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The Aquarius Parent and their Children

* Aquarians are in many ways the coolest, the most  enlightened, and also the most likeable of all parents! Their mastery of progressive child rearing techniques makes them unlikely to commit the worst traditional parenting mistakes. It also makes them very popular with their children since they try to treat their kids in the way they would most wish to be treated.

* An Aquarius parent will rarely fall into the trap of seeing their child as just one of their possessions with no true identity in their own right. As a result they’re one of the least controlling of parents, with an unusually relaxed approach to discipline and a willingness to set much wider boundaries for their kids than is the norm. For most children this makes them a dream parent. But some may need firmer limits and more structure than a typical Aquarius parent tends to provide.

* Right from the start, an Aquarius parent knows how to establish a strong channel of communication with their kids by being willing to discuss any kind of topic, no holds barred, and without trying to indoctrinate them with their own viewpoints. In this way they create an open and friendly parent-child relationship which most youngsters will greatly prefer to a traditionally authoritarian one. But for a child in need of more clear-cut guidance in their life, an Aquarius parent’s ‘anything goes’ approach can be rather confusing and frustrating at times.

* The Aquarius mother’s characteristic emotional detachment allows her to raise her kids without over-reacting in stressful situations where keeping a cool head will help them far more than giving in to feelings of worry, fear or anger. However, there will be other times when a child may long for their Aquarian mother to be a little less emotionally distant and impersonal, and to show more of a sense of empathy and caring than may come naturally to her.

* The Aquarius father will try to bring up his children to respect others as their equals, and will be careful not to give them the idea they’re special or entitled by over-praising or spoiling them. While this is very good for their soul, it may not be equally good for their ego!   

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Aquarius Parent - Aries Child

* As the Aquarius parent of an Aries child, you’ll find this independent youngster fits well into your liberty loving lifestyle. 

* Your laissez-faire parenting is very much to the liking of your free-spirited young Aries – but not necessarily in their best interests. Where you excel is in encouraging them to do their own thing without being held back by stuffy conventions. Where you sometimes fall down is in failing to teach them to observe the basic rules and boundaries they will inevitably be faced with at school and later in the workplace.

* Be careful about how much freedom you allow your Aries child since they can’t handle it as successfully as you do. While you both enjoy taking risks, you’re much better at coolly reasoning out the likely pros and cons. But because your little Aries is so strongly impulse driven, they act before they think and consequently often land themselves in danger. 

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of an Aries child, emotionally you’re in different universes! Because your head rules your heart, you don’t show your feelings very readily. But for them it’s completely the other way round. Responding empathically to their passionate outbursts will push you some way out of your comfort zone. 

* If you’re the Aquarius father of an Aries child, your mutual independence may make you believe they’re a little clone of yourself. But in terms of your core values you couldn’t be more unalike. While you’re very people-oriented and tend to see the big picture, they’re more focused on their personal concerns and their own idiosyncratic point of view. 

Aquarius Parent - Taurus Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Taurus child, always keep the following in mind: while you’re better with people than things, they’re much better with things than people. In other words, they may not have inherited your social skills, but they’re a far more practical and down to earth kind of person than you are. 

* While you would rather take the road less traveled in life, your Taurus child prefers more old-fashioned, tried and tested ways. They’d rather you were a boring parent than an embarrassingly unconventional one – and a dull and uneventful upbringing will suit them much better than an exciting but unstable one.  

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Taurus child, it’s important to remember that more than most other kids, they’re upset by irregular routines and unexpected changes. Variety may well be the spice of your life Aquarius, but your Taurus child wants everything always to stay the same.

* Get set for a few battles of will with your Taurus child, because when you’ve both made your mind up about something, you’re both equally immovable.  Set them a good example by being willing to compromise or let go when they lock horns with you (which will probably happen quite often!). 

* If you’re the Aquarius father of a Taurus child, don’t be disappointed by this risk-averse youngster’s relatively unadventurous outlook on life. They may not be quite as free-spirited as you’d hoped they would be. But the time will come when you’ll greatly appreciate their dependable, safety-conscious ways. 

Aquarius Parent - Gemini Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Gemini child, you will be delighted to discover this youngster has inherited your super-active mind and your huge love of people.

* Most Aquarians consider themselves to be very smart people (some even believe they are geniuses!) and so quite naturally they expect their kids to be just as bright and brainy. Fortunately, in this respect a Gemini child lives up to all their hopes and dreams.

* Gregariousness also runs in the family! Having lots of people around is very important to you so it’s a relief that your Gemini child isn’t the shy and retiring type. Right from babyhood they’ll fit comfortably into your wide social circle, and as they get older and start making friends of their own, you’ll fit equally well into theirs.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Gemini child, the foundation of your bond is your strong mental rapport and similarly irreverent sense of humor. Slushy sentimentality isn’t your style, and because talking about feelings doesn’t come easily to either of you, you prefer to downplay or ignore them. Be careful though, not to sweep critically important emotional issues under the rug, or they’ll come back to bite you.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, you believe in allowing your kids plenty of leeway. That’s good news for your freedom loving Gemini child who responds better to an easygoing parent than an authoritarian one. But that doesn’t mean you can give up on your fatherly responsibilities. Without adequate guidance, your Gemini child will end up scattering their energies in too many directions and under-fulfilling their intellectual capabilities.

Aquarius Parent - Cancer Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Cancer child, to forge a strong bond with this sensitive youngster you’ll need to overcome your inborn detachment and cultivate some parenting techniques you’re not naturally familiar with.

* Cocoon parenting isn’t really your style, Aquarius. Your social life probably means far too much to you to spend your entire life cooped up with the kids. That’s bad news for your home loving Cancer child because they need your constant company and will feel neglected if you give them the impression your friends mean more to you than they do. 

* The precious daily routines and rituals you share together are critically important for your Cancer child’s sense of emotional security, so try never to miss out on them. Maintaining close ties with relatives is also a must – even though family may mean less to you than it does to them.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Cancer child, you’re faced with the dilemma that this emotionally needy youngster wants a much more intimate kind of nurturing relationship than you’re naturally suited for. Hugs, kisses and saying ‘I love you’ may not be your style Aquarius, but for your little Cancer’s emotional wellbeing, you’re going to have to get a lot better at them. 

* If you’re an Aquarius father, accepting that this shy and cautious child hasn’t inherited your an outgoing, risk-loving, ‘anything goes’ kind of personality may be a challenge. But trying to change them will be out of the question if, like a true Aquarius, you believe it’s right to ‘live and let live.’

Aquarius Parent - Leo Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Leo child, you have some important life teachings to pass on to this proud-spirited youngster. Just make sure you go the right way about it, to avoid rubbing them the wrong way!

* Because you believe in treating everyone equally, you get on well with all children – even those who aren’t your own. The problem though, is that your Leo child doesn’t want to be treated like all the rest. They want to be really special in your eyes – they want to be number one.

* This is an emotionally demonstrative child, given to dramatically exaggerating their feelings, while you on the other hand tend to downplay yours. To try to provoke a more meaningful reaction in you, they may be forced into upping the tantrums and histrionics. Then before you know it you have a little monster on your hands, when all they wanted was a bit of heartfelt love. 

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Leo child, unless you inject a little more feeling and passion into the way you show your love for them, they’ll have a hard time believing you really care. 

* As an Aquarius father, hubris and ego are repugnant to you. But if you never give your Leo child a big pat on the back, you’re damaging their fragile self-esteem more than you may know. Your challenge lies in acknowledging this talented youngster’s gifts and achievements while discouraging them from getting too big for their boots. 

Aquarius Parent - Virgo Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Virgo child, you may need to revise some of your more progressive ideas to do a good job of raising this rather conservative youngster.

* Being different, breaking rules and flouting convention comes naturally to you, Aquarius. But your Virgo child hates to stand out from the crowd and is easily embarrassed by any kind of eccentricity on the part of their parents. Even if it’s a hard act to play, for the sake of your Virgo child, try to appear as ‘normal’ as possible!

* This is a highly critical youngster who demands top standards of practical care from their parents – and in their eyes that means an orderly home and regular timetables. Getting a grip on your chaotic tendencies will be essential, because they’re likely to be deeply disturbing to your little Virgo.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Virgo child, your emotionally detached make-up makes you fairly immune to their disregard for demonstrative displays of affection. Both being cool and collected types, you won’t lose your rag with each other whatever the provocation. That’s good news because this little perfectionist’s nit-picking will often drive you crazy: they haven’t inherited your willingness to ‘live and let live’!

* If you’re an Aquarius father, you believe in offering your kids plenty of freedom of thought and action. But while your Virgo child is happy you allow them to vigorously question your ideas and beliefs, at the same time they’d feel more comfortable with a few clearly defined boundaries – and a slightly more authoritarian kind of dad. 

Aquarius Parent - Libra Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Libra child, you will find your wish for a kid to whom you can be a good friend has been well and truly fulfilled here! 

* Your Libra child believes in equality, so they’ll be glad you try to relate to them as a little adult, rather than an ignorant little kid. Perhaps you instinctively sense they’ve inherited your sparklingly brilliant mind and have a lot to contribute in terms of original thoughts and ideas. 

* Spending time with you, the beloved parent they want to be their best friend and confidant, makes your Libra child’s heart sing. Being left to their own devices with no-one to talk to because you’re too busy with your super-active social life makes them feel deeply alone and unloved. 

* If you’re the gregarious Aquarius mother of a Libra child, your key challenge in this relationship lies in providing this little one with the constant company that’s so critically important to them. If you want to do your best for your Libra child, your days of being a free agent are over for now!

* If you’re a typically laissez-faire Aquarius father, you allow your kids to make their own minds up about important issues rather than imposing your beliefs on them. But while that works fine for most children, it can actually be quite stressful for your Libra child. Because making decisions is difficult for them, they’ll appreciate your guidance in weighing the pros and cons.

Aquarius Parent - Scorpio Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Scorpio child, you’ll find your egalitarian ideals are tested to the limit by this strong-willed youngster!

* If like most Aquarians you believe the greatest gift you can offer your kids is their freedom, you’ll be running into trouble with your power hungry little Scorpio. 
If you’re unwilling or unable to control them, they’ll end up controlling you! Power games don’t interest you Aquarius, but they’re integral to every Scorpio child’s raison-d’etre.

* To understand why, unlike you, your Scorpio child can sometimes be so manipulative, you need to get your head around their deep sense of insecurity. Because you see only the best in people, trust comes easily to you. But your all-seeing little Scorpio is more suspicious of others’ motives – and more fearful of betrayal or abandonment.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Scorpio child, the first thing to understand is that compared to yours, their feelings are much deeper, much more intense and at times a little scary. Rationalizing away their hurts and fears in your emotionally detached way simply won’t work: to prove your love, your little Scorpio needs you to take them very seriously.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, disciplining your kids is your least favorite part of being a dad, but in this case you neglect it at your peril. If you’re weak enough to give your Scorpio child an inch they’ll take a mile, and lose all respect for you in the process.

Aquarius Parent - Sagittarius Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a little Sagittarius, your hands-off child raising style will be very much to the liking of to this freedom loving youngster – but maybe not best suited to their needs!

* From your Sagittarius child’s perspective you’re the ideal parent, and from yours they’re the ideal child! Your libertarian, ‘anything goes’ outlook on life allows you to turn a blind eye to this delightfully mischievous kid’s little misdeneanors. In turn they’ll never make a big deal about your parenting mistakes.

* If you’re not around as much as some other parents, it won’t bother your Sagittarius child since it gives them more time and space to do their own thing. If they’re constantly itching to get out of the house on one of their little adventures, you won’t blame them because family time is no more of a priority for you than it is for them.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Sagittarius child, it’s a relief to you that this independent youngster isn’t too emotionally demanding, because nurturing doesn’t come easily to you. But if you’re overly detached and lacking in warmth, you’ll weaken your bond with them to such an extent, they may become increasingly distant from you as the years go by.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, you don’t believe in authoritarian parenting, so you probably won’t reprimand your Sagittarius child for their outspoken rebelliousness. In fact you’re more likely to celebrate it because it reminds you so much of yourself! But because the outside world won’t show them the same level of indulgence, is too much leniency really in their best interests?  

Aquarius Parent - Capricorn Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Capricorn child, you may need to revise some of your more progressive ideas to do a good job of raising this rather conservative kid.

* Aquarian parents aren’t usually strong disciplinarians because they believe allowing their kids plenty of freedom is the best way to train them how to take responsibility for themselves. But that’s not really necessary in the case of your Capricorn child since self-reliance comes naturally to them. Being given free rein by their parents to do what they like isn’t something they want or value – and actually they’ll see it as rather irresponsible on your part.

* Your Capricorn child hasn’t inherited your forward thinking outlook on life, and prefers to look to the past, relying on traditional, time honored ideas and practices. From your point of view they may appear a little square or old-fashioned, and in turn they may see you as a bit of an oddball!

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Capricorn child, be prepared for them to be far less socially active than yourself. They don’t need people in the same way that you do, and for them work and ambition will always come before having a good time with their friends.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, to be the kind of dad your Capricorn child wants you to be you’ll need to take a fresh look at your anti-authoritarian beliefs, in the understanding that some children thrive much better on strict rules and routines than open boundaries – and your little Capricorn is just such a one!

Aquarius Parent - Aquarius Child

* As the Aquarius parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll find you’re very much two of a kind! While this means both of you readily understand where the other is coming from, it also creates some possible problems you’ll need to take into account in raising this unusual youngster.

* Your Aquarius child has inherited your desire to take the road less traveled – to break away from conventional ideas and behavior to do things in your own quirky way. You won’t necessarily share – or even like – each other’s idiosyncrasies, but you’ll happily put up with them. Free spirits need to stick together!

* Intelligence runs in the family! The Aquarius child of an Aquarius parent is likely to have a higher than average IQ, and perhaps even a touch of genius. This youngster’s ‘clever genes’ have been passed on from you, and they’re constantly reinforced by your daily intellectual coaching. 

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of an Aquarius child, you’re both fairly detached by nature, and the way you relate to each other is less heart to heart and more head to head. In other words your mental connection is an exceptionally strong one, but your emotional bond is rather weaker.

* If you’re an Aquarius father, you’re an excellent role model for being your own person and bucking the system. You may not be such a good one for accepting that there are some rules and conventions in life that can’t be broken without major disadvantages – not even by Aquarians! 

Aquarius Parent - Pisces Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Pisces child, you will probably recognize quite a lot of yourself in this youngster, albeit in a different guise!

* You’ve passed on your strong ideals to your little Pisces, and just like you, from their earliest days they want to make the world a better place. But because they’re likely to be more emotionally switched on than you, they will experience the wrongs and injustices of life at a much deeper and more heart-felt level. 

* One very valuable trait your Pisces child hasn’t inherited from you is your ability to stand back from problems and view them in a cool and detached way. It may be hard for you to understand that their feelings are so powerful and overwhelming, they easily get upset and depressed.

* If you’re the Aquarius mother of a Pisces child, this gentle youngster’s extreme sensitivity will require you to make some major changes in your instinctive parenting style. Tenderness, empathy and compassion are the qualities a little Fish is looking for in their mother. So if, like many Aquarians, these aren’t your strong point, your little Pisces may not feel emotionally supported in the way that’s so important to them. 

* If you’re an Aquarius father, you key role here will consist of training your Pisces child to be a little less trusting and naive and a little more street-wise. Because your logical, sophisticated take on life is the perfect antidote to their head-in-the-clouds unworldliness, you’re exactly the right kind of dad for them.