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Bill and Hillary Clinton



It was a regular boy/girl college romance with one extraordinary difference: It just happened to yield the most powerful political husband/wife team the planet has ever seen. Hardly surprising, then, that the Clintons’ complex marital relationship raises so many fascinating questions:-


What prompted Bill, the handsome young charmer, to fall for the bespectacled bluestocking – as Hillary was in her Yale Law School days – when he had his pick of the most glamorous women on the campus? Why did Hillary, pushed to the limits by her husband’s very public sexual shenanigans, continue both privately and professionally to resolutely stand by her man?


Love or Politics?

What gives this marriage its staying power, seemingly against all the odds? Is it because it is based on a love of the highest order – a love that is unconditional and indestructible whatever trials and tribulations it has to face? Or are the tongue-waggers right when they claim it’s just about political expediency and to some extent always was?


When a relationship is shrouded in mystery – as is this one – astrology can usually be relied upon to offer some fascinating insights. A close look at the Clintons’ birth charts confirms a strangely magnetic attraction on Bill’s part towards Hillary that he was unlikely to have had much control over and that took him totally by surprise.


With her Uranus harmonizing with Bills' Sun, no question she was totally unlike any other woman he had ever met. Void of feminine adornment, she radiated a compelling intensity, startling self-confidence and a towering intellect no man could easily match. Instantly hooked by her differentness, years later he admittted he had known the minute he set eyes on her that he was going to fall in love.

Paying the Price of Love at First Sight

The problem of course with this kind of ‘Uranian’ attraction is that it doesn’t make for much in the way of constancy or stability. The uncontainable excitement it tends to generate initially is hard to maintain in the long term – and the odds dictated that when it eventually subsided, Bill might get restless and look to recapture it elsewhere.

No prizes, on the other hand, for guessing why Hillary was smitten by Bill. He was the Southern heartthrob who had it all – the looks, the brains and an effortless ability to please – that no woman in her right mind could resist. With her Neptune, the symbol of her most cherished hopes and dreams, resonating powerfully with Bill’s dazzling persona, he must have represented everything she could possibly have wished for in a man.

Here was her hero, her idol – someone whose flaws and failings she could readily overlook, someone she could probably forgive just about anything – and as things turned out, was called upon to do just that. When Neptune is heavily involved in a relationship, as it is here, blind worship and subsequent disillusionment are the main prices that may have to be paid.

With this kind of astrological set-up, romantically these two were clearly in for a few challenges – a theme repeated more than once in their compatibility analysis. No need in fact, to look further than their conflicting Sun Signs to realize that when they chose to travel the road of life together, they weren’t necessarily looking for an easy ride.

Scorpio and Leo Make Poor Bedfellows

The bottom line is that as a Leo (with not just one, but four planets in the sign of the Lion), Bill was in many ways the worst possible kind of husband material for out-and-out Scorpio Hillary. Despite often being fatally attracted to each other, these two sworn enemies of the Zodiac are notoriously bad at getting on at an intimate level, both being way too controlling and inflexible to be able to easily handle the give and take of a long-term live-in relationship. 

By and large, Scorpio and Leo make poor bedfellows: When Fixed Water (Scorpio) and Fixed Fire (Leo) are up too close and personal, things quickly get steamy – but they have a troublesome tendency to try to overpower each other and quench each other out. Put a bit of space between them though, and keep things on a business footing, and it’s a whole different ballgame. Then they’re capable of interacting in a surprisingly creative way. 

It’s a basic tenet of astrology that signs inherently in conflict with each other, such as Scorpio and Leo, generate high tension. While this makes things tough for a romantic relationship – the success of which is normally dependent on a relatively high level of harmony – it’s just what’s needed to produce the dynamic energy required to fuel a high-powered working partnership.

A Lethally Successful Team

With a whole bunch of Leo/Scorpio planets lined up challengingly against each other, if this couple’s main goal had been to live happily ever after, they would have done well to stay clear of each other. If, on the other hand, professional success was of paramount importance to them – and they were prepared to make a few personal sacrifices along the way – then they couldn’t have made a better call.

The contrasting strengths they could bring to their common goals and ambitions would turn them into a lethal team. As a united force, they combine the formidable Leo traits of confidence, ambition, and strong leadership with the Scorpio qualities of courage, power and relentless determination – pity the opposition!  If they had consciously planned from the start on making it to the top together, then intuitively they were right on. 

The saga of Bill and Hillary is a fascinating one, however you read it. On the one hand we have the heart-rending romance of the triumph of true love over the weakness of the flesh, of two soul mates committed to each other, come what may. On the other hand there’s the political blockbuster: two rising young stars with king-sized intellects who – sensing their high destiny was irrevocably linked – enter into an ambitious alliance to successively lay claim to the most prestigious job in the world. Which version do you prefer?

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