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Mars in Leo



Mars in Leo is associated with a particularly strong ego drive. The urge to make a name for themselves, take center stage, and gain recognition and applause for their talents and successes is a burning passion for Mars in Leo people. These types desire, above all things, to be noticed.

Insignificance, mediocrity and failure are their biggest fears, yet rarely their destiny. Their take-charge approach to life, coupled with their high energy levels and extraordinary self-confidence and sticking power, usually propel them into positions of leadership and authority, although some find them insufferably bossy.

Mars in Leo individuals are fiercely competitive in those areas of life that are important to them, motivated by the desire not only to beat their rivals but also to constantly outdo their own ‘personal best’. Forever striving to put on an epic show, there’s an unabashed exhibitionist side to many of these Mars types. Sexually too, they take great pride in their prowess and performance. With their powerful libidos and deep longing to be worshipped, the thrill of sexual conquest is a huge turn-on for most Mars in Leo people.


Mars in Leo individuals get very angry when confronted with insults to their personal pride and dignity. These types don’t go looking for trouble, but when under attack they give as good as they get – and usually far more. Any kind of defeat, put-down or slur on their competence or standing brings out the warrior spirit in Mars in Leo people. They have hot tempers which flair up dramatically if they don’t receive fair recognition for their achievements, and they won’t rest until they have wiped the floor with the opposition and reclaimed their number one position.

Because they instinctively sense they were born to be lead, they find it very hard to take orders. Being bossed around brings out an incredibly stubborn streak in most Mars in Leo people and the harder you push them, the more they will resist.

Always striving to assert their superiority and authority, they can attract a lot of enemies through their arrogant and braggardly ways. However, they also possess a valiantly heroic side that will fight bravely in defence of those incapable of fighting for themselves – which wins them a lot of appreciative fans.


Self-confident; good leadership ability; high energy levels; brave and heroic fighters; strong sexual charisma; talented performers.


Over-inflated egos; hot-tempered drama queens; anti-authoritarian; bossy and domineering; boastful exhibitionists.


People with Mars in Leo are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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