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Mars in Virgo



Work is virtually always the ruling passion in any Mars in Virgo individual’s life. These types get an extraordinary sense of achievement from even the dreariest and most insignificant of tasks, their chief motivation being the satisfaction of a good job well done. Mars in Virgo probably produces more workaholics than any other Mars sign position. It also creates a uniquely efficient, quiet type of achiever capable of reaching the top not out of any kind of burning ambition but simply through unstinting diligence and effort.

Almost on a par with Mars in Virgo people’s work mania is their passionate interest in health (since this directly impacts on their efficiency and output), often leading them to employment in the healthcare and fitness sector.

These Mars types get a big kick out of ‘fixing’ anything that’s not functioning correctly, being huge fans of all kinds of smart systems and methodologies and frequently possessing some degree of technical or mechanical ability. Sexually too, they’re usually technically savvy and always keen to learn even more, although their emotional reserve can make them uncomfortable with taking the initiative or expressing much sexual passion.


Mars in Virgo’s inherent perfectionism is often the root cause of these types’ quarrels with others. When, in their view, a task hasn’t been done correctly, they can be disagreeably argumentative, the workplace being a frequent arena for disputes and fights. Merciless criticism, dressed up in a particularly cruel and biting form of sarcasm, is the weapon of choice of Mars in Virgo individuals – and it packs a powerful punch.

With their superior intelligence, penetrating powers of analysis – and no interest whatsoever in sparing others’ feelings – these types will coldly point out all their opponent’s failings with such undeniable accuracy, they will most likely want to crawl away and die! Mars in Virgo people are skillful strategists who plan and organize their battle campaign in minute detail, cleverly playing on their enemy’s weaknesses to get the upper hand.

Their own personal weakness lies in their compulsive self-criticism which causes them to constantly doubt the efficacy of their best efforts. For this reason, the smart but sneaky way to defeat a Mars in Virgo individual is to keep reminding them, none too kindly, that they too are never quite good enough.


Good organizers and strategists; hard-working and conscientious; quietly efficient achievers; health and fitness conscious; technically and/or mechanically gifted.


Overly perfectionist workaholics; prone to nervous debility due to pushing themselves too hard; unreasonably humble and self-critical; mercilessly nit-picking of others’ efforts.


People with Mars in Virgo are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces.

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