May 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



How will  May 2021's key astrological predictions influence your love life? Find out in our uniquely revealing love horoscope guide.

3rd May
Mercury Square Jupiter
Mercury Enters Gemini

Be careful today not to let your tongue run away with you! Expansive Jupiter squaring up with Mercury, the planet of communication, means we’re likely to give away more information than we intended to with consequences which at best are embarrassing and at worst could badly backfire on us.

Mercury’s entry into its own sign Gemini later the same day sharpens our wit and gives us the gift of gab. Again, thinking before we speak is important, or we could end the day wishing we’d kept our mouth shut.

11th May
New Moon in Taurus
well aspected

New Moons are generally considered to be the perfect time for new beginnings, but if the Moon is badly aspected, i.e. forming stressful angles with other planets at the same time, they’re not always very helpful. Today though, both Neptune and Pluto are harmonizing with the New Moon, which suggests that whatever you embark on right now will end up fulfilling both your highest ideals and your desire to start over and leave the past behind.

13th May
Jupiter enters Pisces

Generous Jupiter is very much at home in Pisces, the most selflessly giving of all the Zodiac signs. In fact before the discovery of Neptune in 1846 it was the sign’s main planetary ruler (now it’s co-ruler). Make the most of the next two and a half months to sow some seeds of good karma by showing a bit of magnanimity and doing a few good turns for those most in need. Then wait for them to flow back to you in the form of favors from others between now and the end of this year.  

16th May
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune Very Powerful

It’s an unusual astrological phenomenon to find five planets all in the Zodiac signs which they rule or co-rule on the same day. When this happens, as it does today, we know those planets are at their most powerful and we can use the energies which they represent to the greatest possible effect. Try to meditate today, focusing your thoughts and feelings on your heart’s desire and your belief in your ability to successfully bring it into being while patiently overcoming any obstacles in your way. 

22nd May
Mercury Square Neptune

Telling a few little untruths on a regular basis may not seem a big deal. That is, until you eventually find yourself entangled in a huge web of deceit from which you can’t easily escape. Lying comes more naturally to us when Mercury moves into conflict with Neptune, as it does today, and if we give in to the temptation too readily, it can turn into a bad habit that’s rekindled with every Mercury-Neptune transit.  

26th May
Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

A Lunar Eclipse is just a mega Full Moon (Moon-Sun Opposition), which serves to bring a particular event or behavior pattern to its ultimate culmination point or ending. Today’s Eclipse in Sagittarius will make it very clear to us if we’ve been getting up on our moral soapbox too often, or going over the top with ‘virtue signalling’. If we want to hold onto the relationships that are important to us, today all that preaching has to come to a stop.

28th May
Tonight Mercury conjunct Venus

If we’ve upset someone dear to us through too much self-righteous sermonizing, there’s a great opportunity today to put matters to right. As Venus (the planet of charm) meets up with Mercury (the planet of communication), words of love and conciliation come easily to us. Be sure to make the peace tonight though, and don’t leave it for another two days when Mercury turns Retrograde, increasing the chance of misunderstandings and communication crossed-wires.

30th May
Mars in Cancer Trine Neptune

The month ends with another chance to create some valuable good karma for ourselves through some caring good deeds, whether for our family members or anyone else in need of looking after in some way. We also have the energy, drive, and creativity now to make over our home into a place we’ll find more inspiring to live in.

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