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Mars in Pisces



Those born with Mars in Pisces tend to have rather less energy and drive than most other people. Because they use up a lot of adrenaline at emotional and subconscious levels, there isn’t much left over for channelling into physical or practical goals. Worldly achievement holds little appeal for Mars in Pisces people: they tend not to be very materially ambitious and rarely have a strong ego drive. What they’re really looking for in life is spiritual fulfillment, although few of them would actually see it that way.

Powerfully drawn to activities that feed their soul and/or provide an outlet from mundane reality, these individuals always need plenty of time for quiet reflection. Mars in Pisces types enjoy escaping into altered states of consciousness and do so through music, art, literature and movies, as well as through alcohol and other mind changing substances.

Their greatest real-life passion is working unselfishly – usually behind the scenes – to help other people, especially the underprivileged and vulnerable. With their high ideals and extreme sensitivity, they seek emotionally rich, spiritually fulfilling sexual relationships. Their physical sex drive is often on the low side.


By far the least competitive and openly assertive of all the Mars signs, Mars in Pisces types instinctively shy away from any kind of test of strength or head-on conflict. These individuals are often noble-hearted pacifists who detest and oppose all forms of war and violence. But their reluctance to fight can also be motivated by an element of fear and cowardice: because they doubt their ability to win, they simply don’t try. When more aggressive types pick up on their weakness, they can easily be pushed around and bullied.

Typically, Mars in Pisces people will find roundabout ways of getting what they want that avoid the need for direct confrontation. Masters of the art of passive aggression, they’re good at applying subtle emotional pressure to bend others to their will.

At their worst, they can be manipulative, deceitful, disloyal and backstabbing. At their best, they’re capable of great acts of kindness and personal sacrifice in the interests of peace and reconciliation. If all else fails and they find themselves in a ‘fight or flight’ situation, Mars in Pisces types always prefer to back off from trouble rather than end up with blood on their hands.


Gentle natured and peace-loving; high spiritual ideals; capable of great personal sacrifice for the wellbeing of others; strong artistic appreciation and/or ability.


Low energy drive; weak-willed and cowardly; easily bullied; unworldly and lacking in ambition; manipulative and deceitful; prone to escapist habits and addictions.


People with Mars in Pisces are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo.

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