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Mars in Sagittarius



Mars in Sagittarius types are avid adventurers, driven by a burning desire to discover as much about the world as they possibly can. Some are compulsive wanderers who find it impossible to stay in one place for long, while others prefer to broaden their horizons through the medium of books and learning.

However, one thing they all share is a hatred of any kind of control or restriction. A dreary nine to five routine is these folks’ idea of hell! For this reason, they will often opt for a maverick, unfettered lifestyle where they can keep on the move either physically or mentally.

These people are usually blessed with high adrenaline levels and a strong constitution, but due to their restlessness their energies can be rather scattered and there can be a tendency to take on too many things at once.

Sports and games tend to be a big passion and the urge to gamble can be very strong. Such is their optimism and confidence, the idea they might fail or their luck might run out rarely occurs to these Mars types. Enthusiastic and passionate lovers, they tend to enjoy sex as a sporting adventure, but may shy away from permanent commitment if it is likely to put their independence at risk.


Dedicated crusaders for fair play and integrity, Mars in Sagittarius types get very angry when confronted with any kind of miscarriage of justice. They will fight enthusiastically both for their own and other people’s rights and liberties, sometimes going to extreme lengths to uphold a point of principle or honor they consider to be important, even when clearly to their own disadvantage. Any kind of assault on these individuals’ physical or intellectual freedom is like a red rag to a bull!

They react furiously when their own philosophical or moral convictions are challenged, but are often too self-opinionated to give due respect to other people’s beliefs and viewpoints. These Mars types don’t easily make allowances for others’ moral failings and are quick to deliver a self-righteous sermon if someone has broken an important ‘rule’.

They can make enemies through their blunt outspokenness and tendency to go over the top with their fiery displays of temper. But because they usually fight honorably – and their irresistible sense of fun and humor is very quickly rekindled – it’s hard to stay mad with Mars in Sagittarius people for long.


Crusaders for justice; morally upright; fight honorably and fairly; ‘good sports’; cheerful and optimistic; physically strong and resilient.


Overly rigid on principles; self-righteous, ‘holier than thou’ attitude; restless and uncommitted; push their luck too far; blunt, argumentative and fiery-tempered.


People with Mars in Sagittarius are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo and Gemini.

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