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Mars in Cancer



The urge to put down firm roots, create a secure home base and build a close-knit family is exceptionally strong when Mars falls in Cancer. These people have a powerful nurturing drive, which means they often end up in some kind of ‘parent/protector’ role. Mars in Cancer people have access to huge amounts of energy and motivation when they find themselves responsible for others’ wellbeing, for example as guardians of children or when working as social or health care professionals.

On the other hand, their adrenaline and willpower are instantly diminished when they’re emotionally upset or irritable. For this reason, Mars in Cancer types may instinctively try to suppress their negative feelings, with harmful consequences for their physical or psychological wellbeing.

There’s a strong, albeit sometimes subconscious, drive to procreate, often resulting in early parenthood and/or large families. Because their emotional needs are inseparably linked to their libido, Mars in Cancer people tend to be turned off by no-strings sex.


Mars in Cancer people get angry when faced with threats to their emotional security, home or family. For this reason, despite their strong family loyalties, they tend to be involved in more than their fair share of domestic arguments and disputes with relatives. However, when under personal attack, Mars in Cancer people don’t go openly on the offensive, resorting instead to passive aggressive or emotionally manipulative tactics.

Due to their extreme sensitivity to even the most minor of personal slights, many of these types are chronically moody and irritable. But since their primary motive is to protect, not fight with, others, they’re prone to containing their anger rather than letting it out. Alternatively, they may use emotional blackmail as a weapon to get what they want, playing on their opponent’s guilt or sympathy.

Mars in Cancer people have no problems, however, in giving full vent to their anger when they’re defending others’ rights rather than their own. Champions of the weak and downtrodden, these Mars types will fight to the death to protect those who are incapable of fighting for themselves.


Good providers and homemakers; strong family loyalties; caring and responsible parents; champions of the weak and downtrodden.


Emotionally manipulative; chronically moody and irritable; unstable energy drive; fight with their relatives; prone to psychosomatic illnesses.


People with Mars in Cancer are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn.

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