly wise and materially astute of all the Star Signs, this youngster is by far the least. While getting on in life and achieving financial security is an important priority for you, money matters much less to them and their ambitions are of a more creative and spiritual kind.

* If you’re the pragmatic Taurus father of an idealistic Pisces child, getting their head out of the clouds, tethering their feet to the ground, and teaching them the basic economics of survival will probably become your chief concern.

*If you’re a Taurus mother, be aware that showing your Pisces child you love them involves caring for their emotional, as well as their physical needs. They’ll enjoy your kisses and cuddles, but make sure they’re more than just skin deep.