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The Astrology of Relationships: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


photoIn the Beginning ....

It took us some time to learn to love them! When they first got together, it was hard to accept that Pitt’s five year marriage to Jen Aniston – once hailed as the happiest in Hollywood – was over, and the sexy Sagittarian now had a brand new flame. But when Angelina started to produce the babies Brad so longed for, our view of the new Hollywood super-couple took on a more sympathetic tone.

It all started back in 2004, when, with his marriage to Jen still childless, broody Brad was becoming increasingly unhappy about his unfulfilled yearning to become a dad. By then turned forty, the desire for kids was starting to weigh heavily on him – a feeling intensified by Saturn, the ‘Father of Time’, transiting opposite his home-loving Moon/Venus conjunction and reminding him that one day it might be too late.

When fate stepped in by casting him with beautiful earth mother Angelina in his new movie, Brad fell madly in love with the Gemini born actress! With her Venus and Ascendant in the maternal sign of Cancer, neatly aligned with his own Venus, here was everything he was looking for in a woman, here was the future mom of his kids!

The World's Best Super-Parents?

And so it came to pass that within just four years Brad’s prayers were answered and he found himself the father of six beautiful children, including three orphans adopted from the third world. He and Angelina gained renown as the world’s best known super-parents. But this aside, what else did the two of them actually have in common? Well, astrologically speaking, not a lot.

With his bunch of planets in cautious, self-disciplined Capricorn challengingly angled to her stellium in red-blooded, headstrong Aries, the truth is that in terms of temperament, Pitt and Jolie couldn’t be less alike! Instinctively she wants to dive in and get straight on with the action, whereas he prefers to wait and see. While he tries to keep a tight rein on his feelings, she can’t help but let rip! Perhaps most importantly, her freedom-loving nature contrasts sharply with his ultra-disciplined approach.

This notwithstanding, because opposites attract these two were probably intrigued and turned on – at least initially – by one another's different outlook on most issues. But as time went on and their children grew older, anti-authoritarian Angelina is likely to have become more and more uncomfortable with Brad’s emphasis on the importance of self-control, hard work and discipline – traits arising from his stellium in Capricorn, which became increasingly manifest in his strict parenting style.

'Irreconcilable Differences' 

Many couples thrive on an element of challenge in their relationship, which has the effect of fanning the flames of their passion. Provided they also have enough harmonious chart contacts to enable them to thrash out a viable compromise when necessary, such relationships are often the best of all in that they are characterized by an energy and 'aliveness' that more easygoing ones are not.

One of the main reasons why Pitt and Jolie’s relationship survived for as long as it did was the strong Jupiter in their cross-chart comparison – Brad’s Jupiter conjoined with Angelina's Moon/Mars conjunction, and in turn her Jupiter trining his Sun/Ascendant – which gave them both the ability to rise above petty arguments in a spirit of mutual harmony, compromise and goodwill.

However, cooperation and compromise are likely to have become increasingly harder for Brad when in Spring 2017 Uranus, the planet of change and experimentation, began squaring his Moon and Venus (the symbols of the women in his life). The general effect of this kind of Uranus transit is to produce an intense sense of rebelliousness against the status quo, together with feelings of extreme restlessness and boredom. It is also a strong significator of an imminent relationship break-up.

To those who doubted their compatibility from the outset, the Pitt/Jolie romance always seemed doomed to have a limited life span. Continuous rumors of an impending split were temporarily quelled when Brangelina finally tied the knot at a small civil ceremony in France in August 2014. But by the beginning of 2016 the cracks that had been there since the beginning were finally starting to show. They’d done a good job of papering over them, but the irreconcilable conflicts in their respective personalities – and parenting styles – inevitably became impossible to ignore.

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