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The Aries Parent and their Children

* Being a parent may not come particularly naturally to the average Aries, but they have everything that’s needed to make a great job of it!

* If you’re an Aries you’ll probably be the first to admit that learning to put your own needs on one side in order to care for a helpless little kid represents quite a big challenge for someone like you, who is so used to seeing yourself as the center of your universe. Because freedom is your life blood, to be a happy parent – and thus raise a happy child – you’ll need to retain at least some degree of personal independence.

* Your parenting strengths lie in your energy, your positivity and your talent for teaching your kids to be strong and self-reliant. Your children will love the way you always say what you mean and mean what you say, although they won’t be so keen on your no-holds-barred outbursts. But at least your anger dies down quickly, and you don’t hold on to grudges. Life for the kids of an Aries parent may be rather unpredictable at times, but it’s never lacking in excitement!

* The Aries mother is often quite restless and impatient by nature, and if so she will have to work hard at slowing down her pace and cultivating the tolerance and sticking power needed to be a good nurturer. If her kids aren’t quite as emotionally robust as she is, she will have to be careful not to appear too insensitive and uncaring.

* The Aries father always does a better job if he waits to have kids until he has ‘sown his wild oats’ and developed the necessary maturity required to fully commit to family life. Then he can approach raising his children with all of his usual enthusiasm and gusto, instilling them with his love of action and adventure and showing them how to stand up for themselves by awakening their positive warrior energy.

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Aries Parent - Aries Child

* As the Aries parent of an Aries child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this delightfully vivacious youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common and share a very similar outlook on life. 

* If you’re an Aries mother you’ll be thankful that your child has inherited your independent nature and doesn’t require too much babying and hand-holding (things that may not come very naturally to you), thus allowing you more time to do your own thing. Don’t skimp on quality one-on-one time with your little Aries though, or as the years go by you’ll see so little of each other you’ll end up like two ships passing in the night!

* If you’re an Aries father, the good news is that because you’ve passed onto your kid your supersonic energy levels and love of risk and excitement, you’ll have lots of fun taking them on little adventures and introducing them to high action sports and games. 

* Since hot temper runs in the family, to set a good example and avoid angry shouting matches you’ll need to learn to take a deep breath and count to ten whenever you lose your cool with your Aries child – which is likely to happen quite often!

* Mutual rivalry, especially between Aries mothers and daughters and between Aries fathers and sons, is the biggest source of potential trouble between you. While it’s natural for your kid to want to do as well as, or better than, their parent, it’s a dirty trick on the part of a parent to try to compete with their child!

Aries Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Aries parent of a Taurus child, the main thing you’ll notice is that they have a much slower, more cautious and more laid-back outlook on life than yourself. 

* Quite clearly your Taurus child hasn’t inherited your high-speed tempo or your love of risk taking. They may also be rather less physically energetic and active than yourself. This wonderfully solid, well grounded kid stubbornly refuses to be hurried, and insists on thinking things through very carefully before taking any kind of move. For a livewire, highly spontaneous Aries parent, this can be incredibly irritating at times!

 * Try slowing down your normal fast pace and swapping some of your precious me-time for more quality family time to give your Taurus child the emotional security they need to make them feel truly loved and valued, but which may not be so important to you.

* If you’re an Aries mother you’re probably not a natural born nurturer and perhaps also not so touchy-feely as your warm hearted little Taurus. To satisfy their insatiable hunger for demonstrative affection, you may need to give them more hugs and kisses than comes instinctively to you.

* If you’re an Aries father and typical of your Star Sign you will have strict ideas about discipline, along with quite a short fuse. But shouting at your sweet natured Taurus child is neither necessary nor effective, and you’ll soon discover that one big cuddle works better at persuading them to comply with your wishes than a whole torrent of angry words!

Aries Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Aries parent of a Gemini child, get set for a barrel of laughs but also an equal amount of provocation! 

* If you’re an Aries mother, you’ll recognize so much of yourself in this bright and vivacious youngster – not least your free-spirited outlook on life and confidence in doing your own thing. Because neither of you are afraid to say exactly what you think to the other, yours is likely to be an unusually outspoken and rather noisy household!

* If you’re an Aries father, the main trait you have passed onto your Gemini child is your notoriously low boredom threshold. Like you, they get very restless and irritable when things aren’t happening fast enough and need a lot of variety and excitement to be happy. To reduce stress levels and family arguments, teach them calming, relaxing techniques – and then apply them to yourself!

* Aries parents of Gemini kids should try to be a good role model for consistency and staying power by making a point of always completing the task in hand before starting a new one. You can’t complain about your Gemini child’s fickle nature if you’re just as changeable too!

* You may not like it, but your Gemini child is probably a little cleverer than you. You’re known for your quick-thinking but since their brain is even faster and wilier, they’ll easily get the better of you in arguments and conflicts. You’ll have to sharpen your wits to hold your own with this super-smart kid!

Aries Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Aries parent of a Cancer child, the first thing to understand is that this youngster is cut from a somewhat different cloth to yourself!

* While you’re a relatively tough and thick-skinned person, your little Crab has an unusually high degree of sensitivity which you may find quite hard to relate to at first. Challenges you took in your stride at their age are likely to upset them far more than you may realize. 

* Your Cancer child also hasn’t inherited your fierce sense of independence. Whereas you probably wanted to fly the coop at the earliest possible opportunity, junior is much more of a homebody and likely to want to remain under your wing for quite a long time. 

* If you’re the Aries mother of a Cancer child, you may need to swot up on your nurturing skills to do a good job of raising this adorably vulnerable and emotionally needy kid. Since it doesn’t come naturally to them, most Aries women have to work hard at mothering, and all the more so when they have a little Cancerian to care for. 

* If you’re an Aries father of a Cancer son, coming to terms with his gentle and somewhat timid nature may present problems for you if you expect him to display the same kind of macho characteristics as you. Learning to accept and love your child for who he is will be a critical challenge for you.

Aries Parent - Leo Child

* As the Aries parent of a Leo child, you’ll find your life changes in a big way! This youngster is going to need a lot of attention, and perhaps more than your independent, busy-busy lifestyle is comfortable about giving.

* Having a child born under the same Element as yourself – in this case Fire – is always good news. For sure, you won’t have any problems understanding where this kid is coming from since they’re just as passionate, driven and fiercely competitive as you are.

* However, you’ll be disappointed if you were hoping parenthood wouldn’t impact too much on your freedom loving lifestyle. Little Leos are very high-maintenance and if they don’t get enough recognition, they’ll find ways of attracting your notice in ways you won’t always like! 

* If you’re an Aries mother or father, you’re used to seeing yourself at the center of your personal universe, but now all that will have to change. To give your Leo child the high level of self-esteem they need to express their dazzling talents, you’ll have to focus on building up their ego, perhaps at the expense of your own.

* If you’re too me-oriented an Aries to support your little Leo in the way they expect you to, you might fall into the trap of competing with them for the role of top dog in the household. This kind of rivalry can be a particular problem between Aries fathers and Leo sons, and between Aries mothers and Leo daughters.

Aries Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Aries parent of a Virgo child, to give this youngster the kind of upbringing that will be most beneficial for them, you may need to make a few changes in your free-wheeling ways!

* Spontaneity is one of your key strengths Aries, but it’s not a quality your Virgo child will appreciate or respond favorably to in their daily regime. They hate irregularity and will become very anxious and unsettled if your behavior is too erratic and unpredictable. 

* If you’re a typical Aries mother who likes to get out and about, you probably won’t have a huge amount of enthusiasm for homemaking and domestic tasks. But because your Virgo child will be marking you from day one on your household management skills, you’re going to have to do a lot better to be seen as the good Earth Mother they desperately want you to be.

* An autocratic Aries father may find their young Virgo’s nitpicking criticisms infuriatingly hard to accept. But to avoid ongoing conflict he should try to take them with a proverbial pinch of salt and keep his temper firmly under control. The minute he starts yelling and shouting, junior will know they have gotten the better of him!

* As the years go by, a kind of role reversal in your relationship with your Virgo child, with them dishing out the discipline and you on the receiving end, can make it hard to know who’s really the adult here! 

Aries Parent - Libra Child

* As the Aries parent of a Libra child, you’ll find in many ways this youngster is the total opposite of yourself!

* While you’re an exceptionally clear-cut and decisive person, your Libra child is far less sure of themselves and finds making choices, even the smallest ones, very hard to do. This is likely to drive you to distraction at times, but trying to hurry them into making their mind up more quickly only causes them to become even more confused. It looks like you’re going to have to slow down a bit Aries, and cultivate more patience – not your strongest point!

* If you’re an Aries mother you’re unlikely to want to give up too much of your precious ‘me-time’ after having a child. But because your little Libra wants constant company, in order to keep them happy you may have no other option!

* If you’re an Aries father you probably favor authoritarian parenting over and above raising your kids to be your best buddies. If so, you won’t win many votes as top dad from your little Libra, who more than anything wants you to treat them as an equal and a good friend.

* Being a good Aries parent of a Libra child will also mean toning down some of your natural assertiveness and keeping your temper under control. Anger and conflict upset them deeply in ways you may find hard to understand. So try your best to create the peaceful and harmonious home environment in which they will find it easiest to thrive and be happy.

Aries Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Aries parent of a Scorpio child, you’ll have something of a challenge on your hands! Because here it’s not only your differences, but also your similarities, that are potential sources of trouble.

* The main contrast between the two of you is that your Scorpio child is a much more emotionally sensitive and vulnerable individual than you are, although they may rarely show it. What you do have in common, though, is an exceptionally strong warrior spirit.

* You’ll be immensely proud of the courage and determination this youngster shows in overcoming difficulties and adversity – a quality they have definitely inherited from you. But their fighting style is less likely to meet with your approval. While you always fight clean and fair, their tactics are far more sneaky (and actually much cleverer!) than yours.

* If you’re the Aries mother of a Scorpio daughter, you will need to cultivate more empathy than comes naturally to you in order to successfully handle their frequent emotional ups and downs and mood swings. Learning to listen (not your strong point) is likely to be your greatest challenge here.

* If you’re an Aries father of a Scorpio son, you’ll need a lot of self-control to avoid getting drawn into protracted and potentially very nasty power battles. Allowing your child to get the better of you isn’t in your nature. But such is the strength and persistence of your Scorpio child’s willpower, you’ll find it very hard to resist it.

Aries Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Aries parent of a Sagittarius child, you’ll find the two of you have so much in common it’s like bringing up a little clone of yourself! When a parent and child share the same astrological Element, in this case Fire, they find it easy to relate to each other’s basic temperament and general outlook on life.

* This high-spirited youngster has inherited many of your finest qualities. Like you they were born with a fierce sense of personal independence and a burning desire for adventure. Also like you, they have an unshakeable honesty that prevents them from ever acting in a deceitful or underhanded way.

* If you’re the Aries mother of a Sagittarius child, they’ll be deeply thankful you’re not the ‘smother love’ type. Even when very small, they hate being babied, fussed around or over-protected and they don’t want you constantly asking them if they’re doing okay. 

* If you’re a typical Aries father you probably make a big point of encouraging your kids to exercise and keep fit, and you enjoy joining them in vigorous outdoor games. You’ll never let your Sagittarius child become a couch potato, and as they grow older they won’t allow you to turn into one either. 

* It’s like parent, like child when it comes to grabbing life by the horns, having the courage to take a few risks, and accepting the rough with the smooth without wimpering if something goes wrong. Both physically and emotionally the two of you are made of tough stuff. But mutual empathy isn’t your strongest point!

Aries Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Aries parent of a Capricorn child, you’ll be surprised by just how different this youngster is to you! 

* The contrast between the Zodiac signs Aries and Capricorn is perfectly summed up by the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. Aries is fast off the mark but quickly gets distracted or runs out of steam, while slow moving Capricorn just keeps plodding on until it safely reaches the finishing line. As the years go by you’ll realize how accurately this analogy applies to you and your child.

* If you’re the Aries father of a Capricorn son or daughter you may despair of your kid’s ultra-cautious approach to life and the puzzlingly long time it takes them to get things done. In turn though, especially as they grow older, junior is likely to take a dim view of your reckless rushing in where angels fear to tread. Ditto your seeming inability ever to complete what you’ve started. 

* To maintain harmony in your parent-child relationship, accept that your Capricorn child may not have inherited a great deal from you, and just live and let live! 

* Capricorn kids are a godsend to on-the-go Aries mothers who are too busy to spend a lot of quality time with their children. Because they’re so responsible and self-sufficient, they don’t need much supervision or hand holding, and can actually do quite a good job of bringing up themselves. If offered a small financial incentive, they’ll even be more than willing to help out with the chores! 

Aries Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Aries parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll find junior takes after you in so many ways! 

* Like you, they’re prepared to be their own person and follow their own path in life without caring what others think. You have passed on to them your inborn desire for freedom and your belief that life is a big adventure to be explored and enjoyed. Likewise your heroic spirit, your desire to help the underdog, and your ambition to do something great and noble in the world.

*If you’re an Aries father, you’ll admire your Aquarius child’s contempt for authority and refusal to bow down to anyone in life. But if you lead them to believe that answering to nobody is okay, you can’t then complain if they refuse also to answer to you! If, like most Aries fathers, you’re a stern disciplinarian you will find your Aries kid’s rebelliousness quite challenging at times.

* Most Aries mothers aren’t the obsessively nurturing type, so if you’re one of that breed it’s very fortunate for you that your Aquarius child doesn’t want to be babied, pampered or mollycoddled in any way. Your robust, no-nonsense child-raising style sits well with their emotional independence, so in that sense you’re a great match. 

* Are you a sufficiently humble kind of Aries to accept there are things that you as a Fire sign can learn from your Air Sign child? If so, as the years go by their coolly detached and highly rational problem-solving approach will show you there’s a much smarter way of coping with challenges than ranting and raving or going on the attack. 

Aries Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Aries parent of a Pisces child, you have much to teach this sensitive youngster that will help set them up to function more effectively in the big bad world!

* While you’re a born fighter, it’s unlikely your Pisces child has inherited your strong warrior spirit, your high adrenaline levels, or your drive to make your personal mark in life. They’re made of much gentler stuff than you, and the quicker you accept this, the better your relationship with them is likely to be.

* If you’re an Aries father of a Pisces child, you may often wish this kid had more spunk, more get-up-and-go, and more ability to face challenges head-on instead of hiding or running away. 

* If you’re an Aries mother, coming to terms with your Pisces child’s emotional vulnerability may be quite tough for you. Because you’re a highly independent and self-sufficient kind of person, you may be lacking the necessary empathy to understand their fears and worries and give them the comfort and reassurance they so badly need.

* Urging this tender-hearted youngster to ‘man up’ or ‘just get on with it’ may be your first instinct as an Aries parent, but will only further undermine their confidence and self-esteem, which may already be on the low side. Don’t draw attention to your Pisces child’s potential weaknesses. Instead teach them the self-assertion skills you’re so good at and instill them with some of your own courage and strength.