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Aries - Libra Love Compatibility




Because Aries and Libra have diametrically opposed personalities, for good love compatibility it’s essential that both people are willing to celebrate, and not criticize, the contrasting qualities which they observe in each other but which they don’t personally possess.


As far as love compatibility is concerned, this combination is traditionally considered to be rather exciting! When two people are born under opposite Star Signs, such as Aries and Libra, there’s often a strong attraction between them because they’re magnetically drawn to qualities and traits in each other which perfectly complement their own.

Each has the ability to compensate for the other’s weak points: here Aries’ independence and decisiveness ideally balance Libra’s tendency to lack a little in self-reliance and to over-procrastinate at times. At the same time, Aries’ toughness – and habit of charging in madly where angels fear to tread – are nicely offset by Libra’s gentler, and far more measured and conciliatory approach.

Problems arise only if one person tries to convert the other to their own particular way of doing things, in which case the differences between them can become a major hindrance rather than an asset.

In a long-term relationship, to avoid an ongoing battle of wills, Libra has to accept it's unlikely ever to be successful in taming the Ram's daredevil spirit, while impatient Aries eventually has come to terms with Libra's sit-on-the-fence approach.


Although quite different in their emotional make-up, Aries and Libra people are strongly attracted to the qualities in each other that they themselves are lacking. People-pleaser Libra can do a good job of smoothing the rough edges off outspoken Aries. In turn Aries helps Libra to ‘man up’ to necessary confrontations rather than constantly sweeping contentious issues under the rug.

Instinctively Libra wants to make the peace, while Aries is raring for a show-down. Togetherness means everything to Libra, while Aries will always need a lot of ‘me’ time. Yet most of the time these opposite traits only add to, rather than detracting from, the emotional attraction between these two signs.


Sexually, these signs are among the best matched, their strong yin-yang polarity giving them the potential to complete each other like two halves of a perfect whole.

A bit of give and take is of course needed: for Aries, the challenge is to take into account Libra's sensibilities, refine its sexual technique, and focus more on pleasing its partner rather than simply satisfying itself. Libra, on the other hand, needs to focus less on simply pleasing others sexually, and more on being true to itself.


There are a few important differences in the way these two Star Signs’ minds operate which they will need to reconcile in order for this relationship to work at a mental level.

While Libra finds decision making difficult and likes to fully discuss a matter to gain contrasting opinions, Aries is the opposite, taking a firm stance on an issue and being largely uninterested in other people’s views. As a result, when faced with a tough choice, Libra may complain it doesn’t get enough feedback from Aries and consider itself mentally short-changed.

Of course, the most critical difference between this couple’s mental outlook is that while Aries loves a good argument, Libra hates any kind of falling-out or disharmony. The end result is that Libra will often allow Aries to brush aside its opinions and wishes, simply to avoid angry words. To avoid turning into a mere yes-person in this relationship, Libra has to learn to stand up to Aries’s mental assertiveness and be more prepared to defend its own point of view.


Despite the basically good compatibility between these two signs, if Aries is too selfish – or Libra pushes Aries too hard into giving up its freedoms – either one could become badly unstuck in this relationship.

This is a love match that can work extremely well, as long as Aries doesn’t take liberties with Libra’s good-naturedness – and Libra isn’t totally dependent on Aries for company. Actually, it’s especially important that Libra retains a few close friends and confidantes – both male and female – outside of this relationship, because Aries will probably never be willing to give Libra as much quality one-on-one time as it would ideally like.