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Pisces - Leo Love Compatibility




Pisces and Leo may not be the best ever Star Sign pairing! But they’re a great example of an apparently mismatched couple who – with a little mutual give and take – can actually thrive on their differences and achieve a good level of love compatibility.


As far as love compatibility is concerned, some people see this as one of the more challenging Star Sign combinations, with one sign – Pisces – ruled by the element of Water and the other – Leo – ruled by the conflicting element of Fire. In reality though, things aren’t necessarily as difficult as they might initially appear!

True, a fundamentally different approach to life – self-confident, authoritative and fiercely ambitious in the case of Leo – self-deprecating, easy-going and perhaps a little unworldly in the case of Pisces – can give rise to disagreements and a certain amount of mutual criticism.

In a long-term relationship, high achieving Leo may come to dismiss the Fish as an impractical dreamer, while Pisces may start to feel suffocated by the Lion's uncontainable ego.

But if each accepts they have much to learn and benefit from the other, they can cooperate very successfully, in particular on any kind of creative or artistic project.

With Leo's help, Pisces can develop a greater sense of self-esteem and achieve more recognition for its talents – while Pisces can teach Leo to get more in touch with its imagination. And because both these signs never seem to lose their child-like love of play and fantasy, together they throw the best parties ever!


Despite their differences, the proud Lion and the tender-hearted Fish actually have quite a lot in common emotionally. Both are badly upset by criticisms and failures – in Pisces’ case because it blames itself for everything that goes wrong, in Leo’s case on account of wounded vanity. Because they’re so sensitive to each other’s vulnerabilities, Leo and Pisces are usually careful to tread very sensitively around each other. It’s rare for a Leo-Pisces couple to intentionally cause one another pain.

Pisces and Leo are quite unalike, however, in how they react under adversity. While drama-queen Leo makes a big song and dance about any kind of blows to its (rather large) ego, Pisces isn’t much of a fighter, quietly retreating into self-pitying despondency when its feelings are hurt.

Neither sign finds it easy to handle the differences in their partner’s emotional style. Leo can feel very uncomfortable with, and doesn’t know how to respond to, Pisces’ moodiness, while the impressionable Fish can get needlessly distraught over Leo’s noisy histrionics if it makes the mistake of taking them to heart.


Sexually Pisces and Leo may seem somewhat mis-matched initially, with the shy and under-confident Piscean feeling a bit overwhelmed by the passionate, self-assured Lion. Yet because Pisces is naturally quite sexually submissive and Leo always likes to take the lead, they actually complement each other perfectly.

All's well until Leo gets too bossy and the slippery Fish looks for a means of escape – but because neither sign likes to see the other unhappy, their quarrels don't usually last long.


Neither of these Star Signs has a very practical mindset, and both find it hard to make objective, common-sense judgments. When faced with decisions or problems that need solving, Pisces relies largely on its intuitive feelings which, although sometimes amazingly accurate, tend to overlook the harsh realities of a situation. Leo, too, often fails to see the bigger picture, since it’s too narrowly focused on looking after its own interests to appreciate the wider implications.

Communications between Leo and Pisces can easily get rather muddled, and at worst downright confusing. The trouble here is that because neither is very good at sticking to the strict facts, each gives the other a distorted view of what’s really happening. With its vivid imagination, the Fish sometimes finds it hard to distinguish between truth and fiction, while drama-queen Leo is prone to gross embellishment and exaggeration. Not surprisingly, conversations between these two can easily end up with crossed-wires and misunderstandings


The best chance of success for a Pisces-Leo love match is for both signs to exploit their stark personality differences to their joint advantage and work together as a team.

Irrespective of gender, ideally the Leo individual should be the one to wear the pants in this relationship and go out and do battle in the big bad world, while the Piscean takes on a more selfless, nurturing role.

But while Pisces neither seeks, nor wants, all the limelight and recognition, constantly taking a back seat and sacrificing its personal rights and desires to make Leo happy, isn’t good for the Fish’s already fragile self-esteem.

By far the greatest challenge here is that if Leo allows Pisces to make such a complete doormat of itself that the power balance between these two becomes grossly unequal, one day – without warning or explanation – the ‘slave’ will end up running away from the ‘master’ never to be seen again!