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The Aries Man as a Husband or Partner



Is an Aries Man Good Husband Material?

Because Aries is a sign more suited to independence than partnership, initially this man may find adjusting to marriage quite challenging. Problems could arise if his personal freedom and individuality mean more important to him than being part of a couple - in which case he may not provide you with the level of commitment and dependability you are looking for from a husband.

However, once he’s tied the knot, an Aries husband will relish being your knight in shining armor, valiantly protecting you from the big bad world and keeping you safe from danger. The down side is that you will have to accept he will always want to be the dominating force in the partnership. If you insist on trying to wear the pants, he’ll see it as an unforgivable affront to his masculinity and the chances are you may never even make it down the aisle.

Be prepared for a few financial ups and downs during the course of your marriage or partnership with an Aries man. His innate restlessness, combined with a rather rash and rebellious steak, means that, as a husband, he may not be the steadiest and most reliable of material providers. Rest assured, however, he’ll never let you starve. After all, he’s your hero and no matter how precarious your situation, he’ll always be there to save the day!

Living with an Aries Man as a Husband or Partner

You’ll have lots of fun living with an Aries husband or partner, but don’t expect much in the way of peace and quiet! Because he prefers to do things on the spur of the moment, you’ll never quite know what’s going to happen next – which at times can be very exciting. On the other hand, constantly adapting to his last-minute changes of plan may require a lot of patience on your part.

While he enjoys tackling new projects around the home, you’ll notice your Aries partner has trouble ever getting round to finishing them. Usually in a hurry and always raring to move on, he doesn’t cope well with hold-ups or delays, and can’t tolerate any kind of interference. He can be very short-tempered when he can’t immediately get his own way. But that said, his anger tends to cool down fast, he doesn’t hold grudges, and he’s usually the first to kiss and make up.

Not really suited to a quiet domestic routine, the Aries man prefers to be where the action is, and is unlikely to show much interest in boring household chores. Yet make no mistake, he likes to be boss around the home and wants everything on his own terms! To keep the peace when you're living with an Aries husband or partner, it’s best to just let him do his own thing – and be ready to step in to clean up the mess he leaves behind him!

How Faithful is an Aries Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

Let’s face the hard truth. Regardless of how long he has been in a relationship, deep down the Aries man always tends to think of himself as single and fancy-free. Perpetually youthful and bounding with energy (unless his fiery nature causes him to burn out prematurely), he potentially has a problem containing his red-hot libido. The best way to avoid your Aries partner or husband from straying is to try to always be sexually available and constantly reassure him he’s the hottest lover in the world!

Fatherhood and the Aries Man

Will an Aries husband or partner make a good father or step-father for your children? The short answer is yes, provided you make it crystal clear to him that, however much you love your kids, as your 'other half' he will always come first in your eyes.

Because he’s slow to mature, the Aries man usually makes a far better father if he waits until a little later in life before taking on the responsibilities involved in rearing kids. And because he’s very much a ‘man’s man’, although he’ll be a protective dad to his daughters, he’ll probably find it easier relating to boys.

Don’t expect your Aries partner to take too readily to shared parenting duties. He’s not really the ‘house husband’ type: he’d rather be the one bringing home the bacon, leaving you to keep the hearth warm.

How to Keep an Aries Husband's Love Forever

Don't ever attempt to fence in your Aries husband or partner, or restrict his freedom of movement. Smother love is the biggest deal breaker for the Aries man. 
Always let your Aries partner think he’s in charge – even though you know different!
Allow your Aries husband to be the hero he was born to be! Encourage his feats of daring and bravado, tell him over and over how wonderfully brave he is, and never commit the cardinal error of attacking his strongly developed male pride.