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The Sagittarius Parent and their Children

* Because they fill their kids’ lives with so much joy, laughter and exuberant enthusiasm for life, Sagittarians make wonderful parents! A Sagittarius knows how to make just about anything good fun, and that includes bringing up children. Their outstanding optimism, which makes them largely immune to worries about what might go wrong, creates a happy atmosphere in the home and instils their offspring with lots of confidence. But if their laid-back attitude goes too far, they can be rather cavalier about their kids’ safety, and perhaps even a little neglectful.

* Giving their children a good, broad-based education is important to a Sagittarius, but their focus will be on teaching a youngster how to think for themselves rather than indoctrinating them with their own belief systems. An enlightened Sagittarius parent allows their kids the freedom to argue vigorously against their parents’ opinions and will never rebuke them for speaking their own mind.

* Sagittarian parents aren’t generally strict disciplinarians: they don’t want to cramp their kids’ style any more than they want their children to cramp theirs!  In many cases they’re happy to laugh off a youngster’s misbehavior, the one exception being if they’re guilty of cheating or lying. The one thing a Sagittarius won’t tolerate in their children is dishonesty.

* The Sagittarius mother who is typical of her Star Sign will take a bright and breezy approach to child rearing, encouraging her kids to be strong and courageous and follow in her footsteps by developing their independence at an early age. She’s unlikely to be a natural born nurturer, and although she expresses her affection for her children very warmly and demonstratively, she may be lacking in the high level of emotional empathy and understanding needed to form a close maternal bond with them.

* At his best, the Sagittarius father will awaken his child’s spirit of adventure, starting early on by reading them heroic tales of derring-do, and when they’re a little older by taking them on exciting trips and vacations. At his worst, his own love of adventure and personal desire for freedom may come before his responsibilities to his kids, preventing him from being there for them as much as he really needs to be.

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Sagittarius Parent - Aries Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of an Aries child, you’ll find your mutual love of freedom bonds you closely together. But it also carries the risk of driving you apart from each other over the course of time.

* From the minute they learn to stand on their own feet, you’ll be in no doubt that your Aries child has inherited your high energy and love of adventure. Like you, this little livewire can’t easily be restrained from getting into all sorts of mischief. Also like you, they’re not afraid to say exactly what they think, no holds barred. 

* As a huge advocate of personal freedom, it’s hard for you also to be a tough disciplinarian. But you will need to set some sensible boundaries for this headstrong youngster very early on, not only to ensure their safety but also to prevent them from running wild during their teenage years. 

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of an Aries child, your mutual restlessness makes it difficult for you to forge a strong emotional bond. If you’re not around much when they’re little, your independent Aries child will grow up not really needing you. Then when they’re older and always doing their own thing, you can’t complain you don’t see enough of them.

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, your reluctance to be tied down by your kids is offset by the huge amount of fun you’ll get from exploring the world with your Aries child. You’ll enjoy competing with each other in high-action sports and games. But you’ll teach them always to play fair and be a graceful loser, with no temper tantrums! 

Sagittarius Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Taurus child, you may find the differences in your personalities a little irritating. But eventually you will come to see them as a major blessing!

* Finding any kind of similarities between yourself and your Taurus child won’t be easy. As probably the most cautious and risk-averse of all the Star Signs, they certainly haven’t inherited your adventurous spirit. Gambling runs in your blood but it’s your Taurus child’s worst nightmare and they’ll never forgive you if you wager away their inheritance!

* At times you may wish your young Taurus was a little more lively and daring. But as the years go by you’ll appreciate their calm, solid, rock-like presence in your life which keeps your feet on the ground and stops you from behaving too recklessly.  

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Taurus child, you’ll have to be prepared to cut down on your freewheeling lifestyle to give this traditionally minded youngster the regular routines that are so important for their emotional security. While you enjoy spontaneity, they hate unexpected changes and while you thrive on excitement they prefer peace and quiet. Dependability and stability are what they’re most looking for in a mother.

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you won’t be top dad in your Taurus child’s book unless you take your parenting responsibilities very seriously. However much fun you may be when you’re around, they won’t be happy if you’re mainly absent or you can’t put enough food on the table.

Sagittarius Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Gemini child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common and share a very similar outlook on life.

* Just like you, your Gemini child wants to be free to explore the world for themselves without having to be constantly told what to do. Thankfully your hands-off parenting style and willingness to let your kids define their own boundaries means they’ll never feel unreasonably hemmed in or tied down.

* You’ll soon discover this super-smart youngster has inherited your love of learning, but while you travel far and wide in search of knowledge, they get all the information they need much closer to home through talking to people around them.

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Gemini child, it’s a happy coincidence that they dislike sentimentality and mushiness just as much as you do. Because you’re both equally uncomfortable talking about feelings, yours may well be a relatively emotionally detached parent-child relationship. But it will also be a highly compatible one. 

* If you’re the Sagittarius father of a Gemini child, you’ll soon discover they haven’t inherited your talent for plain speaking. In fact they’re brilliant at wrapping up the truth in jokes, riddles and witty wisecracks that may have you splitting your sides with laughter but offend your need for integrity. Although you’ll allow this freedom loving kid plenty of leeway, dishonesty is the one thing you won’t tolerate.

Sagittarius Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Cancer child, the first thing to understand is that they’re cut from a rather different cloth to yourself. While you’ve always been very adventurous by nature, your little Crab is an exceptionally cautious creature who will take a long time to stand on their own feet.

* Being a wanderer at heart, having a secure domestic base may never have been a top priority for you. But for your Cancer child it’s quite the opposite. Putting down firm roots is essential for their psychological wellbeing and they hate straying too far from home.

* Creating a happy and stable family life for your Cancer child is your key parenting responsibility Sagittarius, but one that may not come easily to you. If you thought raising kids wouldn’t involve giving up your freedom, think again. Because a little Cancerian is among the most needy and vulnerable of all children, part time parenting doesn’t suit them at all.

* As the bright and breezy Sagittarius mother of sensitive Cancer child, you typically cope with their emotional ups and downs by cheering them up and making them laugh. But unless you’re also able to show a little tenderness and empathy, they’re likely to feel rather short-changed on motherly caring.  

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, be aware that your Cancer child requires far more hand-holding and protection than you have ever personally needed. Don’t try to embolden them by throwing them in at the deep end or they’ll end up drowning.  You have to help them take baby steps towards developing more personal strength and courage.

Sagittarius Parent - Leo Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Leo child, you share a strong family bond of positivity, enthusiasm and humor which should make your relationship a particularly happy one, while compensating for some of the changes in your life you may need to make along the way.

* Your Leo child is a talented, entertaining and charismatic kid – but also exceptionally demanding! Little Leos require constant parental attention to build the strong self-esteem necessary for them to shine their light in the way they are destined to do. That won’t be possible though, unless you’re prepared to give up some of your personal freedom. 

* You’re proud of your Leo child’s dazzling confidence which you rightly assume they have inherited from you. You don’t want them to get too big for their boots though, because you hate any kind of pretentiousness. So if they’re too cocky and boastful, you won’t hesitate to put them in their place with a few of the bluntly outspoken put-downs that nobody does better than you.

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Leo child, yours is a warmly affectionate relationship based on lots of fun and laughter. But that doesn’t mean you can get away with part-time mothering. Unless you make your little Leo believe they’re the most important thing in your life, they’re going to end up feeling maternally short-changed. 

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you may wrongly assume your jovial Leo child is just as emotionally robust and thick-skinned as you are. But actually they have quite a fragile ego, so don’t make jokes at their expense or you’ll cruelly wound their vulnerable pride.

Sagittarius Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Virgo child, you’re going to have to raise your standards a little to live up to this exacting youngster’s high expectations!

* A Virgo child wants the kind of parent who gets all the little things right. They want regular routines when it comes to mealtimes and bedtimes. They want to grow up in an orderly, well kept house, and they like to have clean clothes to put on every day. Now you, of course, are someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff. So either you’re going to have to polish up your act, or your little Virgo will end up feeling let down.

* You may sometimes wonder where your Virgo child’s perfectionist nature came from since they obviously didn’t inherit it from you! You believe life is too short to miss out on all the fun obsessing about details and working your fingers to the bone. 

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Virgo child, your easygoing, jovial personality  
will help this anxiety-prone youngster to stop worrying so much about making mistakes and learn to see the funny side when things go wrong. You’ll encourage them to relax more and stop beating themselves up because they didn’t quite make the grade.

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you’ll be proud of your Virgo child’s sharp intellect – one thing they definitely have acquired from you. Inevitably though, the two of you will have a lot of verbal sparring matches, since they’re just as critical as you are bluntly outspoken. These could get very interesting when they reach their teenage years! 

Sagittarius Parent - Libra Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Libra child, yours is a particularly happy and harmonious relationship, based on mutual trust and fair-mindedness.

* Justice runs in the family! If you’re typical of your Star Sign, making your kids accountable for their misbehavior and meting out an appropriate punishment is important to you. In turn, your Libra child is always ready to hold their hand up when they’ve done wrong, and take the wrap. What they really hate though, is being unfairly held responsible for something that wasn’t their fault. For this reason, when you have occasion to reprimand your Libra child, always give them a credible and convincing justification.

* You’re not the kind of person who cares much what other people think, but your Libra child hasn’t inherited your maverick spirit. Because keeping up appearances is very important to them, they’ll be deeply embarrassed by your Sagittarian blunt outspokenness. So better mind your manners!

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Libra child, their desire for constant companionship may cut into the me-time you have previously enjoyed doing your own thing. Being their best friend probably isn’t something you bargained for. For a Sagittarius, being a full time parent is a big enough ask! 

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you’ll be proud of your Libra child’s inborn moral integrity and desire always to do the right thing. So don’t read them the riot act when they occasionally slip up and don’t shout too loud. Pleasing you is their chief priority in life and your fiery anger is something they find very hard to bear.

Sagittarius Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Scorpio child, you may find you have to step out of your comfort zone to give this complex youngster the kind of upbringing that will be best for them.

* How will your Scorpio child respond to your typically hands-off parenting style? Well they’ll certainly appreciate the fact you allow them some privacy and aren’t micro-managing everything they do. But paradoxically if you’re not totally involved in their life, they may doubt your love and commitment. If you weren’t previously aware Scorpio is a very complex Star Sign, you will be now!

* Sagittarius parents aren’t strong disciplinarians, which can be a disadvantage in the case of a strong-willed child like a little Scorpio who loves challenging their parents’ authority to try to get the upper hand. If you fail to take their misbehavior seriously, they’ll see it as a sign of weakness on your part and end up walking all over you, 
* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Scorpio child, emotionally you may find them quite difficult to understand. Certainly, they haven’t inherited your easygoing, bright and breezy temperament. They feel things much more deeply and intensely than you, but because they prefer to keep their troubles to themselves, you’ll have a hard time working out why they’re sometimes so withdrawn and moody.

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you’re a wonderful role model for a sporting, fair-minded outlook on life – a quality your Scorpio child would do well to develop. You’ll teach them the art of losing gracefully in life, and how to forgive and forget instead of endlessly holding onto hurts and grievances. 

Sagittarius Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Sagittarius child, you’ll find you’re very much two of a kind! While this means both of you readily understand where the other is coming from, it also creates some possible problems you’ll need to take into account in raising this adventurous, freedom loving youngster.

* Your little Sagittarius was born with a burning compulsion always to tell the unadorned truth – a trait further reinforced in them every day by observing you fearlessly speaking your own mind. Certainly, you’ll always know where you stand with each other. But when your home truths cut too deep, sparks will fly!

* Because they share your maverick outlook on life, your Sagittarius child isn’t afraid to disobey orders when freedom calls. Maybe you’ll turn a bind eye when they break the house rules. But if they’re also misbehaving at school, you’ll need to step up and play the hated role of strict disciplinarian. 

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Sagittarius child, giving them a good moral education is important to you. But this isn’t a kid who actually needs to be taught the difference between right and wrong. Even when tiny they have their own inborn philosophy of life and a wisdom that belies their years. 

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you’re not a stay-home kind of dad, but that’s okay if you take your Sagittarius child with you on your travels and adventures. It’s your job to show them how to have fun exploring the world, even if initially that’s just a trip to the park. The key thing is to get them out of the house: being cooped up brings out their naughty side!

Sagittarius Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Capricorn child, you may have to curtail your adventurous, freedom-loving lifestyle in order to fulfill the high level of responsibility this serious youngster is likely to expect from you.

* It may come as a surprise to you that your little Capricorn seems so mature for their young years. Especially as you’re still a big kid at heart! In fact as the years go by, you may sometimes get the feeling they’re the responsible adult in this relationship, while you’re the happy-go-lucky child.

* You’ve always looked at life as a fantastically exciting adventure with endless horizons and unlimited opportunities. But for your little Goat it’s quite a hard, uphill struggle beset with obstacles and challenges that have to be overcome on the road to the success.

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Capricorn child, your light-hearted, fun loving outlook on life can help lift some of the heavy weight from their young shoulders and put a smile on their little face. When they’re complaining their glass is half empty, you’ll convince them it’s half full. When they’re working too hard, you’ll remind them achievement comes second to health and happiness. 

* If you’re a freedom loving Sagittarius father, you won’t win any prizes for top dad if you allow your desire for personal independence to take priority over your duties to your family. More than most kids, a Capricorn child looks to their father to give their life a sound sense of structure and stability, and without it they’ll feel he’s let them down. 

Sagittarius Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of an Aquarius child, your hands-off parenting style is ideally suited to this freedom loving kid. Similarly, you couldn’t have wished for a youngster who fitted in better with your maverick approach to life.

* The responsibilities of parenting don’t sit well with Sagittarians, so it’s good that your little Aquarius won’t make too many demands on you. Independent and self-sufficient from a very early age, they’ll spend just as much time doing their own thing as you do. Fortunately, because neither of you are very family oriented, you won’t miss each other’s company too much. 

* It’s convenient that your parenting style isn’t a strictly authoritarian one, since your Aquarius child has a rebellious spirit that is easily provoked by being constantly told what to do. Of course, you’d love to be able to give them the open boundaries that mean so much to you. But you know it’s your moral duty to teach them where to draw the line. 

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of an Aquarius child, you’ll be relieved that your little Aquarius doesn’t require a lot of intensive nurturing – which isn’t your strongest point. Since they’ve inherited your emotional detachment, you’ll never find them a clingy child (your pet hate). In turn you won’t subject them to smother love (their worst nightmare).

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you’ll find your relationship with your Aquarius child really comes into its own when they’re a little older and able to debate philosophical and political issues with you. It’s then that you’ll discover the amazing mental rapport that makes sharing ideas with each other so enjoyable.

Sagittarius Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Pisces child, you may have to develop some parenting techniques that don’t come very naturally to you, because this sensitive youngster’s personality is in many ways the opposite to your own.

* What happens when you match an outspoken, fairly thick-skinned Sagittarius parent with a shy and easily hurt Pisces child? Well, either the parent will have to learn to think more carefully before they speak, or the child will have to learn to toughen up. In this case, probably a little bit of each.

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Pisces child, you may not be a natural born nurturer and therefore not ideally suited to raising a kid who needs more maternal caring and support than most. Your unsentimental, bright and breezy mothering style will need softening a little, and you’ll need to show more patience and empathy in responding to their worries and concerns. 

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you can’t afford to neglect your paternal responsibilities to your Pisces child, because unless you keep a close eye on them they’re at risk of losing their way in the big bad world. 

* Nobody’s asking you to be a strict disciplinarian, since that’s a role that doesn’t come easily to you. What you can do though, is teach them the moral guidelines so important to you, and pass on the vast array of wisdom you’ve learned from your lessons in the university of life.