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Sex with a Taurus


To understand a Taurus man or woman’s sexual love nature, just keep the following three key facts in mind:

Taurus is an EARTH SIGN, so it’s practical, realistic and well grounded, and like all the Earth Signs is strongly oriented to the physical and material side of relationships. Taurus is also a FIXED SIGN, which means it’s capable of formidable sticking power but also a good deal of inflexibility. Finally Taurus is ruled by VENUS, the planet that symbolizes romance, beauty and pleasure. From there everything else follows on:-


Sex is always a big number for Taurus. This is an intensely sensual Sign: a Sign that relates to the world to a large extent through its five senses, that expresses its sexuality predominantly through physical contact, and for which love is based around the mutual sharing of carnal pleasures and irresistible earthly delights.

You see, there’s an earthiness about Taurus – and at the same time a strong romanticism due to its rulership by Venus – that give it an instinctive understanding of how to turn on a lover. Using the famous Taurean seduction techniques of personal adornment, fragrance, food and the power of touch, it knows exactly how to bring the object of its desire to their knees.

No-one can deliver a more sensually arousing massage than a Taurus – and no-one knows better how to set the scene for a candlelit gourmet dinner as a precursor to great sex. For Taurus, food is the most obvious aphrodisiac and sex is the natural expression of love.

Taurus is a physically strong yet emotionally gentle Sign that you can rely on for regular, satisfying sex of the most basic kind. However, it’s not necessarily a Sign that will be especially innovative or adventurous in its lovemaking. The traditional approach suits Taurus best and once it has hit on a successful line of foreplay, it prefers not to vary its technique.

What you need to understand is that security goes hand in hand with sexual fulfillment for Taurus. Any element of uncertainty or unpredictability will dampen its libido, sour its normally sweet nature and send it into a (sometimes long-lasting) sulk. For a Taurus to be happy in a sexual relationship, it has to be based on shared material values, financial stability, and the possibility of economic advancement as a team.

Sexually, this Sign isn’t into games playing – with Taurus what you see is what you get – but it often has a bit of a problem with possessiveness. Although they’ll vigorously deny it, in a sexual relationship Taurus always feel some kind of sense of ownership of their partner, which can lead to a huge sense of loss if things come to an end.


When it comes to sexual fidelity, Taurus has a reputation for being fairly reliable. Because Bulls aren’t particularly adventurous by nature, and they also loathe change, they would usually rather stick to what is most familiar than risk jeopardizing the status quo. They do, however, have a voracious sexual appetite that requires regular satisfaction. So if your Taurus partner strays, it’s usually because they’re going hungry at home and are on the hunt for food elsewhere.


Taurus's sexual style clicks best firstly with Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn, and secondly with Pisces and Cancer. It tends to clash most with Leo and Aquarius.


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WHAT'S SEXY ABOUT TAURUS: its sensuality; its stylishness; its reliability.
WHAT'S NOT: its stubbornness; its inertia; its possessiveness