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Aries - Aquarius Love Compatibility




Relationships between Star Signs like Aries and Aquarius, which are 60° apart, can have a blissfully fated quality and an unusually high level of love compatibility. Because the two individuals can sense they have an important part to play in each other’s lives, they may find it hard to resist each other – and even harder to part.


Star Signs which are two signs apart from each other, such as Aries and Aquarius, are ruled by complementary elements, here Fire and Air, and for this reason are traditionally considered to get on very well in a love relationship! What makes these signs so compatible is that the two are linked by sufficient similarities to allow them to function harmoniously together, yet at the same time there are enough differences to provide an alternative perspective and create that all important spark of excitement.

In this case both Aries and Aquarius share the same independent, free-spirited and adventurous outlook on life – which makes for a lot of fun. A common characteristic of both Aries and Aquarius is their powerful desire for personal space in relationships. Certainly, these aren’t the kind of individuals who are likely to cramp each other's style.

On the other hand, if either person is too set on doing their own thing to offer the other ongoing commitment, in the long-term there's a risk they may gradually drift apart.

Of course, Aries and Aquarius are also quite unalike in that while Aries’ strong points are spontaneity and enthusiasm, Aquarius takes a more considered and detached approach. And whereas Aquarius is a great mixer and communicator, the Ram tends to be rather more independent and self-contained. However, because these qualities are great in combination, they have the potential to be a highly successful team.


Emotionally, there’s a hot-cold contrast between Aries and Aquarius, which makes for only luke-warm emotional compatibility! While fiery Aries is intensely passionate and shows its feelings very spontaneously, an Aquarian’s emotional responses are characteristically much cooler and more detached. To the ardent Ram, at times it may even seem like Aquarius has no feelings at all!

The big emotional difference between these two signs is that whereas Air Sign Aquarius’s reactions are governed mainly by logic, Fire Sign Aries always shoots straight from the heart. The good news is that because Aquarius’s reasoning approach always eventually makes sense to Aries, it tends to have a calming effect on the hot-headed Ram.


Sexually, Aries and Aquarius have much in common, in that both are looking for thrills and excitement and both are turned on by experimentation.

Okay, so red-hot Aries can be a bit too full-on for take-it-or-leave-it Aquarius, while the Ram may complain that Aquarius is too cool and impersonal at times. But because Aries and Aquarius are natural sexual playmates, such differences are all part of the fun and games. In principle, Aries and Aquarius are a good love match and have a high level of sexual compatibility.


Mentally, Aries and Aquarius have a great deal in common. Both are independent-minded individuals, who know how to think outside the box and come up with original approaches to problems. Certainly, neither have much interest in conventional ideas and beliefs or conforming to the status quo.

However, while the center point of Aries’s thoughts and conversation is mainly itself and its own projects, Aquarius wants to avoid discussing personal issues, preferring instead to talk about general matters of social or political interest. In Aquarius’s eyes, the Ram is too self-absorbed and too narrow in its focus, while Aries complains that Aquarius’s wide based intellectual interests are of no relevance to their own lives.

Also, the Fire-Air dichotomy between these Star Signs means that while Aries loves an impassioned argument and thrives on a bit of vigorous verbal sparring, Aquarius insists on keeping discussions at a strictly cerebral level. No matter how hard Aries tries to provoke Aquarius, the Water Bearer coolly refuses to take the bait, which is obviously very mentally frustrating for the Ram.


There will undoubtedly be times when volatile Aries is frustrated by the laid-back Aquarian’s take-it-or-leave-it detachment. Or when the Ram’s lack of intellectual curiosity and inability to sustain a logical argument without losing its cool leaves the Air sign feeling mentally short-changed.

But in the grand order of things, these are minor compatibility challenges which shouldn’t detract from the ability of these two signs to get along quite well in a love match.