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The Pisces Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Pisces Man Good Husband Material?

If you wed a Pisces husband, the one thing you’ll never be short of in your marriage is romance! No matter how long you remain together, love poems, flowers, and countless other heart-felt expressions of tender affection will probably continue to form an integral part of your relationship with a Pisces man.

As a life partner, he’s amazingly tolerant and non-judgmental, has an extraordinary capacity for unconditional love and forgiveness, and would pardon you just about anything, no matter how much you have hurt him. A Pisces husband would sacrifice a lot to make you happy, often putting your needs and desires before his own.

At times rather overly submissive, a Pisces partner may not quite fit the bill if you’re looking for a strong, dominant husband you can depend on to take charge and carry all the responsibilities in the relationship. The truth is that the Pisces man actually shies away from too many responsibilities and is often lacking in worldly drive and ambition. If you want a husband who is good at making money and can help you to get on in life, a Pisces man may not be your best choice.

Living with a Pisces Man as a Husband or Partner

Because his head is often in the clouds, a Pisces husband or partner isn’t necessarily one of the easiest people to live with! But with hidden qualities one might not expect, he’s possibly one of the most genuinely caring and sympathetic.

A big daydreamer, he tends to spend a lot of his time in a world of his own he’ll rarely let you into. However well you may think you know your Pisces husband, you’ll never be certain what’s really going on in his mind. Highly sensitive, easily hurt, and prone to big mood swings for reasons he can't – or won't – explain, a Pisces man needs a lot of understanding.

If you share a home with a Pisces partner, you can expect it to be somewhat disorganized and cluttered. Because domestic chores aren’t usually his top priority – and on some level he actually seems to prefer chaos to order – it’s likely to fall on you to take care of most of the practical tasks involved in running the home. In return your Pisces husband will do a wonderful job of looking after your day-to-day emotional wellbeing: a very good listener and a wonderful hand holder, he’ll always be there for you when you need him.

How Faithful is a Pisces Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

The main issue with a Pisces partner where fidelity is concerned is his high propensity for infatuation. Despite his genuine love for you, he can easily get swept away by a mad crush on someone he doesn’t really care about, although most of the time this never develops into anything physical. Emotional unfaithfulness can be a problem for a Pisces husband; sexual infidelity is much less common.

Even if he is cheating, because he’s so good at covering his tracks the likelihood is you’ll never actually find out about it or get any concrete proof it is happening. Truthfulness doesn’t come easily to the average Pisces man, and he’s a master at wriggling out of compromising situations.

Fatherhood and the Pisces Man

The Pisces man desperately wants to be a good father! The big problem, however, is that he finds it virtually impossible to live up to the lofty parenting standards he sets for himself.

In some cases his strong escapist urge may cause him to run away entirely from the responsibilities of fatherhood since he fears he will never be able to fully meet them. In other cases he will compensate for his feelings of inadequacy by shamelessly spoiling his children to the point of ruination. The Pisces father needs to beware giving far too much to his family in the vain attempt to be the perfect parent. Otherwise he could easily turn himself into a doormat to his children, which wouldn’t be healthy – either for him or for them.

A Pisces father is unique among men in his ability to tune into his kids’ emotional needs, empathize with their pain and troubles, and openly express his feelings of warmth and affection. Your Pisces man's children will never be in any doubt about the sheer depth of his love for them. But because he’d rather play the role of good pal than strict disciplinarian, the risk is they may grow up without clearly defined rules of behavior, which could cause problems for them later in life.

How to Keep a Pisces Husband's Love Forever

Respect your Pisces husband's sensitivity, treat him very gently, and offer him lots of emotional support.
Never attempt to back him into a corner – too much pressure will drive a Pisces man away.
Be willing to make allowances for your Pisces partner's little weaknesses and indiscretions. Standing by him although you know he’s not perfect will win you an everlasting place in his heart.