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Aries - Cancer Love Compatibility




Because Aries and Cancer have so little in common personality-wise, their level of compatibility will depend on the extent to which the two people can view their differences as interesting and stimulating – rather than as a source of ongoing irritation.


Traditionally this combination is considered to be quite difficult! When two people are born under conflicting elements, here Fire and Water, it can be hard for them to fully understand where one another are coming from and their level of love compatibility is likely to be poor.

Tensions can arise due to their contrasting ways of going about things – normally quite assertively and boldly when someone has the Sun in Aries, but much more sensitively and cautiously with a Cancer Sun. Fearless Aries may see the little Crab as rather feeble and wimpish; on the other hand, to gentle and caring Cancer, the Ram's steam-roller approach can seem unfamiliarly aggressive and a bit scary.

There are also some noticeable contrasts in what's most important to Aries and Cancer in life – in the case of Aries, independence and freedom, in the case of Cancer, home and family – and in a long-term relationship, this can often give the sense of being pulled in totally conflicting directions.

Because Fire and Water have a natural tendency to extinguish each other, in order to be able to function harmoniously together, each of these signs has to be very careful not to cancel the other one out. For Aries the challenge is to learn not to ride roughshod over Cancer’s delicate feelings, while Cancer mustn't allow its fears and hang-ups to dampen Aries’ natural enthusiasm and drive.


The characteristic emotional responses of the signs Aries and Cancer really couldn’t be much more different. The belligerent Ram is unafraid of, and actually thrives on, arguments and confrontations, while the peace-loving Crab seeks emotional harmony and security above all else.

As a result Cancer may be too fearful of voicing its true needs and feelings, vainly hoping that Aries will intuitively pick up on them – which of course it never will. What the Crab wants most is emotional closeness, comfort and nurturing, but the self-sufficient Ram has no real need for such things in its life.


Sexually, Aries and Cancer aren't particularly well matched: the red-hot Ram is often too impatient and forceful for slow-moving Cancer, while for Aries, the Crab can seem too shy and diffident and much too easily hurt. For things to work for these two signs sexually, Aries needs to show a little more emotional empathy, while Cancer has to overcome its insecurities and be prepared to come out of its shell.


The main problem here lies in the big difference between Aries’s fiery, spontaneous way of thinking and Cancer’s more sensitive and intuitive mindset.

Quick thinking Aries finds Cancer overly cautious and woolly minded at times, and in turn Cancer sees the Ram as too hasty in rushing into impetuous decisions. Cancer likes to communicate with its partner in a gentle, caring way, hates arguments and sometimes finds Aries overly blunt and confrontational. In contrast, Aries enjoys a bit of vigorous verbal sparring, thrives on a good fight, and wishes the Crab could be a little less thin-skinned and a little more spunky.

It will be necessary for both these Star Signs to make some major compromises and accommodations to enable this relationship to work well at a mental level.


Given that an Aries-Cancer couple faces a higher than average level of compatibility challenges, their best chance of success in a love relationship is to exploit their stark personality differences to their joint advantage and work together as a team.

Irrespective of gender, ideally the Aries individual should be the one to wear the pants in this relationship and go out and do battle in the big bad world, while the Cancerian takes on the running of the home and fulfils a more selfless, nurturing role. In practice, however, this may be very difficult to achieve.