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Mars in Capricorn



Mars in Capricorn people are dedicated self-improvers, born with a slow-burning desire to gradually work their way up in the world. Practical, determined and highly ambitious, these Mars types get a huge kick out of setting themselves testing long-term goals and challenges. Because their energy drive is steady, controlled and carefully metered, they’re particularly good at pacing themselves, always keeping a reserve of adrenaline for the ‘final push’.

Professional success – and the high status that usually accompanies it – is so important to Mars in Capricorn people, they’re willing to work unstintingly, even obsessively, towards its achievement. Often they will stop at nothing in their quest to reach the top, sometimes endangering their health or their relationships, sometimes ‘using’ others, then coldly discarding them when they have served their purpose.

By one means or another, these Mars types usually end up in a high position, but if for some reason they don’t, they can harbor a lot of resentment and frustration. Although often constrained by the pressures of work, responsibility and propriety, their sex drive is strong and sensual, really coming into its own later on in life.


Mars in Capricorn people are exceptionally good at controlling their anger, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to just walk away from a challenge. These Mars types are shrewd and highly calculating warriors who employ a carefully devised game-plan to accomplish their worldly goals and bring their enemies to heel. Those who try to thwart their ambitions or endanger their hard-won achievements will be ruthlessly disposed of without a trace of remorse or sentimentality – but only when the time seems right.

Never too bothered about losing a minor skirmish, Mars in Capricorn people are skillful long-term strategists who will wait patiently for the final victory, however much time and scheming it might require. Since they always expect the worst, they’re careful to make appropriate provisions for every eventuality, which sets them ahead of the pack.

However, their weakness lies in their tendency towards excessive cautiousness and over-deliberation, which can cause them to hang back too long before making a move. Mars in Capricorn people frequently miss out on the opportunities of the moment, because they’re too fixated on their long-term plans.


Self-motivated high achievers; persevering and determined; hard working; clever long-term strategists; good at pacing themselves; strong self-control.


Overly ambitious workaholics; calculating and ruthless – stop at nothing to reach the top; cold-blooded ‘users’; excessively deliberating and cautious.


People with Mars in Capricorn are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Cancer.

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