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Mars in Aries



Mars in Aries is associated with uncontainable, high-octane energy. People with this Mars placement have an irrepressible urge for vigorous action and become very impatient and angry when confronted with restrictions or delays.

The desire to take physical chances – to ‘rush in where angels fear to tread’ – is a marked characteristic of Mars in Aries. Because they seem immune to, and actually thrive on, danger, they are drawn to high-risk jobs, sports and pastimes. The greater the risk, and the more adrenaline they have to muster, the quicker their energy levels are replenished and strengthened.

The drive to achieve personal autonomy, be their own boss, and act on their own initiative rather than taking orders or following the trend, is very strong in Mars in Aries people. For this reason, many of them have problems with authority figures and land in trouble through rebellious behavior. This is an initiatory energy which excels at starting new projects but is poor at following through. Sexually, Mars in Aries is highly libidinous and seeks instant gratification, but quickly ‘goes off the boil’.


Mars in Aries people are natural-born, fearless – and usually invincible – warriors with an exceptionally strong survival instinct and a healthy respect for the ‘rules of battle’.

Any kind of personal threat or competition really gets their juices flowing, and although they always fight to win, they also fight clean and fair. They will expect you to do likewise, being particularly contemptuous of any kind of underhanded or manipulative tactics. Mars in Aries types just can’t resist the huge adrenaline kick they get out of accomplishing a daunting challenge – and the more obstacles to overcome, the better.

Fiery and strongly assertive, their anger tends to flair up suddenly but cools off just as fast. They may be quick to pick an argument, but they don’t bear grudges and are equally quick to ‘bury the hatchet’ and reconcile. Impetuously pugnacious, Mars in Aries people have a tendency to lash out without thinking and can often start fights just to ‘test their mettle’. Due to their inability to conserve and meter their energy, they’re prone to burn-out – but rarely too exhausted to resist the lure of another exciting fight.


High energy drive; naturally athletic; brave and bold; thrive on obstacles and challenges; quick to take the initiative; healthy libido; strong survival instinct.


Aggressive and bad-tempered; headstrong, can’t take orders; rash and impetuous; careless and accident-prone; prone to premature burn-out; can’t finish things; overly competitive.


People with Mars in Aries are sexually attracted to those with Venus in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Libra.

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