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Sagittarius - Cancer Love Compatibility


The Explorer and the Nurturer


Sagittarius and Cancer may not be the best ever star sign pairing! But they’re a great example of an apparently mismatched couple who – with a little patience and mutual give and take – can actually learn to thrive on their differences and incompatibilities.


As far as love compatibility is concerned, some people see this as one of the more challenging Sun Sign combinations, with one sign – Sagittarius – ruled by the element of Fire and the other – Cancer – ruled by the conflicting element of Water. In reality though, things aren’t necessarily quite as difficult as they might initially appear!

True, a fundamentally different approach to life – cautious and very home and family oriented in the case of Cancer – adventurous and fiercely independent in the case of Sagittarius – can give rise to disagreements and quite a bit of mutual criticism. In a long-term relationship, Sagittarius's cavalier approach can be worrying to Cancer, for whom safety is always paramount; in turn, the maverick Archer may feel held back and frustrated by the Crab's overprotectiveness and difficulty in breaking out of its rut.

But if each accepts they have much to learn and benefit from the other, Sagittarius and Cancer have the potential to cooperate quite successfully as a team. From motherly Cancer – born to look after others – Sagittarius can gain the emotional and domestic stability it needs to counterbalance its restlessness; in turn, Sagittarius – a confident risk-taker – can help the nervous Crab to venture forth a little more confidently and take a few more gambles.
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The characteristic emotional responses of the signs Sagittarius and Cancer are certainly quite different. Cancer, a highly sensitive Water sign, is a born worrier and can be very moody when its feelings have been wounded. Sagittarius, an optimistic Fire sign, is never downbeat for long, and may have a lot of trouble relating to Cancer’s moods and insecurities.

Rather than accepting Cancer’s feelings, Sagittarius tries to ‘jolly’ Cancer along – a tactic which is often surprisingly successful. One thing these two signs share in abundance is a ‘loony’ sense of humor (with a particular love of slapstick), and the ability to have a good laugh together can do much to bridge the gulf between their emotional styles.

Sagittarius must take care, however, that its jokes aren’t at the expense of the Crab’s delicate feelings. Because Sagittarius is quite thick-skinned, while Cancer is totally the opposite, being very easily offended with a tendency to take everything extremely personally, the forthright Fire sign will need to make a big effort to curb its blunt outspokenness if it wants this relationship to work.


Sexually, Sagittarius and Cancer don't always click initially: security-conscious Cancer may complain that the Archer is too unpredictable, too irresponsible and too unwilling to commit, while to freedom-loving Sagittarius, the vulnerable Crab can seem a bit too clingy and emotionally needy. To make things work, Sagittarius has to be prepared to give up some of its personal space, while Cancer needs to learn to come out of its shell.


The main compatibility challenge between these two is that while most Sagittarians have a strong wanderlust, and love travelling to new places, a typical Cancerian rarely strays very far from home if they can help it. While Sagittarius is happiest when constantly on the move, what Cancer wants most is to put down firm roots and create a secure home base. While Cancer is very attached to the old and familiar, Sagittarius is more forward-looking and feels a strong sense of excitement about the future.

This raises some questions regarding the ability of a Sagittarius-Cancer couple to co-exist harmoniously in a live-in relationship. Will the stay-at-home Water sign end up stifling the Sagittarian’s passionate enthusiasm for living? Are Sagittarius’s big dreams and ideas far too grandiose and impractical for timid, risk-averse Cancer? Will the motherly Crab be left to carry all the domestic responsibilities, while its Sagittarian partner enjoys a footloose and care-free existence?

Only if both people have a live-and-let-live outlook and are very tolerant of the other, is a Sagittarius-Cancer love match likely to prove successful in the long run.