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Mars in Aquarius



People with Mars in Aquarius possess an abundance of innovative mental energy, and a burning passion for propagating progressive ideas based on the principles of freedom and equality. Forward-thinking reformists, often with revolutionary leanings, they may work to replace antiquated and oppressive social, political or economic systems with more liberally enlightened models.

Others are closely involved in the development or promotion of cutting-edge technologies and inventions. Whatever their interests, Mars in Aquarius people are always at the forefront of the latest advances, and resolutely determined to do things their own sweet way rather than follow traditional methods.

They function most effectively when operating as part of a larger group or movement dedicated to bringing about useful social or humanitarian changes. On a personal level, however, they may be addicted to change just for its sheer excitement value rather than for any good purpose. Sexually, this ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach could result in an emotionally detached, coldly experimental love life and intractable commitment-phobia.


Those born with Mars in Aquarius are passionate fighters for personal rights and freedoms – both their own and other people’s. They become very angry when forced to comply with rules and instructions they consider to be unfair or senseless. Anti-authoritarian and rebellious, these Mars types fiercely resist being told what to do without just reason, and strongly encourage others to do likewise. On the other hand, they will willingly follow team orders when fighting for a common purpose they genuinely respect and believe in.

Mars in Aquarius people conduct their battles at an ideas level, demolishing the opposition with clever words and inspired arguments. Intellectually, they can be highly manipulative. But they are extremely unlikely ever to use emotional pressure or physical threats to get what they want, and are contemptuous of those who resort to such ‘low’ tactics.

They become increasingly uncooperative and inflexible, the more pressure or control they’re subjected to. Although theoretically open to alternative ideas, these Mars types are intensely stubborn-minded and rarely back down on their position.


Forward-thinking reformists; clever and inventive; good team players; work hard for humanitarian causes; respectful of others’ rights and freedoms.


Rebellious and anti-authoritarian; intellectually manipulative; stubbornly perverse; addicted to change for the sake of change.


People with Mars in Aquarius are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Leo.

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