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The Astrology of Relationships: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


photoWhen Gemini Johnny Depp, the 'wild man of Hollywood' tied the knot with Taurean beauty, Amber Heard, - a woman 22 years his junior and openly bisexual - the big question everyone was asking was whether, and how, the quirky romance could possibly last.

Then, when Heard filed for divorce after only 15 short of months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences, the main focus of interest shifted to what caused them to break up so soon, and what drew two such improbable life partners together in the first place.

Well one simple yet compelling reason for the unlikely attraction was that, just like Depp's former Capricorn partner, the cool and classy Vanessa Paradis, Amber Heard was also born under an Earth sign - an element he relates easily to, despite being born under a restless Air sign.

Johnny clearly feels comfortable with Earthy women, probably because their solar energy combines well with the strong presence of Earth in his own chart (his Moon sign is Capricorn, he has Mercury, Venus and his Midheaven in Taurus, and his Mars falls in Virgo). With an Earth sign partner by his side, he's feels more easily able to fulfill his material goals and keep his fidgety Gemini feet planted firmly on the ground!

Falling in Love With His Feminine Side

But Depp’s powerful attraction to Amber Heard also went way beyond mere elemental compatibility. Because her Venus is almost exactly conjunct his own Venus, she was a perfect reflection of his anima – the inner, feminine side of his psyche.

What this means in plain language is that in Amber, Depp believed he had found a perfect female embodiment of an important part of himself. Perhaps this explains why he fell so madly in love with her, naming a beach on his private Bahamas island after her shortly after they met.

As you might expect with such a passionate yet seemingly incongruous relationship there were several other important astrological points of contact between the two of them:

Amber’s Venus also falls at the same degree as Johnny’s Mercury, creating a note of sweetness and harmony in their conversational exchanges. What’s more, her ambitious Mars in Capricorn is very close to Depp’s Moon, stimulating and encouraging his worldly aspirations (and sometimes aggressively challenging his feelings).

Most interestingly, however, Amber’s Saturn (the ‘stern teacher’ planet) squares up with Johnny’s explosive triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto – probably the source of what he himself describes as his ‘hellish temper’.

With her Saturn blocking this potentially dangerous energy in Johnny's chart, we can be certain she will have tried to put a firm foot down on any kind of out-of-control behavior on his part. But rebellious Uranus doesn't submit easily to restrictions or control, especially when flanked by angry Mars and compulsive Pluto, and all the more so when imposed by someone more than twenty years his junior.

If, as seems probable, Depp furiously resisted Heard's efforts to kick him into shape, this critically important astrological contact between their two birth charts is likely to have had devastating consequences for the future of their relationship.

The Curse of Saturn

It is interesting to note that Johnny's own Saturn falls natally in his 7th House of Partnerships – a notorious position for happy marriages. Depp's Saturn also forms a challenging 90° angle with his natal Venus – and yes, because Amber's Venus is at the same degree as his own, it's also in square aspect to her Venus too.

Positively, this Venus-Saturn cross-aspect had the potential to bring out the dutiful, more dependable side in Johnny, awakening a fatherly sense of responsibility towards a girl easily young enough to be his daughter, while testing his tolerance of her reportedly flirtatious ways and his willingness to live and let live.

At the same time, though, Depp's Saturn's square to Heard's Venus will have introduced a great deal of apprehension and tension, and at times coldness, into their love life. Saturn-Venus squares are probably the most difficult to handle of all compatibility cross-aspects and the most common cause
of relationship break-ups.

Due to their strongly karmic nature, Venus-Saturn squares tend to spark off a deep sense of duty and commitment based on a subconscious awareness of  'unfinished business', especially on the part of the Saturn person. But because openly showing warmth and affection doesn't come easily to Saturn, his Venus partner soon ends up feeling unappreciated, unvalued - and deeply unloved.

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