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April 2024 Relationships Horoscope for All Star Signs



April 2024’s key astrological events and how they’re likely to play out in our relationships:

Monday 1st April
Mercury Retrograde
April Fools Day

It’s always wise to note the dates when Mercury, the planet of communication, goes Retrograde i.e. appears to be moving backwards in the sky (of course it isn’t really moving backwards but just seems to be when viewed from Earth). It has been observed that during these times there is an increased risk of spoken and written misunderstandings, generally because one or other party misinterprets what is actually being said. There’s also a greater likelihood of important messages going missing, or telecommunications equipment going wrong.  All in all, this means we’re more prone to getting confused and making ourselves look foolish. And this is especially the case this 1st April which just happens to be April Fools Day!

Monday 8th April
Solar Eclipse in Aries

This important Solar Eclipse in Aries should give a big boost to everyone’s get-up-and-go! If our energy levels have been low, or we’ve been feeling a little disheartened or out of sorts, it could be just what we need to restore our fighting spirit. We do need to be careful though, that this doesn’t mean we go on the attack or start looking for trouble. Let’s keep in mind the critical difference between assertion (the positive side of Aries) and aggression (its negative, ‘darker’ side). To get the best out of this Aries Eclipse, have the courage to be more prepared to stand up for yourself and defend your rights and needs, while respecting where others are coming from and without hurting them in any way.

Saturday 20th April
Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

This potentially life-changing transit happens only once every twelve years! At the very least it should open your eyes to new opportunities and possibilities and at the very best it could signal an amazing stroke of good fortune from the blue. If it happens to resonate with an important part of your Birth Chart you’re likely to notice its effects very powerfully (check your Personal Love Calendar – see link below). But everyone should pick up to some extent on its spirit of excitement and adventure and be more prepared to break out of their normal patterns of behavior in some way. Because the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction falls in Taurus, the Sign that rules money, there’s a chance we may be more inclined to take financial gambles on a sudden whim and if so we should be sure we’re not taking chances with cash we can’t afford to lose.

Monday 29th April
Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces

This is the classic astrological significator of guile, subterfuge and deceit, so be on your guard today and for a couple of days more. Firstly be on your guard that you don’t fall victim to other people’s attempts to trick or mislead you. Treat everything you hear or read as a potential lie, and be sure to carefully check out the correct facts before committing yourself in any way. Because the fraudulent nature of this transit is so powerful, it’s easy for all of us – you included! – to get carried away by a sudden impulse to bend the truth for our own advantage. So to avoid incurring bad karma, make an effort to ‘say it like it is’ right now.

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