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Sex with an Aries



To understand an Aries man or woman’s sexual love nature, just keep the following three key facts in mind: 

Aries is a FIRE SIGN, so it’s passionate, fun loving and emotionally intense, and like all the Fire Signs it thrives on drama and excitement. Aries is also a CARDINAL SIGN, which means it prefers to take the initiative in  its relationships, tends to be rather impulsive and hates having to wait. Finally Aries is ruled by MARS, the planet that symbolizes action, energy – and sexual desire! From there everything else follows on:-


The important thing to understand about an Aries – not least where sex is concerned – is that they always prefer to be on top! There’s a predatory side to Aries people which means that for them, sex is largely about pursuit and conquest. In relationships Aries loves a sense of challenge: it’s this that gets their juices flowing and gives them their reputation as one of the hottest lovers in the Zodiac.

Foreplay may not be their strongpoint though, and their bedside manners may leave something to be desired. The burning sense of urgency an Aries feels for just about everything also extends to their sex life: achieving sexual intimacy in the shortest time possible is what matters to them – the before and after aren’t such a big deal.

You see, for those born under the Sign of the Ram, love-making is all about the thrill of the moment of moving in on their prey and then going for the kill. Doesn’t sound particularly romantic? Well, you don’t date an Aries for poetry and flowers: ruled by Mars, the planet of action and physical desire, sex always tends to be on their mind.

With energy levels unmatched by any other Star Sign and the ability to recharge its batteries in record short time, Aries is a Sign that likes to make love briefly and often. Spontaneity is the keyword for Aries: this is the Sign most likely to have sex on the first date, at a moment’s notice and in the most impromptu of settings. Self-control isn’t really its thing!

What you need to understand is that risk always goes hand in hand with sexual fulfillment for Aries. Because this warrior Star Sign loves an element of danger, the chance of getting caught in the act is a big turn-on. Neither is it worried about the possibility of romantic rebuffs. A slap in the face simply strengthens an Aries' resolve to score the next time round.

Pretend fighting and games of dominance and submission feature high on Aries' list of sexual preferences – sometimes a bit of a problem if their partner doesn’t like playing it rough or things start to get out of hand. The Ram’s natural aggression is always its Achilles heel, yet it’s also the source of its unparalleled sex drive!


When it comes to sexual fidelity, Aries people often have a hard time keeping a check on their super-charged libido and their insatiable appetite for action. If single or in an uncommitted relationship, they will throw themselves enthusiastically into the sport of playing the field and competitively marking up notches on their bedpost. When part of a couple though, they’re less likely to stray and if they do it’s more likely to be a quickie than a full-blown love affair.


Sexually, Aries tends to click best with Leo or Sagittarius, whose fiery libido is very similar to its own. Aries also has a good sexual rapport with Gemini and Aquarius since, like them, these Signs have a similar ability to separate sex and emotion.

Additionally, Aries is highly sexually compatible with its opposite Sign, Libra. Although their sexual styles may be quite different, due to their strong yang-yin polarity Aries and Libra perfectly complement each other, with Libra's gentle, considerate approach exerting an agreeably balancing effect on Aries' sexual assertiveness. 


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WHAT'S SEXY ABOUT ARIES: its energy; its spontaneity; its fearlessness.
WHAT'S NOT: its lack of subtlety; its aggression; its self-centeredness.