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John Lennon and Yoko Ono



It was a liaison which to many appeared inexplicable. Unable to perceive the subtle links which drew the two lovers together, the fans found it hard to see what Beatle John, the rich and famous sex symbol, found so seductive in the little Japanese woman, nearly 10 years his senior. Just take a look at their birth charts, though, and all is clearly revealed.


To an astrologer, the extraordinary relationship between John and Yoko bears the unmistakable hallmark of Uranus (the planet of freedom, experimentation and originality). The energy of Uranus was indelibly stamped on the ballad of John and Yoko – a love song with a difference which was to become known as one of the most unconventional relationships of the century.


The World's Wackiest Ever Relationship?

Right from the start, the close conjunction between Yoko’s Uranus and John’s Aries Rising Sign injected an explosive excitement into their interaction, John remarking after their first encounter that Yoko was like no-one he had ever met and Yoko confessing her belief that John was her soul mate.


If this were not enough, a compelling opposition aspect between Yoko’s Uranus and John’s Sun in Libra – matched by a complementary square between John’s Uranus and Yoko’s Sun in Aquarius – bonded the couple to one another by an insuperable magnetic force.


Their courting bore all the lunatic characteristics of a typical Uranian love affair – such as Yoko’s daily missives to John instructing him to hit a wall with this head and keep laughing for a week, or their seven-day bed-in in Amsterdam. Surely you can’t get much wackier than that!


Theirs was a non-conformist relationship that turned the standard notion of marriage on its head. With John adopting the role of house-husband while Yoko looked after their business interests, they were among the first to experiment with the idea of role-swapping – pushing this to the limits of credibility in a hoax announcement that they had undergone the world’s first two-way sex-change operation.


Bringing Out the Rebel in Each Other

Clearly each accentuated the already well-developed rebel in the other, but more than this the mutual Uranus-Sun contact allowed both to introduce the other to a new dimension of self-expression to which they had not previously been open.


Yoko’s Uranus in opposition to John’s Sun in Libra symbolized his exploration, through his relationship with her, of a male-female rapport which was different to any he had experienced before. Life with Yoko was to prove an entirely new experience compared to his marriage to the conventional and uncomplicated Cynthia and baby Julian in the stockbroker belt of Weybridge, England.


Now several days at a time might be whiled away in bed without light of day, making love, creating music, or getting stoned – a far cry from the mundane routine of his former family life. Suddenly he was catapulted into the bohemian world of Yoko Ono, avant-garde artist, a world which took him far beyond the shores of his birthplace to New York – his spiritual home – where he was to remain until the end of his life.


New Creative Beginnings

John’s songwriting also entered a new era, turning from the relatively orthodox blandness of Beatle compositions towards a more unfashionable, musically daring style, more obviously in keeping with Yoko’s unrepentant individualism and based not on boy-meets-girl love stories, but contentious themes of political and ideological reform.


Yoko, too, was to be jolted into new modes of creative self-expression by the influence of John’s aspecting Uranus. Contrary to popular belief, she was not nearly as up-to-date as her Aquarian Sun might suggest: although well known for her eccentric artistic stunts, at the time of her meeting with John she had little knowledge of the pop scene – or of the Beatles, despite their global renown.


It was John who broadened her musical awareness to include an appreciation of rock and roll, firstly inviting her to sit in on recording sessions (much to the disgust of the other three Beatles) and later recruiting her as his new musical partner in place of Paul McCartney. Socially too, of course, Yoko widened her horizons through her relationship with John.


Raised in a rich and highly respectable Japanese banking family, she had spent much of her adult life mixing with New York high society. It was therefore something of a culture shock for her to find herself in the company of the unsophisticated working-class people who formed part of John’s close entourage – a development she took some time to adjust to, but which eventually enhanced her acceptance of people from all backgrounds.

The Challenge of Sudden Change

You can always rely on Uranus to inject a mega dose of excitement into any relationship. What you can’t guarantee, however, is a happy ending – its energy is far too unpredictable and chaotic for that. Security and permanence are not what this planet is about – because at a spiritual level, it teaches us adaptability, one of the big lessons we learn in Uranian relationships is how to deal with sudden change.


So it was that, shortly after Uranus had reached the opposition point to its natal position in John’s birth chart and as it moved into square aspect to Yoko’s Sun, his life – and their marriage – abruptly came to an end. If Uranus is emphasized in a love affair it’s best to live fully in the moment, because you never know what’s going to happen next. The buzz is incredible while it lasts, but there’s always a price to pay.

Photo: NL-HaNA, ANEFO / neg. stroken, 1945-1989,, item number 922-2301

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