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Cassandra Cassandra

The Cassandra

Unlock the secret knowledge that will keep your partner’s passion burning brightly throughout the coming year – come what may!

Discover the right moments to make them fall more deeply in love with you. Find out, too, when they are most likely to cheat!

Stay one step ahead of your lover’s evolving moods and desires to make the very best of the good times ahead, while also preparing for potential trouble spots!
Cassandra About 'Cassandra'

Put yourself in the driving seat in your relationship by familiarizing yourself with the key romantic trends affecting your partner over the next 12 months! Discovering the nature and timing of the major astrological influences occurring in their birth chart – and learning how to handle them most effectively – could prove crucial in terms of preserving their love for you, and getting the very best out of your relationship.

Maybe you’ve just met someone wonderful and want to encourage your love affair to blossom and grow. Or perhaps yours is a longer-term relationship that’s running into trouble and now needs a helping hand. In either case, knowing how to respond appropriately to your partner’s changing needs and desires is the vital key to making them fall more deeply in love with you – or ending up driving them away!

Don’t get caught out by unexpected surprises further down the line! Empower yourself now by wising up to your partner’s true love nature through the insights only astrology has to offer. Take an intimate guided tour of their heart, mind and soul that will help you to understand them in ways that you never imagined possible - and could miraculously shift your relationship onto a much closer and deeper level.

The Cassandra Report is a 12 month romantic forecast for your partner, based on their full birth data, and available both for known and unknown birth times. Written specifically with you in mind, it contains valuable insights and warnings that could spell make or break for your relationship. Ignore them at your peril!