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Taurus - Aries Love Compatibility




Although in many ways it may seem that couples with consecutive Star Signs, like Taurus and Aries, have little in common, because there’s a better than average probability that they will share Mercury and/or Venus signs, they often have far more similarities, and thus a higher level of love compatibility, than one might expect.


For sure, there are some big differences between Taurus and Aries due to the conflicting Earth-Fire combination – the former basically being quite steady and down-to-earth while the latter is much more passionate, impulsive and idealistic.

Nevertheless – probably because they're next-door neighbors in the Zodiac – consecutive Star Signs such as Taurus and Aries are traditionally considered to have quite a good level of love compatibility and a reasonable chance of understanding each other and getting on. There’s a surprising ability to tolerate each other’s contrasting way of going about things, and they can generally relate to one another’s weak points, which each can help the other to overcome.

Aries, for example, can often sympathize with Taurus’s insecurities and reluctance to accept change, encouraging it to be a little more adventurous. In turn, Taurus can give practical support to Aries’ grand schemes – which it may secretly find quite exciting – while imposing a bit of much needed restraint on the Ram's tendency towards rashness.

In a live-in relationship, Taurus and Aries can actually make a good team. Go-getting Aries loves a partner they can rely on to keep everything ticking over back home while they're out doing battle – and who better than rock-steady Taurus who's always happy to lend a shoulder for others to lean on. In return, the lusty Ram offers the languorous Bull an injection of adrenaline, enthusiasm and excitement – and when it's being unreasonably stubborn, a good hard kick in the ass!


Emotionally Taurus and Aries couldn’t be more different, but that’s not usually too much of a problem!

Whereas Aries is excitable, volatile and highly impatient, Taurus is a lot calmer, slower to react and far more placid. Despite this, the steady Earth sign is rarely bothered by – or hardly seems to notice – Aries’s emotional outbursts. And while the belligerent Ram sometimes wishes Taurus would react more strongly and/or aggressively, it generally finds the Bull’s calm temperament very soothing.


In terms of their sexual compatibility, Taurus and Aries may seem somewhat ill-matched initially: the fast-moving Ram is often too quick off the mark sexually for slow and steady Taurus, while for Aries, the Bull can take rather too long to get going.

For good sex, Aries has to be willing to spend more time on the pleasures of foreplay, while Taurus needs to speed up a bit and switch on to the thrill of the chase. Then, with the Ram's sexual passion and the Bull's sensuality, these guys can really rock and roll!


The main problem lies in the big difference between the pace of thought of these two Star Signs. Because Aries is very quick and spontaneous in its thinking, while Taurus’s mind operates much more slowly and carefully, Aries gets irritated when the Bull can’t keep up with its quick-fire ideas.

Conflicts can arise when Aries comes up with a sudden idea and wants to act on it immediately, but Taurus insists on first talking it through very slowly and thoroughly. Aries complains that the Bull is a boring stick-in-the-mud, while Taurus sees the Ram as a hot-headed fool. Each person will need to make some major compromises and accommodations for this relationship to work well at a mental level.


Striking a balance between Aries’s instinctive spontaneity and desire for action on the one hand, and Taurus’s cautiousness and tendency to ‘wait and see’ is the fundamental compatibility challenge of this star sign pairing. Adapting to whichever approach is most appropriate in a particular situation will turn a Taurus-Aries couple into a highly effective team.