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Prince William and Princess Kate


photoBorn with both his Sun and Moon in the emotionally needy sign of Cancer, for Prince William, heir to the British throne, a secure home life was destined to be of paramount importance. But although he was raised lovingly by his Mother Diana (likewise a Sun Cancerian), her untimely death in 1997, following a messy divorce just one year earlier, turned the young Prince’s world upside down.

Since William’s Sun/Moon conjunction falls in his 7th House of partnership, finding a caring woman with whom he could build a cosy nest was the key to overcoming the emotional traumas of his upbringing. No question, a marriage based on true love rather than political convenience was a must if William was to be happy. But he also needed a ‘safe’ relationship that would give him the long-term security the ‘Child Within’ him so yearned for. Has he found what he was looking for in his wife, Princess Kate?

A Surrogate Mother?

Well yes, with her dependable Capricorn Sun and Moon in nurturing Cancer, Kate appears to fit the bill nicely for William both in terms of warm-heartedness and reliability. So maybe she’s not of aristocratic stock (her Mother’s ancestors were coal miners!), but that will mean little to Prince William. In his eyes, one of Catherine Middleton’s biggest attractions lies in her inborn maternal instincts. Here is the substitute Mom who will protect him from harm and shower him with unconditional love just like Diana, the ‘Queen of Hearts’, once did.

‘Watey Katie’ – as Catherine was dubbed for holding out for eight long years for the Prince to finally pop the question – also scores highly in respect of her proven staying power and commitment. When a compulsive desire for freedom (initiated by Pluto on his Sagittarian Ascendant) led William to dump Kate in 2007 in a humiliating fashion, many a girl would have walked away, period. But like a true Capricorn, she refused to give up on her long-held ambition of marrying her Prince Charming and soldiered on successfully to win him back.

Double Mars in Libra

With Mars (the warrior planet) in Libra (the sign of love and partnership), fighting to save her relationship and hold onto her man comes naturally to Princess Catherine. For those with this planetary placement, achieving a happy marriage is always a major focus. Fortunately for Kate, William likewise has Mars in Libra, suggesting he feels the same way. Since Will’s Mars is also conjoined with hard working Saturn, once he’s made a firm commitment he’s prepared to put a lot of effort into making an ongoing success of his marriage – come what may.

In terms of their life goals and how they go about fulfilling them, this couple clearly have a lot in common. With her Moon in Cancer – just like William’s – there’s no doubting that home is where Kate’s heart lies and that family life means everything to her. Raising children together will undoubtedly be a key purpose of their relationship that brings both of them deep, inner contentment. In fact in many ways, they’re just like any other home and family loving Cancerian couple. Except, of course, that ‘home’ happens to be a grand palace and ‘family’ are the British Royals!


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