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The Virgo Parent and their Children

* A combination of practical skills, sound earthy wisdom and a willingness to selflessly serve their children make Virgo parents among the best around. Virgos have everything it takes to give their kids a wholesome, healthy and materially secure upbringing. Nobody takes better care of their offspring’s physical wellbeing – but at times they may struggle to show an emotionally needy child as much heartfelt empathy and demonstrative affection as they require.

* Virgo parents excel at providing the stable, well organized domestic environment and regular routines that most kids thrive on and are so essential to their healthy development. Sometimes though, they’re so wedded to routines and lacking in adaptability, they make their kids’ lives a little monotonous and boring.

* Virgos aren’t the type to set their kids on a pedestal or suffer from the illusion they can never do any wrong. Because their critical faculties are so highly developed, Virgo parents actually can’t help noticing and pointing out all their children’s faults and failings. Although their intentions are good, unless they balance their criticisms with an equal amount of praise for the kids’ talents and achievements, an under-confident child can grow up with the feeling they’re never quite good enough.

* The Virgo mother’s perfectionist drive that governs all areas of her life will also apply to the way she raises her children. The fear of making mistakes on the one hand makes her exceptionally conscientious and painstaking, inspiring her to diligently educate herself in the best child rearing techniques. But at the same time it can take much of the pleasure out of being a mother, since she is too focused on what might go wrong to enjoy all the things that are going right.

* The Virgo father is typically a sensible, responsible kind of dad who works hard to provide adequately for his kids’ basic material needs, but never makes the mistake of over-indulging them with more than they actually need. Paternal lack of generosity, perhaps bordering on meanness, is the biggest gripe of children of Virgo fathers. On the other hand, his dependability, loyalty and unfailing attentiveness are the things they’ll thank him most for.

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Virgo Parent - Aries Child

* As the Virgo parent of an Aries child, you’ll find training this lovably headstrong youngster to follow your high standards is quite a tough task!

* What happens when you match an analytical, super-careful Virgo parent with a spontaneous, devil-may-care child like a little Aries? To avoid a lot of fallings-out, you’ll have to work hard at controlling your critical nature Virgo, since there will be much about your Aries child for you to potentially find fault with.

* Accepting from the start that this adorable little firecracker is very different to you, and celebrating rather than regretting that differentness is the best way to create a harmonious parent-child relationship. Focusing on the strengths your Aries child embodies but which you’re lacking is more constructive than looking at things the other way round.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, training your kids to be clean, tidy and well behaved comes instinctively to you. Pity then, that your maverick Aries child has no interest in being any of these things! Because domestic order is so important to you, you’ll spend a lifetime trying to house-train your little Ram. But probably without much success!

* If you’re the Virgo father of an Aries child, this noisy, boisterous and perhaps rather hyperactive kid poses a threat to your tranquil, carefully organized routine. Finding a quiet spot to get away from the endless hubbub will be essential. So too will be trying not to despair over their impulsiveness and lack of attention to detail. Instead make a point of teaching them always to think before they act, just like you do. 

Virgo Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Taurus child, you’ll find the two of you have so much in common in terms of your similarly down to earth personalities, your relationship will be a particularly harmonious one!

* You’ll be delighted that your Taurus child is just as much of a do-er as you, and that like you, they love making things, fixing things and putting their practical skills to excellent use.

* It’s also good news that your Taurus child will respect your need for domestic calm, order and consistency because their dislike of disruption and upset is just as great as yours. 

*If you’re the Virgo mother of a Taurus child, it’s you who has the most to gain from this relationship, at least at an emotional level. Your high-strung nerves will be soothed and your worries allayed by this youngster’s wonderfully placid, easygoing temperament. But your emotional restraint may leave your affection-hungry Taurus child feeling short-changed when they’re longing for a great big cuddle and all they get is a little peck on the cheek!

*If you’re a Virgo father, you’ll rejoice in the fact that your Taurus child has inherited your highly pragmatic, down to earth outlook on life. It won’t be long though, before you discover one thing you haven’t passed on is your strong work ethic. But rather than criticizing them for being lazy, just allow them to tackle a job in their own time and at their own pace. It may take a long while and never be perfect, but at least it will always eventually get done.

Virgo Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Gemini child, you will find your strong grounding influence and good organizing abilities bring out the very best in this naturally clever youngster, while also helping to mitigate their weaknesses.

* High intelligence runs in the family! Your Gemini child has inherited your sharp brain and your gift for learning new things very quickly and easily. Also like you, they have an exceptionally clever way with words – and quite a sharp tongue when they’re irritated by something illogical or stupid. Neither of you suffer fools gladly!

* There are also a couple of important differences between you and your Gemini child. The regular routines you value so highly are dull and boring for them. Also, they make a lot more mistakes than you do, because they don’t have the sticking power to complete tasks properly. Clearly they haven’t inherited your patience and attention to detail. 

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you’ll find it hard work disciplining a kid like your Gemini child who is just as smart – or even smarter – than you. Their ingenious excuses and witty answers will simply take your breath away! Try to keep your verbal skirmishes to a minimum, though. They’re not good for either of your high-strung nervous systems.

* If you’re an industrious Virgo father, you may often complain that your Gemini child doesn’t have your strong work ethic. But their problem isn’t so much laziness as inconsistency and lack of organization. Encouraging them to overcome these weaknesses, without cracking the whip too hard or being too critical, is your paternal challenge.

Virgo Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Cancer child, you have a very special relationship where both of you are capable of enormous devotion to one another, and taking care of each other comes naturally to you.

* No matter whether your Cancer child is a boy or a girl, they’re likely to share your homebody nature and aptitude for domestic skills. Your love and talent for looking after other people is a wonderful quality you have passed onto your Cancer child.

* Unfortunately they have also inherited your tendency to get overly anxious about things that really don’t matter at all. Both being worry warts, you build up minor concerns into big panics. Set your Cancer child a good example by practicing self-calming techniques.  

* If you’re the Virgo mother of a Cancer child, your nurturing style may need some adjustment. You’re a down to earth, no-nonsense kind of parent who ensures your kids are clean, well fed and correctly behaved, but tends to keep them at arm’s length. In contrast, your little Cancerian is a sensitive, emotionally needy kind of child who requires lots of holding, touching and warm shows of affection in order to feel loved and secure.

* If you’re a Virgo father of the nit-picking type, be aware that your Cancer child will take your criticisms to heart far more than you may realize. You believe you’re helping your kids by pointing out to them where they could do better. But this youngster will love you much more, and be a lot happier, if you don’t make too many demands on them.

Virgo Parent - Leo Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Leo child, you’ll find there are some major differences between the two of you which you’ll need to accommodate if you want your relationship to be a happy one.

* You’ll wonder at your Leo child’s outstanding confidence and self-belief – qualities that don’t come so naturally to you, Virgo, and which you could do with rather more of. See your Leo child as your role model for taking more well deserved pride in yourself! 

* ‘Leos were born to rule the world, while Virgos were born to serve them’. Don’t buy into that common belief, Virgo, or you’ll end up as a lifetime slave to your ultra-demanding Leo child! Doing too much for your little Leo will magnify their inborn sense of entitlement and make it harder for them to cope on their own in the future.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you show your love for your kids in practical ways but emotionally you’re more comfortable maintaining a bit of a distance. Try to show more warmth towards your Leo child and make more of a fuss of them, or despite everything they’ll end up feeling neglected.

* If you’re a Virgo father of a Leo child, you’ll help prevent them getting too big for their boots by instilling them with some of your own laudable sense of modesty. Of course you admire their ambition to get to the top, but you’ll warn them that in order to do so they’ll have to improve their work ethic and cut down on entertainments and partying! 

Virgo Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Virgo child, you’ll find it easy to understand where they’re coming from since you have so many personality traits in common and share a very similar outlook on life.  But in some ways you’re actually too alike for your own good! 

* Your analytical nature and keen eye for detail are two of the most important traits you have passed onto your Virgo child. While these mainly serve you both well, when overdone they make you prone to constantly pointing out each other’s mistakes and failings, which creates an atmosphere of tension and hostility between you. 

* Bearing in mind that your Virgo child will inevitably follow your example, try to be a parental role model for tolerance and approval, rather than constant nit-picking. Since both of you are your own worst self-critic, you don’t need the other telling you where you could do better. 

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you’re well organized, conscientious and sensible – down to earth qualities your Virgo child will mirror and thank you for. Fortunately for you, they’re also likely to have inherited your emotional self-containment, so your relatively cool-natured and undemonstrative nurturing style suits them just fine.

* If you’re a Virgo father, you instinctively encourage a strong work ethic in your children. But in the case of your Virgo child this is neither appropriate nor helpful. They’re already the most industrious child in the Zodiac, and if you push them too hard you risk turning them into a burned-out workaholic.

Virgo Parent - Libra Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Libra child, you will often reflect on just how different this youngster seems to be to you. Yet, as in any parent-child relationship, it’s the contrasts – not the similarities – between the two of you that will help you to learn the most from each other.

* Like most Virgo parents, you want your kids to be sensible, well behaved and nicely mannered, and in all those respects your Libra child doesn’t disappoint. Because pleasing you in their chief priority, you’ll find little to find fault with in this cooperative youngster. That’s just as well because criticism is something that’s quite alien and upsetting to them.

* Although your Libra child has inherited your intelligence and powers of analysis, they don’t share your perfectionist mindset and obsession with everything being just right. Instinctively they turn a blind eye to others’ mistakes and shortcomings and always try to find something nice and complimentary to say. Virgo, take note!   

* If you’re the Virgo mother of a Libra child, this youngster’s laid-back, unhurried approach is the ideal antidote to your busy-busy, hyperactive lifestyle. You’ll find this happy little kid keeps your worries in check and your nerves in good shape with their belief that ‘all’s well with the world’. 

* Slothfulness is a failing a Virgo father won’t tolerate in his kids, and he’ll do his utmost to correct any hint of laziness on the part of his Libra child. Whether or not he is successful depends on how well he’s able to resist their manipulative charm. Libra youngsters are little masters of getting out of the things they don’t want to do! 

Virgo Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Scorpio child, you make an exceptionally shrewd and clear-sighted family team with the ability to fix all manner of problems – except perhaps those relating to feelings and emotions.

* Your Scorpio child has inherited your analytical mind, and with it your ability to look at any issue in great depth and detail. Nothing escapes their all-seeing eye, and just like you, they can never be fobbed off with untruths and superficialities. 

* Saying it like it is, and often in quite a harsh and cutting way, is another strong trait that runs in your family. Sarcasm is your weapon of choice when you want to put somebody in their place and when you and your Scorpio child use it against one another, you can hurt each other far more than you ever meant to.  

* If you’re a Virgo mother, it’s important to understand that because your Scorpio child is a sensitive Water sign while you’re a pragmatic Earth sign, their feeling nature is much more strongly developed than yours. They can’t let go of their pain and anger as easily as you can and they may have a rather vengeful side which seems quite alien to you.

* If you’re a Virgo father you’ll need to go easy on the criticism and fault finding if you want your Scorpio kid to love you, not hate you! Your Scorpio child can’t easily forgive and forget and they won’t let a paternal put-down pass without finding a way of getting their own back in an impressively sneaky and hard hitting way.

Virgo Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Sagittarius child, you’re faced with the challenge of raising a youngster whose ways and values are very different to your own. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be good fun!

* Virgos and Sagittarians aren’t the most natural of parent-child matches, since the former are all about practicality and caution while the latter take a much more spontaneous and adventurous approach to life. Despite this, you and your Sagittarius child can complement each other well and over the years they will boost your energy levels and inspire you to inject a little ‘good risk’ into your life. 

* Virgos are among the most conscientious and reliable of all parents. But they’re also the least likely to find parenthood truly enjoyable due to their anxieties about keeping their child safe, and the stress this creates in their relationship with them - especially when that child is a Sagittarius who has little concern for safety and can’t easily be harnessed or controlled. 

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you will get on much better with your freedom loving Sagittarius child by allowing them rather more leeway than you might instinctively be inclined to do – and even though you can’t stop worrying, at least putting on the brave and cheerful face they most want to see on you. 

* For the typically ultra-careful Virgo father, coping with his Sagittarius child’s reckless streak can be quite a challenge. But because criticism only strengthens this maverick youngster’s rebelliousness, he’d do better to draw on his dry sense of humor and try to see the funny side. 

Virgo Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Capricorn child, you’ll be delighted to discover they require very little encouragement to dutifully follow the life values that are most important to you. 

* Diligence, conscientiousness and a practical, down to earth outlook on life – these are the qualities you have passed onto your Capricorn child and which will be constantly reinforced in them by observing your example every day. 

* Virgos are often rather reclusive by nature, preferring their own company to having a lot of people around. By nature your Capricorn child is also a bit of a loner and needs you to help them overcome their social awkwardness to fit in more easily among their peers. To do the best for this kid, you need to learn to be a better mixer Virgo, and then pass on a few tips to them.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, your Capricorn child’s emotional reserve is well matched to your own relatively undemonstrative nurturing style. Little Goats find too much full-on affection rather uncomfortable and embarrassing. So it’s a good thing you show your love for them more through your actions – which is exactly how they, as a fellow Earth sign, will tend to show their love for you. 

* If you’re a Virgo father, you aim for the best and you want your kids to excel. Don’t push your ambitious little Capricorn too hard though, or you risk turning their life – as well as your own – into all work and no play. 

Virgo Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Virgo parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll need to make a major shift in your priorities if you want your relationship with this unconventional youngster to be a really good one.

* Being careful – looking before you leap, taking the safe rather than the risky option, never forgetting to read the fine print – is one of your key mantras in life. But for your Aquarius child, these things are of little or no importance. Spontaneity and freedom always come first for them.

* You’re not the most enthusiastic of mixers Virgo, so you may sometimes wonder where your Aquarius child gets their gregarious nature from! Of course you would rather they preferred the quiet, carefully ordered domestic life that means so much to you. But because they’ll always be inviting their friends around, you’re going to have to get used to putting up with a lot more people – and a lot more disruption – at home. 

* If you’re the Virgo mother of an Aquarius child, you’ll be pleased to learn that this kid is sufficiently detached to actually welcome your nurturing coolness and restraint. By keeping them emotionally at a bit of a distance, you’re strengthening their sense of identity and independence and thus doing them a big favor. 

* If you’re a conscientious, conservative minded Virgo father, for you work has probably always taken precedence over social activities, and tradition over progressiveness. Accepting that for your Aquarius child it’s going to be completely the other way round – and there’s nothing whatsoever you can do about it – may well be your biggest parenting challenge. 

Virgo Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Pisces child, you may find many things about this youngster that seem quite different to yourself. But you have one very important shared characteristic that will form a strong bond between you, come what may.

* While you’re probably the most pragmatic and highly organized of all parents, your dreamy little Pisces is probably the most idealistic and dreamy of all children! But that’s not surprising since your Star Signs are mutually opposed. 

* What you both have in common though, is a very strong urge to serve others and put everything to rights with the world. Charity runs in the family! It’s just that, as Zodiacal opposites, you express that helpfulness in different ways, in your case through practical actions and in your child’s case by lending a sympathetic ear. 

* If you’re the Virgo mother of a Pisces child, you’ll need to warm up a bit, show a little more empathy, and be rather more demonstrative with your affection. Looking after their material needs, no matter how conscientiously, won’t be enough in their eyes to fully convince them of your love.

* If you’re the Virgo father of a Pisces child, it’s your job to keep this head-in-the-cloud youngster’s feet planted more firmly on the ground. When their ideas are unrealistic, it will be down to you to deflate their bubbles of illusion. But to avoid hurting their exceptionally sensitive feelings make sure you do so in a very gentle, and not overly critical, way.