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Sex with a Cancer



To understand a Cancer man or woman’s sexual love nature, just keep the following three key facts in mind:-

Cancer is a WATER SIGN, so it’s sensitive, empathic and highly intuitive, and like all the Water Signs needs relationships that are based on a strong emotional rapport. Cancer is also a CARDINAL SIGN, which means it’s good at making things happen and pushing things forward (especially on an emotional level). Finally Cancer is ruled by the MOON, symbolizing femininity and motherhood, receptiveness and fluctuation. From there everything else follows on:-

Love and sex are irrevocably intertwined in the mind of most Cancerians: many will be uncomfortable with the idea of physical intimacy unless they possess at least some degree of emotional involvement with their sexual partner. For this reason Cancer is one of the Star Signs least likely to have a one-night-stand.

Like all the Water Signs, Cancers are born with a powerful inner sensor that helps protect them from situations that might threaten their emotional safety. This gives them a reputation for being a bit shy and cautious in love. Yet as soon as they feel able to trust you, they give of themselves unreservedly.

What you need to know is that, because of their inherent desire to look after those they love, Cancerians will stop at nothing to satisfy your every sexual need. Their powerful sense of intuition endows them with an instinctive understanding of what will make you happy, while their sensitivity gives them the patience to take as long as it takes.

The powerfully nurturing nature of Cancer draws many born under this Star Sign towards parenthood and family life. In fact it’s rare for Cancerians not to want children, provided they can offer them a secure and loving home. Clannish by nature, with a strong sense of ancestry, continuing its line is of paramount importance to this Sign.

You see, some Cancerians even believe – although they would probably never admit it – that procreation is the main purpose of sex. In a few cases they may prefer to ‘save’ themselves sexually for the future co-parent of their kids; in others they may tend to lose interest in the sexual side of a relationship once the nest-making is over and done.

That isn’t to say, however, that Cancerians are necessarily lacking in tenacity in their romantic relationships. Forever devoted to those they love, they’re capable of long-lasting loyalty, with a reluctance to break up an established relationship – especially a live-in one – however tough it gets.

On the whole, Crabs are clingy creatures. Their emotional and domestic security is far too important to them for them easily to let go, and once their strong tentacles are entwined around you, it can be hard to prise yourself free. Just as it takes a long time for a Cancer to welcome you into their inner circle, it can also take quite a while for them to accept you may no longer want to be a part of their life.


Sexually, Cancer isn’t particularly prone to infidelity. Actually this is one of the least promiscuous Zodiac Signs, since many Cancerians secretly believe that sex outside a committed relationship is in some way morally wrong. But when it comes to emotional cheating, Cancers are probably more guilty than most other people. As the most emotionally needy of all the Star Signs, Cancerians won't hesitate to seek support and comfort in someone else’s arms if not on offer from their Significant Other.


Cancer's sexual style clicks best firstly with Scorpio and Pisces, and secondly with Taurus and Virgo. It clashes most with Aries and Capricorn.


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WHAT'S SEXY ABOUT CANCER: its caring; its sentimentality; its nest-building.
WHAT'S NOT: its diffidence; its neediness; its over-protectiveness.