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Written in the Stars Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars

Relationship 'Love Story' (Relationship Analysis) Report
Why were the two of you attracted to each other? What is the purpose and destiny of your relationship?

Discover the fascinating cosmic story of your love affair - from its first origins through to its final outcome - as 'Written in the Stars'!

Written in the Stars About 'Written in the Stars'

In the Beginning ....
What were the main factors that first drew the two of you to each other, including personal links and similarities as well as interpersonal attractions and challenges? (Note that potential challenges can be just as powerful as attractions in bringing two people together, especially where karmic issues are concerned!)

What’s It All About?
How do each of you view your relationship and what does it actually mean to both of you? Be prepared for a few surprises, as your partner’s perspective may be quite different to your own! What do the two of you stand to gain (or lose!) from being together and what kind of gifts (or burdens!) are you destined to bring into each others’ lives?

And Finally ....
How is your relationship likely to turn out in the long run? What’s its ultimate purpose and meaning and what do you basically have to learn from being together? What are the enduring themes that are likely to play out on an ongoing basis over the lifetime of your relationship – and how can you emphasize their positive influences, and minimize their negative effects?

Get the answers to all these questions and more in your Written in the Stars relationship report, based on a detailed reading of your individual birth charts, including personal aspects, interchart contacts, and a revealing analysis of your composite chart! Available both for known and unknown birth times, although most suitable when both people know their time of birth to within 2 to 3 hours.