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Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears



They shared their first kiss as gifted eleven year olds co-starring on the TV show, The New Mickey Mouse Club. Then, when Britney was a support act for Justin’s group *NSYNC, they became inseparable and romance slowly blossomed for the world’s best-loved teenage sweethearts.

Seemingly made for each other, their astrological compatibility was near perfect. Their respective star signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius, were among the best matched in the Zodiac, while an enchanting Sun-Moon conjunction and a sizzling Mars-Venus trine (two of the very best indicators of  sexual chemistry) held out the promise of lasting bliss.

Even Justin’s mother commented on the ‘instant chemistry’ between the two youngsters, which was apparent right from the very start. This was one celebrity romance that – against all the usual odds – appeared set to stay the course.

A Stab in the Heart

When Justin broke it off suddenly amidst rumors of Britney’s cheating, it was shock, horror all round. She was bitterly remorseful, trying desperately to make amends and put things right – but to no avail. He was openly heartbroken, claiming he ‘may not ever get over her’.

For high-principled Justin, it was one too many in a line of betrayals by previous girlfriends. With a tight Moon/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius here we have a deeply spiritual young guy with high ideals – by his own admission a hopeless romantic who has a tendency to idolize the female sex.

When women fail to live up to his expectations, the let-down is likely to hit him hard. From Britney – as a Sun Sagittarian, the female embodiment of everything he believed in and the girl he worshipped – it must have been a stab in the heart. No question, though, that Britney was the biggest long-term loser.

Justin was the one whose Aquarian logic had kept her feet on the ground and whose strong Saturn – resonating powerfully with her Moon – had exerted a deeply stabilizing influence on her. Now he was gone, and to many people – including her mother Lynne – it was this tragic loss that kick-started Britney’s well-publicized troubles.

Simply Too Much Like?

According to Lynne Spears, Justin and Britney were simply too much alike, butting up against each other once too often – and interestingly, this is clearly born out by their birth charts. By unusual coincidence, each has their Venus (the planet of love) at precisely the same zodiacal degree or in other words exactly in conjunction.

This certainly makes for a high level of similarity in the way two people approach their relationship, but that can often be a bit of a mixed blessing. Because both are likely to react in exactly the same way and at exactly the same time to the prevailing cosmic influences, whatever is happening between them at the time will always be greatly intensified.

Good news of course when the stars are on their side – but not so great when the going gets tough. Since each lacks the ability to see things from an alternative perspective, discussions will often tend to end in stalemate and fights can be blown out of all proportion. 

The die-hard fans still cling to the hope that one day Britney and Justin might get back together – albeit only through a musical collaboration. But since the two haven't spoken for so many years, this seems rather unlikely. Could they at least be friends again? Well maybe, but let’s not hold our breath!

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