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Mars in Taurus



The urge to make money and acquire material possessions is stronger when Mars is in Taurus than in any other Zodiac sign. Because these people are inherently driven to achieve financial security, they usually end up comfortably well off. But if making money is the main priority in their life, they can become overly acquisitive and materialistic.

Mars in Taurus people pursue their objectives slowly and deliberately and are careful not to be side-tracked by anything that won’t produce practical, useful results. Their focus is on completing a task skilfully and thoroughly, no matter how long that might take. Patience, determination and sticking power are exceptionally strong in Mars in Taurus types – they rarely quit until the job is done.

Sexually, they possess limitless stamina and are passionately drawn to the physical aspect of love. Their appetite – for sex, food and all the good things in life – is enormous, and often insatiably so. ‘Earthy’ types with particularly keen senses, Mars in Taurus people are strongly attuned to nature and can make talented gardeners and craftspeople.


Usually powerfully built with tremendous physical stamina, Mars in Taurus people have a defensive, ‘tough it out’ fighting style. By nature they’re quite laid back, non-aggressive and even-tempered. However, the one thing that never fails to provoke their anger is any kind of threat to their material comfort or security – to these Mars types, the fear of losing their money, their home, or their possessions is like a red rag to a bull!

Even when they come under attack they’re very slow to react, patiently deflecting assaults and provocations and calmly waiting until their opponent eventually runs out of steam (which is always before they do). When you pick an argument with a Mars in Taurus individual, you’ll meet with a solid wall of unyielding resistance that is virtually impossible to break down.

Intractable stubbornness is these people’s deadly weapon. When they’ve decided they’re right and you’re wrong, there’s no easy way to make them change their mind. It takes a lot for Mars in Taurus types to finally lose their cool, but when they do, their temper is fearsome to behold.


Physically strong and robust; financially dependable; sustained energy drive; good practical skills; great determination and willpower; a ‘rock-like’ support to others.


Over-attached to money and possessions; obstinate and unyielding; sluggish and plodding; lacking in adaptability; greedy and insatiable.


People with Mars in Taurus are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.

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