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Cancer - Cancer Love Compatibility




Because a Cancer-Cancer couple will constantly see their personality traits mirrored in each other, their level of love compatibility depends quite simply on how acceptant or judgmental each person is of their own faults – and thus also of their partner’s failings.


Well, traditionally the combination of Cancer-Cancer is considered to have the potential either to be really good – or incredibly bad – in terms of love compatibility! When two people are born under the same Star Sign, they certainly understand where one another are coming from and can feel empathy with each other. But the risk is that they’re sometimes just too alike, leading to a lot of competitiveness.

There’s also the possibility of magnifying each other’s weak points – in the case of Cancer-Cancer both people’s mutual possessiveness and tendency to be a bit overly sensitive and moody at times. Two Crabs in close proximity can easily spark off each other's worries and insecurities, and in a live-in relationship, an ongoing contest over who rules the roost can lead to frequent petty bickering and fall-outs.

By the same token of course, two Cancerians are also capable of intensifying one another’s strong points, bringing out each other’s nurturing, protective tendencies and sparking off each other’s imagination. This positive synergistic effect can be very exciting, enabling a Cancer-Cancer couple to interact in a highly creative way – particularly at a domestic level or in terms of any caring activities.


Cancer is one of the most classically ‘emotional’ of the Star Signs, its stereotypical responses being governed mainly by instincts, and only to a lesser extent by logic and reasoning.

Ruled by the Moon and the Element of Water, a Cancerian’s moods and feelings cyclically ebb and flow in a way that can be quite puzzling to more emotionally stable Star Signs. Neither do most people realize just how easily Cancerians can be hurt or offended, their lack of objectivity making them prone to taking everything extremely personally. For all these reasons, Cancer is one of the hardest Star Signs for others to understand emotionally.

No such problems, however, in the case of a Cancer-Cancer couple. Basically two Cancerians will enjoy a high degree of emotional compatibility since each understands, and can fully empathize with, the other’s mood swings and extreme sensitivity. The emotional security of home and family is equally important to both people in this partnership since they share a deep need to protect – and be protected by – the people they love and care for.


Sex between two Cancerians is likely to be sentimental, tender and romantic, perhaps with more emphasis on the emotional than the physical aspect of lovemaking. Okay, so maybe it won't be particularly wild and abandoned - shyness and hyper-sensitivity to each others' feelings can mean they tread too carefully around each other at first. But because safety probably matters more to a Cancer-Cancer couple than excitement, that's unlikely to be much of a problem.


Because mentally this couple are generally on the same page, both tend to feel comfortable with the way the other’s mind works and how they put their thoughts into words. In fact, their conversation styles seem so familiar to each other, these two often feel like they are talking to themselves!

But at the same time, a double dose of timid-mindedness and a tendency to whip up each other’s fears and anxieties can get in the way of effective decision making and means it’s hard for two Cancerians to make much progress when pressing problems need to be solved.


Cancer is the most maternal of all the Zodiac signs, with an inborn talent for caring and nurturing. In any Cancer-Cancer relationship, both people will instinctively want to mother – and be mothered by – each other. But there’s a risk that too much mutual babying and cosseting will only strengthen each other’s inherent weaknesses and dependencies. Problems are likely when both people are feeling needy and vulnerable and demand to be ‘mothered’ at the same time, in which case both may behave very childishly.