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Aries - Gemini Love Compatibility




Relationships between Star Signs like Aries and Gemini, which are 60° apart, have a blissfully fated quality and an unusually high level of love compatibility. Because the two individuals can sense they have an important part to play in each other’s lives, they may find it hard to resist each other – and even harder to part.


Star Signs which are two signs apart from each other, such as Aries and Gemini, are ruled by complementary elements, here Fire and Air, and for this reason are traditionally considered to get on very well in a love relationship! What makes these signs so compatible is that they are linked by sufficient similarities to allow them to function harmoniously together, yet at the same time there are enough differences to provide an alternative perspective and create that all important spark of excitement.

In the case of Aries and Gemini, both signs share the same optimistic, free-spirited and eternally youthful outlook on life – which makes for a lot of fun. A common characteristic of both Aries and Gemini is their powerful desire for personal space in relationships and certainly, these aren’t the kind of individuals who are likely to cramp each other's style. On the other hand, if either person is too set on doing their own thing to offer the other full-on commitment, in the long-term there's a risk they may gradually drift apart.

Of course, Aries and Gemini are also quite unalike in that while Aries’ strong points are spontaneity and action, Gemini takes a more logical and considered approach. And whereas Gemini is a great mixer and communicator, the Ram tends to be rather more independent and self-contained. However, because these qualities are great in combination, Aries and Gemini have the potential to be a highly successful team.


Aries and Gemini share a tendency to easily become bored and restless; both signs get a lot of excitement out of initiating projects, but find it much harder to carry through what they’ve started. Emotional neediness and clinginess are big turn-offs for Aries and for Gemini, so each tends to respect the other’s need for freedom. In this respect these signs possess a good level of emotional compatibility. However, Gemini’s emotional games-playing and elusiveness doesn’t sit well with Aries’s extreme honesty and directness.


Sexually, Aries and Gemini have much in common, in that both are looking for instant excitement and both are turned on by the thrill of the chase. Okay, so fast-moving Aries may complain that Gemini spends too long talking about sex rather than actually getting on with it, while for cool-headed Gemini, Aries sometimes plays a bit rough. But because these signs are natural playmates, such differences are all part of the fun. In principle these two signs are a good love match and have a high level of sexual compatibility.


Both of these Star Signs have lively, very active minds and both enjoy a bit of mental sparring. However sometimes, when Gemini wants to talk about a plan, Aries becomes impatient with the discussion, feeling that Gemini is being too long-winded or not really getting to the point, and as a result becomes rather short and blunt.

Gemini has to realize that because Aries is primarily action-oriented, there are times when it’s simply not in the mood for talking, and can’t be relied on for daily chit-chat. With the right attitude though, Gemini can provide useful logical perspectives on Aries’s impulsive ideas that help the Ram avoid rushing into ill considered mistakes.


There will undoubtedly be times when straight-down-the-line Aries is frustrated by joker Gemini’s insincerity and changeability. Or when the Ram’s lack of intellectual curiosity and inability to sustain a decent conversation or argument leaves the Air sign feeling mentally short-changed. But in the grand order of things, these are minor compatibility challenges which shouldn’t detract from the ability of these two signs to get along well in a love relationship.