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What's Your Star Sign and What's its TRUE Meaning?

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What is a Star Sign?

Your Star Sign (also known as your Sun Sign) is determined by the sector of the Zodiac where the Sun was located when you were born. So if, for example, you were born in the part of the year when the Sun was passing through the Zodiac Sign of Aries, your Star Sign is Aries, and so on.

Why is Your Star Sign Important?

Located at the very heart of our Solar System, the Sun has a more powerful effect on the human psyche than any other stellar body. At the moment you drew your first breath, it impressed you with an individual personality blueprint which will influence you throughout your life.

For this reason, knowing your Star Sign is a helpful basic guide to understanding yourself better in terms of your personal gifts and challenges, as well as the key issues you are likely to encounter in your relationships.