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General Questions

How do I get astrology reports from AstroReveal?

AstroReveal offers you three kinds of different astrology reports: 1)Free Star Sign Reports. 2)Free Short Personalized Reports (based on your exact birth data) available when you register for free 3 month (90 days) membership. 3)In addition we have a unique selection of premium in-depth reports available to purchase on an individual basis.

What are your astrological reports based on?

AstroReveal astrology reports and predictions are based on a sophisticated analysis of our customers' (and their partners') full birth charts, taking into account many hundreds of complex variables. This is 'real' astrology at a price you can afford!

Can I save my reports?

You can access any report for any buddy listed in your Profile Center at any time during your membership period. Before deleting a buddy, you may wish to copy and save the relevant reports.

When I registered my Membership, I entered the wrong time of birth for myself. Can I change it?

Yes, you can! First sign in, then go to your Profile Center where you will find the option to change your time of birth. Note, however, that you can't change your date or year of birth.

I'm living in a different time zone to the place I was born. Will this affect my reports and forecasts?

It has no effect on your relationship reports or your individual profile. However, it could affect the timing accuracy of your personalized forecasts. For this reason, we ask you to confirm your place of residence the first time you sign in as a member. If you move to a different time zone during the period of your membership, you can change your place of residence in your Profile Center. We will then recalculate your forecasts based on your new time zone.

What do you do with my personal data? Will my email address be passed on to anyone else?

We use your personal data (including your email address) solely to provide you with astrological reports and never disclose it to third parties without your consent. See our PRIVACY POLICY for further information. Please note we do not have access to any of your payment details since they are processed directly by PayPal.

How do I contact AstroReveal?

Please use our Contact Center (you will find the link in the page footers).

How do I change my password?

Go to your Profile Center and follow the link for changing your password.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you are able to correctly answer your security question, your password reminder will be sent to you automatically. If you have also forgotten the answer to your security question, you will need to contact us via the Contact Center, requesting us to send you a password reminder. Please include your full name, and your date and place of birth, so we can identify you. NB For your personal security, do NOT send us credit/debit card numbers.

I'd like to use one of your articles on my website.

All the features and articles on AstroReveal are the legal copyright of AstroReveal Ltd. However, we sometimes allow extracts from our articles if certain conditions are met. Please contact us via our Contact Center under Business Opportunities, indicating which article you are interested in and where you wish it to appear. Note that using any of our material without our prior permission is strictly prohibited.

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What is astrology?

The study of how the positions and movements of the planets influence human behavior.

Can astrology predict the future?

Astrology is useful for forecasting future trends, i.e. the kinds of energies which influence us at particular times, and the specific options these open up for us. Ultimately, however, every individual retains the freewill to make their own decisions within the framework of their 'destiny'.

Can astrology help me to find the right partner?

Astrology throws useful light on our potential compatibility with specific individuals. It can also help us to choose the best times for starting or furthering relationships.

What is a birth chart or natal chart?

A birth/natal chart is a circular map depicting the arrangement of the planets, against the backdrop of the Zodiac, calculated for the time and place of our birth. Our natal chart can be considered as a blueprint of our life potential. To trigger it into action, it needs the stimulus of transits.

What is a 'transit'?

In astrology, the term 'transit' refers to the movement of one of the ten planets (including the Sun and Moon) over key features of our birth chart, the energizing influence of which brings these to manifestation at specific times in our lives.

What is the meaning of terms such as 'conjunct', 'trine', 'square' and 'opposition' as used in the reports and predictions?

These are terms used to denote the angular relationships or 'aspects' between planets, either natally or by transit. Depending on their intrinsic meaning, their effects will be relatively more favorable or unfavorable.

I was born on the 'cusp' of two star signs. How do I know which sign I am?

Because the dates and times when the Sun changes sign vary from year to year, it's necessary to calculate your full birth chart in order to be certain. When you personalize with AstroReveal you will find your accurate star sign in your Individual Love Profile.

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Memberships and Payments

What happens after I have registered for free membership?

Once you have entered your birth data, there will be a short wait while we calculate your personalized reports and forecasts. Then you will enjoy immediate access to our full range of Short Personalized reports for the duration of your 3 month free membership.

Will you automatically renew my membership?

No. AstroReveal does not automatically renew your membership when it runs out. It is your responsibility to renew your membership. When your membership expires, you will be invited to renew when you try to sign in. It's up to you whether you choose to renew or not.

How many relationships/partners can I check out during my membership?

As many as you like! Store up to 5 'buddies' simultaneously in your Profile Center, then delete one or more from your buddy list in order to add new ones.

Why does my membership period end slightly earlier than the 3 months stated?

As shown on the 'Personalize With AstroReveal' page, a 3 month membership comprises 90 days.

What forms of payment do you accept for report orders?

All payments to AstroReveal are processed securely by PayPal, the safe and easy web payment gateway. You can pay by credit card, debit card or through your PayPal account if you have one.

How do I contact you in the event of a problem occurring with my payment for a Report?

Please use the Contact Center (you will find the link in the page footers).

Do you offer refunds?

Since we provide full samples of all our reports, we do not normally offer refunds. If you receive the wrong report, or if it is defective or incomplete, please notify us immediately and, if reasonably possible, we will replace it.

Will my payment details be secure?

Yes. We use PayPal, one of the most secure payment systems in the world. Please note AstroReveal does not have access to any of your payment details since they are processed directly by Paypal.

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Registration Queries

How can I find out my birth time?

Your time of birth will usually be entered on your birth certificate. If not, ask your mother or a close family relative. For a more detailed guide, go to HOW TO OBTAIN BIRTH DATA.

How do I find out my date's birth information?

It's best to ask them directly, stating that you're interested in astrology. For more subtle ways of finding out this information, see our guide HOW TO OBTAIN BIRTH DATA.

How important is it for a birth time to be accurate?

In general, the more accurate the birth time, the more accurate the astrological reading. However, even an approximate birth time will give excellent results. If you have no idea what time you (or a buddy) were born, it's not a big deal. You should still find our reports and predictions to be insightful and helpful.

When entering birth times, which time standard should I use?

Use the local time. We make all the necessary adjustments.

I made a mistake when entering my birth data. Can I correct it?

To correct your time of birth, after signing in please go to your Profile Centre where you will find an option to change your birth time. However, you can't change your date or year of birth unless you apply for a new membership.

Why isn't my place of birth recognized by the program?

It may be too small to be listed in our Atlas. Just enter the nearest big town instead.

When entering buddy information, why do I have to state their gender?

This is needed for the correct wording of your buddy reports.

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