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Sympatico Sympatico


Take an intimate guided tour of your partner’s heart, mind and soul and get eye-opening insights into their TRUE romantic nature!

From the emotional to the practical, from the delightful to the disagreeable, find out everything you need to know about your lover’s long-term relationship potential!
Sympatico About 'Sympatico'

Is your lover good relationship material? How committed and responsible will they turn out to be? Are they likely to cheat? Are they family friendly? How good are they at handling practical issues and managing money? No matter how well you think you know your ‘significant other’, the answers to these critically important questions (and many others) may only reveal themselves when it is already too late to do much about them.

Don’t get caught out by unexpected surprises further down the line! Empower yourself now by wising up to your partner’s true love nature through the insights only astrology has to offer. Take an intimate guided tour of their heart, mind and soul that will help you to understand them in ways that you never imagined possible - and could miraculously shift your relationship onto a much closer and deeper level.

Discover some wonderfully unexpected things about your boyfriend or girlfriend that will make you fall in love with them all over again! Find out too about some of their weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could potentially threaten the future happiness of your relationship, and get helpful advice on how to deal with these most effectively.

Following the same format as our popular ‘Cupid’s Promise’ Personal Report, the ‘Sympatico’ Partner Relationship Personality Report provides an in-depth analysis of your lover’s natal chart based on their exact birth data. Available both for known and unknown birth times, but for optimum results you should preferably know your partner’s time of birth as accurately as possible, and at least to within 2 to 3 hours.
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