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Pisces - Pisces Love Compatibility




Because a Pisces-Pisces couple will constantly see their personality traits mirrored in each other, their level of love compatibility, and thus the success of their relationship, depends quite simply on how acceptant or judgmental each person is of their own faults – and thus also of their partner’s failings.


Traditionally the combination of Pisces and Pisces is considered to have the potential either to be really good – or incredibly bad – in terms of love compatibility! When two people are born under the same Star Sign, they certainly understand where one another are coming from and can share a lot of empathy. But the risk is they will sometimes identify a little too strongly with each other, making it hard for each to be their own person.

There’s the possibility of magnifying each other’s weak points, in the case of Pisces and Pisces, both people’s extreme sensitivity and tendency to be unreasonably moody at times.

Two Pisces’ in close proximity will often exacerbate each others' feelings of hurt, guilt and disillusionment – the usual Piscean emotional baggage! – setting each other on a downstream spiral of depression. And because neither is particularly good at facing reality, mutual confusion and duplicity can be an ongoing problem.

By the same token of course, a Pisces-Pisces couple are also capable of intensifying one another’s strong points, enhancing and enriching each other’s vivid imagination, and bringing out each other’s creative talents. This positive synergistic effect can be very exciting, enabling two Pisces’ to interact in a highly intuitive way, especially on any kind of artistic or altruistic project.


The emotional rapport between a Pisces-Pisces couple is so powerfully intuitive (especially if they’ve been together for some time) that they have the ability to pick up on each others’ moods and feelings without the need for any words to be spoken. This telepathic link is actually so all-consuming that it can sometimes be hard for two Pisces’ to know where their own feelings end and their partner’s begin.

Although incredibly romantic and ‘spiritual’, this also creates problems for a Pisces-Pisces couple, especially where negative emotions are concerned. Taking on their loved one’s problems and pain to an excessive extent can cause a lot of unnecessary heartache and worry for both people – and in extreme cases, issues of co-dependency.

On ‘psychic off-days’ it’s also only too easy for a Pisces-Pisces couple to get their wires badly crossed by projecting their own feelings onto their partner, and getting totally the wrong end of the stick. Maintaining strict personal boundaries will be very important for a Pisces-Pisces couple if they are to avoid drowning in each others’ emotions.


Sex between two Pisceans is likely to be gentle, tender and incredibly romantic – in a sweetly old-fashioned, hearts and flowers kind of way!

Okay, so shyness and hyper-sensitivity to each others' feelings may mean they tread a little too carefully around each other at first. But once they've overcome their insecurities, a Pisces-Pisces couple potentially have a ticket to heaven: a powerful psychic connection and a mutual quest for spiritual at-oneness that can lead them to the heights of sexual ecstasy!


Because mentally this couple are generally on the same page, both tend to feel comfortable with the way the other’s mind works and how they put their thoughts into words. In fact, their conversation styles seem so familiar to each other, these two often feel like they are talking to themselves!

But at the same time, a double dose of woolly-mindedness and a tendency to whip up each other’s fears and anxieties can get in the way of effective decision making and means it’s hard for two Pisceans to make much progress when pressing problems need to be solved.


Pisces-Pisces can be the most beautiful and spiritually uplifting of all relationships – but equally the most mutually destructive!

On the one hand, a Pisces-Pisces couple can inspire each other into wonderfully altruistic acts of kindness, compassion and self-sacrifice. But because Pisces tends to be the most impressionable and gullible of all the star signs, two Pisceans have an above average chance of being deceived, conned or unfairly taken advantage of – both by outsiders and by one another. A Pisces-Pisces couple can be very slippery and evasive around each other, and mutual honesty doesn’t come easily to these two.

Keeping their feet on the ground and coping with practical realities can be extraordinarily hard for a Pisces-Pisces couple. Too much emphasis on escapism in this relationship – living in a fantasy world, chasing impossible rainbows, over-indulging in potentially addictive habits and substances – can cause two Pisces’ to foolishly neglect the nitty-gritty details of their everyday lives.

At least one member of any Pisces-Pisces couple has to be willing to channel some major effort into taking care of the mundane responsibilities, if both people are to stay solvent, healthy and sane.