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How to Attract an Aries Man




To attract an Aries man, appeal to his inner hero and give him the chance to prove he's a red-blooded he-man. These seven clever seduction tips show you how!


To attract an Aries man, be sure to come across as independent, feisty and assertive, but not so much so as to undermine his authority (he prefers to be boss) or pose a threat to his (usually fairly large) ego. Aries men aren't interested in a meek and mild 'yes' woman, preferring a partner with a definite mind of her own who knows how to look out for herself. But to seduce an Aries guy and make him fall in love with you, you have to get the critical balance just right. When push comes to shove, and it's a question of which one of the two of you gets their own way and which one does not, you'll need to be willing to give in gracefully and let him call the shots. Because the Aries man is a born leader, to have any chance of succeeding romantically with him you have to show willing to follow his lead.


When attracting an Aries man, showing your appreciation of his masculinity will prove to be one of your finest seduction weapons. So be sure to recognize his strength, admire his assertiveness, and praise every little act of courage and daring on his part. Old-fashioned chivalry comes naturally to an Aries man, so allow him to open doors for you, give up his seat for you, and pick up the check on dates without complaining it's sexist behavior. Because Aries men are 'real men' and less emancipated than the norm, it makes them feel good when you give them opportunities to look after you by playing their traditional protective role. Every Aries man wants to feel like a hero and if you help him to see himself that way, you're more likely to win a permanent place in his heart.  


Always take the direct approach when trying to attract an Aries man. Because the Aries man is brain dead when it comes to subtleties, he'll never get the message that you're interested in him if you keep beating around the bush. So it's important to make it crystal clear you have the hots for him, rather than just hoping he'll get the hint. Don't, however, commit the fatal mistake of making yourself too easily available and denying him the fun of the chase. Ruled by Mars, the god of war, Aries is the symbol of the warrior and men born under this Star Sign like to feel they have fought for, and conquered, their woman rather than have everything handed to them on a plate. The key to seducing an Aries man is to flirt outrageously with him in the first instance and then, when you've captured his attention, sit back and wait for him to make the next move.


For the best chance of attracting an Aries man, always be truthful, even if it feels a bit embarrassing or you're worried about causing offence. The Aries man doesn't hold back when it comes to expressing his emotions and he'll feel more comfortable with you if you do the same. As one of the most passionate guys around, when he's in love he won't hesitate to openly show his affection and will expect you to be just as honest and straight down the line. An Aries man isn't into playing mind games and hates any kind of romantic deviousness or pretence. Not only will he not 'get' it, but you also risk permanently turning him off. If you've done something to upset him, he'll let you know in no uncertain terms. Quick to lose his temper, it doesn't, however, last for long. An Aries guy doesn't hold grudges and will want you to be equally willing to forgive and forget.


If you're trying to attract an Aries man, don't under any circumstances try to make him jealous in the belief he's more likely to fall in love with you. Although this is a seduction tactic that works well on some Star Signs, it's the kiss of death to a budding relationship with an Aries man. Nothing is more likely to arouse this guy's wrath than romantic two-timing or disloyalty. He has to be number one in your eyes, and anything less will quickly make him lose interest. Personally, however, an Aries man will expect you to allow him lots of freedom. Because he isn't the type who ever wants to be tied down, he shies away from controlling, manipulative partners likely to pose a threat to his independence. In order to attract an Aries man, you have to make it clear from the start you have no intentions of trying to tie him down.


To attract an Aries man, it's essential to generate an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation and, most importantly, to keep it going. The Aries man loves the thrill of a new relationship, but as soon as it begins to get a bit routine and monotonous, the appeal rapidly wears off for him. With lots of energy and enthusiasm for starting things, he's not so good at staying the course and easily tends to get bored. With this in mind, the key to unlocking an Aries guy's libido - and keeping the flame of his passion alive - is to continually present him with things that are exhilarating and new and will get his adrenaline pumping. Being spontaneous - acting on the spur of the moment, making last minute plans, forever surprising him with the unexpected, especially where intimacy is concerned - is the secret of making an Aries man fall in love with you over and over again.

Every Aries man is a compulsive risk-taker at heart, and to stand a chance of attracting him you'll have to prove you are too. Show an Aries man your spirit of pluck and adventure and convince him you're up for - and can successfully handle - a challenge and you'll immediately go up in his estimation. So if you have a good story to tell about how you've bravely overcome some kind of obstacle or adversity, be sure to tell it. He'll love it, too, if you compete with him in lots of little games and contests, and aren't afraid of a bit of play fighting. He'll love it even more of course if you let him win (but ever so subtly!). Okay, so you may not like it. But the truth is that allowing an Aries man always to think of himself as top dog is crucial to winning his love.


The main problem you face when trying to seduce an Aries man is his inbuilt resistance to being seduced! With his ‘caveman’ approach to courtship, this guy definitely wants to be the hunter, not the prey. Going all out on the offensive to get him into bed is clearly a big mistake, then. Instead you have to find subtle ways of arousing his ardor to the point that he can’t stop himself from throwing you over his shoulder and dragging you back to his lair!